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Break through the clutter. Take your printed materials beyond CMYK. Try the exceptional quality of our Digital Heidelberg Versafire and get noticed.

Explore these ideas for inspiration.

  • CMYK + Clear: Give photographs and logos a premium, polished look by adding a stunning, glossy shimmer.
  • CMYK + White: Go ahead, use colored media! With white toner you can print logos, photos and other graphics on a wide range of substrates and retain full color image accuracy.
  • CMYK + Neon Pink: Expand your creativity and design print materials with outrageous oranges and deep purples that are spot on. Blend neon pink with CMYK to achieve colors previously not attainable on a traditional digital press.
  • CMYK + Silver or Gold: Add a touch of elegance with the addition of Silver or Gold Metallic to your digital prints.
  • CMYK + Neon Yellow: Produce a wider gamut of oranges and greens by adding neon yellow to the CMYK mix. Simply use the formulas provided in our gamut chart to find the blend that’s right for you.
  • CMYK + Invisible Red: Prevent illegal duplications. Protect your tickets, event credentials and special offers with a level of security that can only be seen under a UV LED light.

Graphic Composition is a solution-oriented printer offering state of the art printing ideas to its clients. This new digital press offers advanced variable data technology, enabling Graphic Composition to print variable data, images and QR codes on a wide variety of substrates.  HP’s Mosaic and Collage features fit right into the unique solutions our customers have come to love and expect from us.

Based in Greenville, Wisconsin, Graphic Composition offers printing, mailing, fulfillment, digital marketing, and graphic design services for several markets, including entertainment and hospitality, banking, manufacturing, food industry and more.

Contact Information:

Graphic Composition

Greenville, WI

Greg Berven


Manufacturer’s Exclusive: Get More from Your Websites

Manufacturers’ Exclusive: Get More from your Website

Who knew the variety of businesses that needed websites? In addition to landscapers, home builders, municipalities and nonprofit organizations, we’ve developed websites for authors, eyelash extension artists, and exterminators. Recently, our team has developed a number of manufacturer websites for fabricating, processing, and converting companies.

Manufacturer websites complement salesforce

A drill with metal Fillements comming off of it

Manufacturing and production companies often rely on their salesforce to find customers. Wouldn’t it be nice for customers to find you, instead? A powerful, effective manufacturer website generates leads that pan out.

  1. A manufacturer website is a recruiting tool to grow your workforce. 6 Tips: Recruit Workers Via your Website
  2. Additionally, it’s a branding strategy to showcase your products and services. 6 Signs Your Company Needs a New Website
  3. Lastly, a manufacturer website works 24/7/365 to reach multiple audiences. Target Audience: Websites that Hit the Bullseye

Manufacturer websites resonate with users

A manufacturer website needs to speak your industry’s language, but not just with technical jargon. Effective websites answer your customer’s questions, address their concerns, and offer solutions to their problems. Visitors to your website read the content and look at the graphics, saying to themselves, “Yes! This company gets it. This is exactly what we’re looking for!”

Manufacturer websites explain ‘Why?’

Instead of simply displaying equipment and explaining capabilities, a manufacturer website needs to show “Why?” Why do you do what you do? Why would people want to work with you? Demonstrate how your corporate culture and company philosophy defines who you are and what you do. Give visitors confidence in your brand with messaging that resonates with them

You and your fabricating, processing, or converting company:

  • Will be taken care of
  • Can trust us
  • Will find us easy to work with
  • Will be completely satisfied with our products and services

Time for a new manufacturer website?

Some manufacturers tell us, “We have a website already.” Well, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you’re using it to its highest capabilities. Is your website doing everything it can as a marketing, communications and promotional tool? You wouldn’t keep an old, outdated machine on the production floor, would you? Then why keep a tired-looking, ineffective website around?

Contact Us

One of the best ways to get internet results is to speak to the struggles of clients and prospects. Then, explain why you do what you do and the solutions you provide. Sound easy? The team at Packerland Websites is ready to help. Contact us today for professional content writing and marketing services that get a response.

View these original designs by Packerland Websites

“Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin” -A Gas Trailer manufactured by Robinson Inc.

What do you think is the Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin?

A Gas Trailer manufactured by Robinson Inc. has been nominated for the “Coolest Things Made in Wisconsin” contest sponsored by the Wisconsin Manufacturer’s Commerce (WMC). It’s a “popular vote” contest, meaning the product with the most votes wins! Voting ends at 5pm Tuesday, Sept. 21, for the first round. The 150 nominees will be narrowed down to 16.

The “Sweet 16” will be announced on Sept. 22, and then an Elite 8 and Final 4. A winner will be announced on Oct. 14. We need everyone’s help voting for this first round!

There is a “Vote Now!” button in the top banner at Once you click that, it will bring up all of the nominees (20 nominees per page). Nominees will be listed in alphabetical order by company. (Robinson Inc. is on the sixth page.)

How to Vote:

  1. Select Robinson Gas Trailer by clicking on its image
  2. Once on our page, click “Vote Now!”
  3. Come back every day and vote. You can vote once a day on every device you have (desktop, mobile, tablet).

We will be posting on our social media throughout the contest, so please “Share” with your contacts and friends and family. If you have any questions on this program or how to share posts, please don’t hesitate to ask Lynn Jones at Robinson Inc.

GBIG NEWS | 50 Stories and Links on the Internet 9/22/21

Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


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The importance of share-worthy packaging

This Labor Day we need to rethink the employer-employee compact

Scrap paper exports jump 21% in first half of year

Lumber Prices Stabilize; Is More Volatility Around the Corner?

Why do I need corona treating and how does it work?

Logging and Thinning Help to Reduce Catastrophic Wildfire Risks

5 Reasons Why paper Cards are Making Inroads into the Transaction Card Market

In My Opinion: Yes, plastics circularity is achievable

RFID IS Booming in Retail

Digital Inkjet Inks for Industrial Printing

Value-Engineered Packaging: Does Your Packaging Reflect Your Brand

Climate change is making ocean waves more powerful, threaten to erode many coastlines

The global supply chain wasn’t built for this: flight delays hammer US

Solving the plastic problem: A look at some sustainable initiatives in Africa

Packaging Coated Market to Reach

Georgia-Pacific Mill Reduces Water Use by 40% in 10 weeks

We asked young people about work and skills. Here’s what they told us

The Unboxing Experience: What’s Old Is New Again

New Beginnings and Future Opportunities in Digital Print

The global toilet paper market is expected to reach $39.5 Billion by 2028

6 Holiday Packaging Design trends for 2021


Paper Industry International Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Sept. 30

Honors on the River – Paper Hall of Fame

After sale, uncertain future of Park Falls paper plant

A rare sight along the Bay of Green Bay

Evers; End of Pandemic Unemployment Will Not Solve Worker Shortage

Your move to Green Bay

Mayor Genrich Announces Green Bay’s Conservation Corps

Ahlstrom-Munksjo: Rhinelander plant announces temporary machine idle

Appvion Expands Direct Thermal Productin line with Dispersible Label Solution

Wikoff Color Adds Gravure Ink Facility in Milwaukee

Northwoods Loggers Say Federal Help Welcome, Won’t Fill Losses

Quad looks to hire 700+ people across Wisconsin

Secretary Message: Projects throughout the state aim to increase access to economic well-being

Inland Packaging Donates to the Great River United Way

Boston-based software company acquires Madison’s Widen

Forever chemicals found in groundwater near military bases

Winnebago Waterways work to speed up blue-green algae bloom detection

Removal of Second Smoke Stack Nearly Complete at Georgia-Pacific Broadway Plant

Wisconsin DNR Identifies 92 New Waters as Impaired

Event celebrates 150-year history of the Peshtigo fire



JOA Gentle Touch Folder increase throughput and lower costs

Green Bay Packaging – E-commerce solutions

First Business Bank – Giving Back Means Doing Good For Our Communities

ePac Flexible Packaging Launches in Australia

Sept. 8 Newsletter Save the Date: Jones Sign Tour

Click here for the September 8 Save the Date: Jones Sign Tour

PRESS RELEASE – Neway Packaging Corp. and Kraft Machines Partner at the 2021 PackExpo Trade Show to Present the Make-N-Ship™ VPS100 Box Making Machine.

Neway Packaging Corp. and Kraft Machines Partner at the 2021 PackExpo Trade Show to Present the Make-N-Ship™ VPS100 Box Making Machine.

Visit us at PackExpo, one of the largest trade shows in Las Vegas, being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center September 27-29,2021.  You can learn directly from our packaging equipment experts more about the Make-N-Ship™ VPS100 at booth #7369 during the show and see how it can help your business save time and money.

*Receive FREE ADMISSION to PackExpo by using our code 97L63 when you register here.

With the Make-N-Ship™ VPS100 you can finally produce the right packaging – at the right time and in the right quantity.  Reduce your corrugated cardboard consumption to the minimum level necessary, stop using expensive filling material and, in doing so, recover expensive transport damages. Through the careful use of resources, you can automatically contribute significantly to environmental protection.

The new user interface is optimally designed for input via touch screen. Large universal icons for one click functionality allow an operator of any skill level ease of use.  Through dynamic tool management, optimization and maximum performance are achieved automatically.  Production data can be transferred to and from the VPS100 series from ERP/MES software programs or other sources.

The Make-N-Ship™ VPS100 includes benefits such as an intuitive user interface, multi-stage waste optimization, dynamic tool management and three-level user administration.  The information portal is a great resource providing training videos, message statistics, electrical diagrams and drawings and easy-to-understand documentation.

About Neway Packaging

Since 1977, Neway Packaging has been committed to partnering with our customers for mutual success and growth. We accomplish this by providing quality products, innovative solutions, excellent customer service, experienced equipment specialist, custom box and packaging solutions and a team of dedicated professionals.

With 7 full service stocking distribution facilities to serve you, Neway Packaging provides support to a variety of industries, including the freight & logistics, e-commerce, beverage, manufacturing, construction and agriculture sectors.  800-456-3929 •

PRESS RELEASE – What is sustainability?

It gets used a lot, but it’s not an empty buzzword — “Sustainability” simply has lots of definitions.

“Sustainability means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Because I get the question so often, I have a couple of definitions that I use, often depending on the audience.
In my own words, sustainability is about balance. There are three parts to sustainability: the environment, the community (people) and economic prosperity. In order for something to be truly sustainable, it has to meet those three categories. It’s not an easy balance. There are often great projects that may meet two of the criteria quite well but not the third. In that case, it’s not truly sustainable.” -Mary Pat Baldauf, Sustainability Facilitator, City of Columbia

“Should we stop using the term “sustainable” as it means so many different things to different people? I was asked this question today in a policy discussion. The term (a bit like sustainable intensification) is used by so many different people in so many different ways that it, for some, it becomes misleading. A food company, talking about sustainable supply chains, a farmer talking about a sustainable enterprise, a development person talking about sustainable development, a politician talking about sustainable economic growth, a social scientist talking about a sustainable rural community or an ecologist talking about sustainable land use all use a different conceptualization of what “sustainable” means, but each often thinks their concept maps neatly across to others.” -Tim G Benton Chatham House

So, What Is Sustainability?

As you can see, there is no universally agreed definition of sustainability. In fact, there are many different viewpoints on this concept and on how it can be achieved.

The dictionary defines sustainability as the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level or the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. Sustainable is an adjective for something that is able to be sustained, i.e, something that is “bearable” and “capable of being continued at a certain level”. In the end, sustainability can perhaps be seen as the process by which something is kept at a certain level.

Nonetheless, nowadays, because of the environmental and social problems societies around the world are facing, sustainability has been increasingly used in a specific way. Nowadays, sustainability is usually defined as the processes and actions through which humankind avoids the depletion of natural resources, in order to keep an ecological balance that doesn’t allow the quality of life of modern societies to decrease.

In the end, sustainability has emerged as a vital part of brand position for many companies. It’s not only appealing to their customers, but it’s also a smart fiscal policy, as many aim to empower sustainability across industries and create better products for consumers and the environment helping meet sustainability objectives and goals with ease and efficiency. By using sustainable products or technologies, companies can reduce reliance on petroleum, promote good stewardship of our natural resources, and reduce toxic substances in the environment.

New Composite Partners provides tailored services using the knowledge of a global team to advance the interests of environmental products and technologies world-wide. Over the years, New Composite Partners has cemented sound and strong relationships with key influencers, policy-makers, administrators and advisors within the Mandatory Federal Purchasing initiatives of biobased products by American government agencies to boost domestic demand for renewable products. These initiatives refer to the requirement by government entities to purchase biobased products over their traditional counterparts. 

PRESS RELEASE – Case Study From Box Latch Products made by Eco Latch Systems, LLC

Box Latches™ and Clip & Stacks in a Perfect Partial Closed Loop 

“Made in the Wisconsin” Box Latch™ products are once again saving money and the environment. This time it is overseas. 

Australia’s Wiring Solutions Plus (WSP) has been shipping parts to REDARC Electronics, for many years. Thanks to their cooperative innovation, these companies are now eliminating costly, labor intensive practices, allowing boxes to be reused and reducing the potential for injuries in a partial closed loop. The boxes are filled at WSP and returned collapsed and

Packaging Tape Eliminated. After wiring looms are placed in cartons at WSP, they are temporally closed with Box Latches™, palletised, shrink-wrapped and shipped 15 miles to REDARC. By eliminating tape, risks for human injuries and damage to box contents from sharp blades vanish at REDARC. Anticipated reuse of these boxes is estimated to be 20 times. As this trial advances, the companies estimate they will reduce cost for boxes by over 90%.  

Leveraging the Savings with The Clip & Stack. Prior to this pilot project, when cartons arrived at REDARC, the four flaps were cut off to facilitate access to the components for assembly. This is labor intensive and generates serious risks for lacerations and damage to the wiring looms. In order to save the carton and return it to WSP for re-use, REDARC is using another Box Latch™ product, the Clip & Stack. It took 25 seconds to cut off and dispose of the flaps; it takes 6 seconds to insert 2 C & Ss.  

To eliminate open box flaps from catching on roller systems feeding the assembler, one or two Clip & Stacks are used to keep flaps down and open as contents are added at WSP or removed at REDARC.  By placing C & S’s on all four corners, boxes can be stacked four high saving considerable floorspace.  

As with the Box Latches™, the Clip & Stacks can be used hundreds or thousands of times.  

Content approved by Futurebiz Pty Ltd T/As Wiring Solutions Plus and Redarc Electronics Pty Ltd 

For further enquiries, please contact: 

  • Phil Southam, Australian Associate, Sales Representative & Interim Distributor  

Box Latch™ Products Australia | Woodcroft SA | Mob: +61 419 807 169 or  

  • Jack Wilson, COO, Eco Latch Systems, LLC | Duplainville Wisconsin USA |  

PRESS RELEASE – Edale widens its market appeal

James Boughton says Vetaphone’s ‘can do’ attitude is a perfect match for Edales’s approach to helping its customers

Confirming Vetaphone’s pre-eminence in the self-adhesive label sector, Nick Coombes spoke with James Boughton, Managing Director of UK based Edale Ltd, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of narrow and mid web inline flexo and digital hybrid technology.

First established back in 1950, coincidentally around the same time that Verner Eisby developed corona treatment and set up Vetaphone, Edale has over the years developed into a high-class manufacturer with a growing reputation for R&D that allows it to design tailor-made solutions for a range of applications from film to carton board.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that our technology is innovative but at the same time easy to use and reliable, which is not always an easy balance to strike.  We can adapt our standard equipment or design something totally unique to fulfil a customer’s specific requirement, using well-proven technology that is cutting edge,” explained Boughton from the company’s spacious and modern HQ in Fareham on the UK’s south coast.

Collaborating with leading design and manufacturing teams around the world is fundamental to Edale machines achieving the high performance and accuracy that modern converters demand, and it was through investigating what surface treatment manufacturers had to offer several decades back that Edale first established contact with Vetaphone.

“We design and manufacture around 30 machines each year and probably 75% need a corona treater fitted before they leave the factory.  Once we saw what Vetaphone had to offer in terms of reliability and competitive pricing, coupled with an attitude of ‘can do’ that mirrors our approach here, it was an easy decision – and I estimate we have fitted more than 1000 of their units to our presses over the past 25 years or so,” he added.

It’s not just Vetaphone’s narrow web capability that interests Edale, with the press manufacturer moving up in size and complexity from the traditional 350mm label press web width up to 850mm widths for carton and film presses.  “We appreciate the engagement and interest they show in each project, especially with the more complex specification presses that converters now invest in – and knowing that the performance and reliability of a key element like surface treatment is guaranteed, is a real bonus for us,” he stated.

Known for its range of flexo technology – initially in stack format but subsequently inline, Edale also has a successful business in the hybrid market, where it works with a number of leading global inkjet engine suppliers including Canon, Domino, AGFA, and Fujifilm.  To date it has sold around 50 of these machines, and each has been fitted with a Vetaphone corona treater to ensure ink adhesion across a range of substrates.

Speaking for Vetaphone, VP Technical Sales Kevin McKell commented: “We’ve been delighted to enjoy such a long and fruitful working partnership with Edale, whose reputation for quality engineering and practical innovation continues to be appreciated by converters all around the world – this makes a great showcase for our corona technology, and we are keen to support and develop new technology with them.”  According to James Boughton, around 80% of the company’s output is exported from the UK with growing markets in Africa, Canada, India, South-East Asia and the USA, all of which are supported by a network of 40 sales and service agents spread worldwide.

What becomes obvious when viewing the two companies is the natural synergy that translates into supplying customers with the very best technology for their specific application – and it’s done with a cooperative partnership that is based on trust and an ongoing commitment to R&D.  Both companies have ambitious plans for the future and the signs are that these will be achieved by developing more strategic partnerships.

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