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GBIG NEWS | 76 Stories and Links on the Internet 12/01/21

Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


Domtar, Paper Excellence Merger Receives Canadian Competition Bureau Approval

Chatham Raises Initial Bid to Acquire RRD, While Filing Lawsuit against RRD

Restaurants face new challenge: A shortage of take-out containers and coffee cups

Paper Shortage: Availability, Pricing Levels, Delivery Remain Concerns for the Printing Industry

Resolute’s pulp mill celebrates more than 1.75M hours injury-free: Menominee, MI

RFID User Authentication and Access Control in Industrial Automation:

Berry Global lands advanced recycled plastic deal with PurCycle amid growing customer demand

RRD Confirms Receipt of Revised Proposal from Chatham Assets

Ellen MacArthur Foundation identifies alarming low reusable packaging growth in 2021 Global Progress Report

Sappi announces strong recovery after Covid-19 impact

Paper on Plastics Sustainability Examines Carbon Footprint

Converters Expo South Return to Charlotte in 2022

U.S. moves to double tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber imports

The third wave of biomaterials: When innovation meets demand

COVID Supercharged E-Commerce and Packaging: What’s Next?

The Role of Digital Printing in Packaging Sustainability, Consumer Experience

Suzano increases investment in the largest single eucalyptus pulp production in the world

Tapping digital’s full potential in pulp and paper process optimization

How Is Amazon Responding to the Booming Corrugated Demand?

Supply Chain Woes Begin to Pinch US Manufacturing Performance

Total U.S. Printing-Writing Paper Shipments Increased 1 percent in October 2021

Emissions and Sustainability Concerns Help Drive Toward Automated Manufacturing


Massive warehouse in Lawrence goes to town board with an unanswered question: Who’s Coming?

Verso Investing millions..why not Wisconsin Rapids

Park Falls paper mill gets sold in parts

Verso reports 11% net sales increase for the third quarter of FY21

A 2021 Innovator of the Year: Seaway Printing Focuses on Efficiency and Automation

Fate of billions of plastics bottles potentially altered through ground-breaking Amcor technology

Santa Coming to Titletown

Local printing company facing supply chain challenges

UW-Green Bay: Northeast Wisconsin’s Rising Brainpower

Committed To Sustainability

Vibrant, world-renowned arts and exhibits for all in historic downtown De Pere

Visit 11 Christmas Lights Displays In Wisconsin For A Magical Experience

College cities 20 outstanding alumni on Nov. 12 Engineers’ Day

UW Stevens Point paper science and engineering programs accredited


Worzella CEO Jim Fetherston Is Honored with Book Manufacturer’s Institute Signature Award

UW- Madison student team awarded $250,00 for carbon dioxide removal

Nekossa Launches Revamped Chalk Talk Pressure Sensitive ChalkTalk Pressure Sensitive Vinyl

Computer science driving across industry lines

Understanding Consumer Perceptions About the Paper Industry

The most amazing find: First barn owl nests in over 20 years confirmed in Wisconsin

Green Masters Program

UW-Green Bay leads effort to restore oak savanna in Northeast Wisconsin

Ahlstrom-Munksjo sustainability work awarded with 5th EcoVadis Gold rating

Eau Claire has shut down nearly half of its city wells due to PFAS concerns

Wisconsin’s largest utility company plans to drop coal by 2035


Legal Ramifications of the OSHA Temporary Standard & Vaccine Mandate

FBB Enlighten Magazine

Davis Kuelthau Receives recognition as one of 2022’s best law firms

Gianzo Mastrangelo promoted to Aftermarket Regional Manager

Gamut Capital Management to Acquire Davis-Standard

Customer Focused mindset. Innovation-driven designs.

Rotocontrol open house with Domino and EyeC. with end-to-end hybrid technology!

What’s Next for Employers: OSHA’s Vaccine and Testing Mandate

HP and WWF Announce Bold Partnership Expansion to Conserve and Restore Forests

Viking Label & Packaging Discuss Benefits of Hybrid Printing with Domino

Boxes Increase Demand for Corrugated Packaging

Direct Mail

Inline Printing and Finishing Saves Time and Money

Freedom Graphic Systems to Celebrate Its 25th Year as One of the Largest Independent Direct Mailers

Multimillion-dollar investment in commingling and related mailing optimization technologies

RRD Marketing Solutions – Green Bay

Nahan Invests in ProStream 1800 High-Speed Inkjet Web Printing Press

IWCO Direct will invest $50 million back into the company

We’re North America’s people powered catalog solutions experts

Postal Optimization

The value of getting personalization right-or wrong-is multiplying

You can almost taste the hot chocolate: Why catalogs are still winning holiday markets

Freedom Purchases the Assets of Suncraft Technologies

The New 2021 Amazon Toy Catago has started to arrive – Catalogs are coming back!

Survey Reveals Increased Consumer Interest in Direct Mail

The Scan Group Expands Again


Dynamic Waukesha Corporation Opens Fourth Wisconsin Facility 

[Waukesha, WI]: The Scan Group, Inc. announces their newest production facility in Waukesha, WI. This modern, 13,500-square foot plant expands operations for high-volume wide-format print, finishing, and fulfillment. As part of this expansion, The Scan Group has invested in new equipment which doubles their wide-format capacity. This innovative equipment includes a new Canon Arizona 6100 series XTS wide format printer, Zund 3XL-3200 digital flatbed cutter, and custom front-end technology.  

This expansion is the latest step taken by Scan Group to meet the growing demand for  high-quality print production and fulfillment. According to company president Dave Patzer, “This  strategic investment allows us to immediately gain speed, efficiency, and capacity to meet our  client’s growing needs. We chose this versatile space because it gives us the flexibility to expand  for the future. We’re ready to meet the rapidly rising demand for our services.”  

The secured facility will run multiple shifts with production, fulfillment, and shipping staff.  This fourth facility for The Scan Group joins their corporate headquarters in Waukesha, WI,  their e-commerce and design office in Menasha, WI, and their fulfillment warehouse and photo  studio in Waukesha, WI. 

Composite Partners – Make the Switch to Bioplastics!


A more sustainable product, bioplastics reduce the use of non-renewable, oil-based resources, which are increasingly scarce and unstable in price. Bioplastics also reduce greenhouse gas generation in the plastics industry. By incorporating bioplastics to offset the use of fossil fuel-based materials in the industry, it makes finished products made with bioplastics more valuable to conscientious consumers in the new plastics economy. Products made with bioplastics may meet unique requirements for combinations of recyclability and biodegradability in a variety of environments such as soil, landfill and home composting. Incorporating biobased options helps us achieve greater environmental sustainability in the new plastics economy also helping companies meet corporate objectives and environmental policies.


A bioplastic is a plastic that is made partly or wholly from materials derived from biological sources such as sugar cane, potato starch or the cellulose from trees, straw and cotton and wheat. Bioplastics are often designed so that they biodegrade or compost, aided by fungi, bacteria and enzymes. Bioplastics can generally be directly substituted for their oil-based equivalent. They can also be made to be chemically identical to the standard industrial plastics.


Biobased is defined as commercial or industrial products (other than food or feed) that are composed, in whole or in significant part, of biological products or renewable agricultural or forestry materials.  Biobased content is determined by the ASTM D6866 testing method. This method, similar to radiocarbon dating, compares how much “new” or organic carbon (biological-based as defined above) is in a material compared to the amount of “old” or fossil fuel-based carbon it contains. 

Biodegradation occurs when materials are broken down by bacteria, fungi, or other biological means. Composting requires biodegradation in order for organic matter to decompose and be turned into fertilizer and soil conditioners. Biodegradation and decomposition are processes that are a part of composting. Biodegradation can occur without composting, but composting cannot occur without biodegradation! Biodegradation is a process, not an end result. 

Biodegradation is not the same as composting. Composting requires high heat conditions (50-700 C), usually in an industrial facility, for organic matter to decompose and be turned into fertilizer and soil conditioners. To claim compostability, a material must first disintegrate, and then biodegrade by 90% within 180 days. It must also pass tests for low levels of plant toxicity and heavy metal content. Meeting all of these standards leads to meeting ASTM D6400 compostability standards.


Anaerobic digestion occurs when microorganisms break down material in the absence of oxygen. It is used in industrial processes to manage waste or to produce fuels. Anaerobic digestion occurs naturally in some soils as well as in landfills. Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), both greenhouse gases, are two end products of this process.

Aerobic digestion occurs when material is broken down in the presence of oxygen. It has traditionally been used as a sewage treatment process, but recent technology allows for the aerobic treatment of food, cardboard, and plant waste in industrial compost facilities and water environments. Water vapor, carbon dioxide, and ammonia (NH4) are end products of this process.


Oxo-biodegradable plastic is made by blending a pro-degradent additive into a plastic during the extrusion process. This additive is a catalyst which speeds up plastic degradation in the environment, leaving residue and small fragments. However, there is a considerable risk that these fragmented plastics will not fully biodegrade and the subsequent risk of an accelerated and accumulating amount of harmful microplastics in the environment. The most desirable result for waste plastic products is that they completely biodegrade. 

Beware of “biodegradable” claims, and remember to make sure when purchasing biodegradable products that they meet specified BPI-approved, ASTM D6400 or D6868 standards.

Please keep in mind that your company is responsible for any claims that it makes regarding the functional and environmental performance of products or polymers that are biobased. Please consult your sustainability, regulatory and legal departments before making such claims. Proper certification also promotes proper use, disposal and reuse of plastic products.

We can help you develop a certification roadmap that includes the testing protocols that can lead to your specific product being promoted and/or certified as biobased, compostable or biodegradable. Feel free to contact us at New Composite Partners for more information.

Welcome, Milwaukee-area sponsors

Welcome, Milwaukee-area sponsors

I had the opportunity to meet and reconnect with a number of Milwaukee area companies. We have added most of them as new sponsors. While Southeastern Wisconsin is a major center for offset printing, we are seeing substantial growth in the flexo, gravure, digital, wide format, converting and packaging industries servicing a nationwide market. 

Southeast Wisconsin 5P Industries

Converted Products, Inc. is a premier converter focusing on film, plastics, non-wovens and laminating with a 250,000 square foot facility … simply IMPRESSIVE! 

Crossmark Graphics is a state-of-the art sheet fed printer with very innovative products. They pride themselves on their employees and customers, servicing a nationwide market. They are one of the few printers in the USA doing lenticular printing! They have recently added a HP Indigo Press. 

McAdams Graphics, Inc. is a heat set web offset printer providing Variable Inline Printing with Mailing capabilities and providing a variety of commercial printing capabilities servicing customers nationwide. Recently, McAdams added two new HP Printing Presses to service their packaging customers. 

The Scan Group has added a new facility. This is their 4th facility in Wisconsin and doubles their wide-format capacity in addition to providing offset, digital and digital contact management. The Scan Group services an international client base. 

Gopak with a HP 20,000 with a 30” web width has added new finishing capabilities to service their pouch customers nationwide. 

Direct Mail Printers

In this issue, we are setting up a special section highlighting a number of Direct Mail Printers in Wisconsin and Minnesota to get a better understanding of the size and magnitude of this industry. If you add in Illinois, these states produce over 65% of ALL direct mail production in the United States. Over 50% of all commercial printing in the USA is produced in the Great Lakes Region, along with a large number of publication and catalog printers. 

ALL of these printers are in desperate need of paper from Wisconsin. Furthermore, Wisconsin has over 60-plus flexo and gravure printers with over 200 converters needing paper. Wisconsin needs to get the Verso Paper Mill in Wisconsin Rapids back in production to supply paper to them. Without a reliable supplier, it will have a major impact on Wisconsin. 

I started my career in Sales and Marketing at Consolidated Paper, Inc. and I understand the products produced at the Wisconsin Rapids mill. 

Verso Mill in Wisconsin Rapids

The BIGGEST ADVANTAGES of the Verso Mill in Wisconsin Rapids are:

  1. Location – it’s less than a 4-hour radius to ship to the most concentrated printing and packaging markets in the United States.
  2. The mill has outstanding paper-making capabilities supported by a large converting operations facility.
  3. The area had an experienced and dedicated workforce with generations of family depending on the mill.
  4. The mill has easy access to supporting allied industry vendors based in Wisconsin with proven track records. 
  5. Wisconsin Rapids has outstanding geographic access to major transportation hubs supplying logistics and transportation.
  6. The State of Wisconsin is very supportive to help Verso get the mill back up and running.
  7. The City of Wisconsin Rapids is very supportive to help Verso get the mill back up and running.
  8. The Verso mill has access to the pulp and forests in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Canada with vast resources.
  9. Close proximity to graduates from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in Paper Science and Engineering.

Re-establishing Paper Production 

The Green Bay Innovation Group is interested in coming up with some creative solutions to re-establish the Wisconsin Paper Industry by getting Verso in Wisconsin Rapids back into production. We understand you can’t just turn a switch to get it up in running. We understand the issues to get employees back to the mill. We understand the equipment is a bit older. We understand that it would require a substantial amount of money to get it running. Finally, we understand the demand for coated paper has decreased, and the market is coming back slowly. However, there is still a large need for coated papers. Our region needs the paper that can be produced at the Verso Wisconsin Rapids mill, and we can’t depend on foreign suppliers due to the logistical issues worldwide. 

Supporting 5P & Converting Industries

The Green Bay Innovation Group will be providing additional information and updates about all of the companies dependent on paper that could be produced at the Verso Paper Mill in Wisconsin Rapids for people to better understand and support getting the mill back into production. This story is more than Verso Corporation; it is about supporting the Wisconsin 5P and Converting Industries! 

Robinson earns prestigious supplier Gold Award from Rolls-Royce

Wisconsin-based genset producer is the only North American firm to earn gold

Robinson, Inc., a leader in the design and production of generator set (genset) power systems, is one of only three companies worldwide to receive the Gold Award for suppliers from Rolls-Royce. The award was presented by Rolls-Royce Solutions America, the regional headquarters for the Power Systems division of Rolls-Royce.

“Robinson has been integral to the growth of our power generation business since 2012,” states Chris Lowry, senior manager strategic purchasing for Rolls-Royce Solutions America Inc. “Robinson’s quality support of its own genset enclosures as well as those outside its own projects is extremely valuable. It comes down to having a good team culture and the ability to consistently produce at a high level.”

Robinson Inc. Group Photo of Rolls Royce Award

Robinson, based in De Pere, Wisconsin, is the only company out of approximately 1,200 active suppliers to earn a Gold Award from Rolls-Royce Solutions America. Criteria for the award included quality, on-time delivery and customer support.

This is the first time Rolls-Royce has recognized a systems supplier such as Robinson with an award. Power generation is an area of growth for Rolls-Royce, and Rolls-Royce Solutions America is focused on continuing to expand offerings that are full solutions for its customers. Robinson has built nearly 400 gensets for Rolls-Royce in the past nine years.

“There is a lot that goes into receiving this level of recognition,” comments Jim Birkholz, assistant general manager for Robinson. “We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone to continuously improve our systems, processes and programs so we can better serve Rolls-Royce.”

About Robinson, Inc.

Robinson, Inc., is a single-source metal solutions provider based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Robinson offers manufacturing and design expertise in fabrication and machine; pipe and vessel; custom enclosures; product handling; and portable fuel solutions. The company employs more than 500 people at three locations comprising 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

For more information about Robinson’s capabilities or to request a quote, please call (920) 358-6757, or visit

GBIG NEWS | 61 Stories and Links on the Internet 11/17/21

Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


CD&R Completes Combination of Fort Dearborn and MCC

Trash and Burn – Big Brands Stoke Cement Kilns with Plastic Waste as Recycling Falters

Converters Expo South Return to Charlotte in 2022

Protecting pulp and paper mills from ransomware attacks

Software Taking Machinery to the Next Level

Global Pulp Supply Expected to Remain Delayed in 2022

DIGITALLY PRINTING PACKAGING: Mass Customization for Brands of All Sizes

Plastics credits: a transitionanary tool towards a circular economy

How Will China’s Energy Crisis Impact its P&P Industry

4 Ways Digital Color Workflows Support Packaging Sustainability

Novel New Developments in Paper Packaging

Wood Chips & Pulpwood Price Trends: US South vs. PNW

Follow This 10 Step Process To Create Packaging Design That Sells Your Product

Sun Chemical Expands Colorant Portfolio

Running out of Corrugated Boxes

3 reasons to Choose Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches


Georgia-Pacific starts construction of a new distribution center in De Pere

Mill passes state assembly for supporting the paper industry

Construction underway in De Pere for new Georgia-Pacific distribution center

Green Bay Packers Foundation Awards $1 million in grants

RRD to be acquired by Atlas Holding offer in process

Donation by Green Bay Packaging boosts packaging program

We’re taking out the trash: EPA awards UWO nearly $418,000 to clean up Lake Michigan

As leaders convene at UN Climate summit, Wisconsin scientists seek action to limit warming

As the EPA pursues PFAS standards, industry and residents are at odds over state regulations

Daily packaging trends: Design center on environmental impact as consumers choose green

Korber Group to host first 24-hour global virtual career day

Ports around Great Lakes on sidelines during shipping crisis

UW-Stout: New Course sponsored by Great Northern Corp. – sustainable solutions


UW Platteville is bringing innovation to campus in the for of Sesquicentennial Hall

Take This Gorgeous Fall Foliage Road Trip To See Wisconsin Like Never Before

Computer science driving across industry lines

4.3 Million Workers Are Missing. Where Did They Go?

Opportunity Wisconsin: October jobs report shows stunning job growth, pandemic recovery

UW-Madison secures $20MM donation for new classroom building

Research looks to mitigate threats to black ash trees in Northern Wisconsin

2021 Hiring Winning Talent-Attraction, Recruitment and Retention 12-1 Session 1

Welcome to Hamilton and visit the world’s largest collection of type

Worzella: Thanks student for naming its printing press Polar Ex-Press

The McCoy Construction & Forestry and Truck County teams raise $11,364 for Kids


Green Bay Botanical Garden turns 24

Gladfelter Honored by Rockline Industries

Four Ways to Ensure the Success of Your Variety Pack

Ahlstrom-Munksjo launches Master Tap Pack

The History of Paper

Wisconsin’s largest utility company plans to drop coal by 2035

Something Special from Wisconsin – Boxes of Fun return for holiday season

Neenah Reports Record Sales for the 3rd Quarter 2021

Infinity to supply Bedford Paper full showcase packaging line

Why Synthetic Paper Is A Good Alternative to Lamination

Biomass from Wood Byproducts Fuels Renewable Energy

Barbara Koldos – Wisconsin’s 34 Most Influential Asian American Leaders

The Expanding Reach of Narrow Web


Help Wanted: Job Market Analysis

PCMC Redesigns Rx200 and Mako Clipper Wet Wipes Machines

First Business Bank Promotes Jerimiah Janssen

Sticky Back Tape

Shemesh to Display High Speed Canisters

Davis-Standard: Purge and Feedscrew Cleaning Tutorial

HP Inc. Announces Ambitious Climate Action Goals

GB Embossing: Embossing Rolls

Navigating the Digital Transformation & Talent Challenges

Recognizing the Challenge: If you ask a manufacturing executive to describe their biggest challenge, they will probably say it’s attracting and retaining labor. The labor shortage has proven to be a significant concern for all manufacturers.

Read More


Upcoming Webinar –  We want to highlight this one and start early on it!

Scott Thompson of SGSCO and Ken Pavett of FLEXO grafix will be doing a Color Management Webinar:  How to Obtain the Best Color on December 15th.  You can go to and go to events to sign up. You will be able to go to and scroll down and go to Conference Room 1 to join us!  This is a CAN’T MISS EVENT with two outstanding speakers. The Webinar is FREE.

SGS & Co:

SGS & Co is a global brand impact group delivering speed and quality through innovation and insights to drive impact for our world class clients. We combine deep expertise in design, graphic services, production, technology and process optimization with unmatched marketplace understanding, dynamic ideas and client first customer service. We bring the world’s best brands to life and set them up for success in a modern world.

The webinar contents:

The color communication and translation webinar will begin with information on color basics (including the human element), followed by the required design to print execution.  The final section will include specifics on how color gets converted from ideation and design to the printing press, inclusive of the process steps needed to make it a success.

SGS & Co |


Family of brands creates a larger manufacturing footprint to provide efficiencies for  converters. 

Mark Hines, VP Business Development

Green Bay, WI – Precision Roll Solutions announces the integration of well-known  industrial roll suppliers MECA Solutions, Industrial Engraving, and GB Embossing in  Wisconsin, and IR Engraving in Virginia, while maintaining critical leadership, technical,  and applications knowledge at each manufacturing facility. To further support  collaboration, the company has hired industry veteran Mark Hines as VP of Business  Development. Mr. Hines will draw upon decades of experience in paper, tissue  converting, and packaging to ensure that customers are able to leverage the vast  network of precision roll experts throughout the company.  

Together the brands boast a manufacturing footprint to better serve customers  throughout the Americas, as well as combined resources to meet virtually any roll  need. Technologies such as direct-to-steel engraving, chemical etching, laser  engraving, 3D digital scanning, and a state-of-the-art pilot line testing center improve  e ciency for new roll development. In-house grinding and repair capabilities to  remove old patterns and refurbish rolls for re-engraving remain in place at each  location. 

“Each brand within the Precision Roll Solutions family has a specialty that we will  continue to honor as we move forward”, said Matt Pursel, CEO. “Each logo has been  modernized to re ect our shared resources and collaborative approach while  maintaining the trust and recognition we have each worked so hard to earn.” 

About Precision Roll Solutions Precision Roll Solutions is a family of roll specialists, each with unique skills gained  over years of experience serving the world’s most discerning brands. Together, they help leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact; from tissue, plastic  lms, and nonwovens to heavy gauge embossed metal and everything in between

GBIG Sponsorship Benefits Update 2022

Wisconsin is the global epicenter of the paper, printing, plastic, pulp, packaging and converting industries. We have tremendous businesses, competitive advantages, and partnership opportunities that are concentrated in a compact geography.  The Green Bay Innovation Group (GBIG) is bringing together ALL of these industries. When you sponsor with GBIG, you’re facilitating critical business partnerships and with tremendous networking opportunities while ensuring the Converting Corridor has a voice equal to its economic impact.  Attached are our sponsorship programs!  With our newsletter:  we are the key resource for information in the State of Wisconsin.  Go to: and click on GBIG Sponsors and 5P News Sponsors.  On the GBIG website, we have 50 plus sponsors and on the we have over 70 sponsors.   The Sponsorship are annually so don’t forget to renew for 2022!  

GBIG Benefits

  • Quarterly educational webinars, expert speakers, events and industry updates.
  • Industry meetings and plant tours throughout the year. 
  • Positioning Wisconsin as the world’s largest supplier of paper and packaging.
  • Educating and influencing elected officials, legislators and business professionals.
    • Through the 5Ps (paper, printing, plastic, pulp, packaging and converting industries) our digital newsletter www.GBIGNEWS.COM and social media, we reach 2,000 companies on a weekly basis. By Dec. 2022 we are projecting that will grow to 4,000 worldwide!
  • Bringing companies together to build relationships and benefit ALL of our sponsors. 
    • Financial:  There are surprisingly more opportunities as partners than as competitors. Lucrative financial opportunities have emerged for our sponsors though networking.
    • Job Opportunities: Networking through GBIG has put together individuals and companies making big news together. 
    • Database Targeting: GBIG has developed a selected targeted database providing the opportunity to reach key individuals and companies in our industries through various communication venues.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

  • There are no pricy membership dues. GBIG is supported by affordable sponsorships, meeting fees, and donations by our supporters. 
  • We currently have over 120 sponsors listed our web pages: and
  • Cost for GBIG website sponsorship: $250.00 for 2 years or annually $150.00
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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

A portion of the proceeds go to supporting community charities and causes, not salaries or administration. GBIG is run exclusively with committed industry volunteers that understand they win when the industry wins.

Already, as companies learn about one another (sometimes literally down the road from one another) there have been millions of dollars in transactions through GBIG facilitated partnerships. 

To learn more or become a sponsor, call Marty Ochs at 608-698-3333 or email at 

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