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Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.


RR Donnelley – U.S. Printer – Suffers Cyber Attack

How Foreign Investment is Reshaping the NA Industry

Pratt Big Expansion

What Graphic Packaging’s Investment Means for the Industry

Tetra Pak awards BillerudKorsnas for being ahead in fighting climate change.

Nanotechnology Report – Demand for nanofibers is expected to grow

Packaging through the eyes of the consumer

Harvard researchers develop antimicrobial food packaging in biodegradability boost

Predictions for the Global Forest Industry in 2022

US Department of Energy Invests $13.4 Million to Combat Plastic Waste, Reduce Plastic Emissions

Research Report Finds Inkjet Creating New Possibilities

Food Contact Paper Market worth $97.8 billion by 2028

Impacts of Supply Chain Crisis to the Forest Products Industry

Catalpha: Top 3 Packaging Innovations for E-Commerce Growth And Sustainability

Digital Printing Market Update

Despite Supply Chain Challenges, US Forest Industry Performance Gains

Can Can We Move Our Forests in Time to Save Them?

Lumber Prices Soaring Again


Wynnchurch Capital, L.P. appointed Laurie D. Andriate as Chief Executive Officer, succeeding George Wurtz

Converters Expo April 26-27 Lambeau Field

Catalpha Branding Webinar-Key Elements That Drive Success: Originally scheduled Feb. 24; rescheduled to May due to Covid

Evolve or die: Wisconsin’s labor shortage could last years!

UWO Cyber Center

Infinity to supply Bedford paper full showcase packaging line

Ahlstrom-Munksjo to acquire majority of Chinese decor paper Minglian

Protecting the Shores of the Great Lakes and Combating Climate Change

13 Things No One Tells You About Surviving A Wisconsin Winter

810 Companies Have Removed Statements in Response To Anti-Greenwash Campaign

Inside the World’s Tallest Mass Timber Building – 25-story Ascent.

Northcentral Technical College: Wood Technology Center of Excellence

Great Lakes ports see shipping rebound in 2021 after 2021 downturn

Green Paper Towel Flag


UW Madison investing trust funds associated with the government of China

Mike Gallagher – How To Defund The Chinese Communist Party

Gallagher Introduces Bill that Bans Harmful Chinese Companies from Exploiting U.S. Capital Markets

Gallagher Outlines Steps to Protect Itself from CCP Threats – UW Madison 5 Steps

Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart

Tackling China’s Water Shortage Crisis

Year ahead: China’s economic shift may yield winners and losers

The other side of the “Sword” in the plastic industry with polluting processors.

Water Shortages in China resource on their water issues!

Sweden to tighten foreign takeovers and security worries – China

Chinese imports of softwood and hardwood wood products will be altered in 2022 by Russia

Transformation of China’s Container board Industry: Will winners Take It All?

American supply chains face a dire threat from China’s water shortages?

Could China’s Massive Public Debt Torpedo the Global Economy?

ND Paper

Old Town Mill

ND Paper’s Sister Company, ND Packaging Officially Opens For Business

Pulp and Paper Mills, and Packaging Plant in USA

ND Paper is a leading pulp, packaging and paper company

Nine Dragons Addresses fiber Gap for Its Recycled in China


Survey of Madison businesses highlights impact of labor shortages

Where U.S. Workers Are Quitting Jobs at Record Rates

Women are more likely to want to work remotely. But what if it ends up working against them?

The latest job report show strong gains, but a worker shortage still exists.. Here’s why

From the great attrition to the great adaptation

Great Attrition or Great Attraction?

5 Lessons Learned from Employing a Second-Chance Workforce

Three Myths of the Great Resignation

They quit. Now they want their jobs back

How innovative new HR tech can help companies combat the great Resignation

Confronting Labor Issues in the Printing Industry



Bryson Machonga – GBIG Board of Directors

Quad Plus: Pulp and Paper Systems Integrator: Increase Productivity

Robinson makes and integrates wet wipes manufacturing machines

MWES – Seamless Integration for Your Web Handling Needs

Rotocontrol Open House


SPL Consulting, Inc.:  Tips for Managing Your Supply Chain

Pixelle: Superior Wet Strength Waxing-Based Papers


Davis Kuelthau: Email Account Compromise – What Is It And How Can Your Business Protect Itself From It

epac Flexible Packaging Chicago Operation Damaged by Fire

No More Reorganization Nightmares

Suite Spots: Pinpoint Top Performers Without Bias

When it comes time to right size, reorganize, or expand operations, companies want their best talent where it will have the most impact. Thus, they need a reliable, objective, straightforward way to evaluate employee performance. The process for creating an organization-wide performance snapshot is known as 15dots’ Suite Spots™ – Pinpointing Top Performers Without Bias. For nearly 40 years, corporations have used Suite Spots to assess the job performance for groups of 20-1,000 employees.  

Systematic & Objective Assessments

Suite Spots was first used at a Kentucky corrugated medium mill. A new owner was closing the facility but wanted its top employees to work at a sister mill. Using Suite Spots, the mill’s management team ranked 120 employees from top performer to marginal performer. Using a systematic and objective assessment, the company identified 57 top performers to employ at sister mills. 

Initial Suite Spots’ work led to other applications that strengthened organizational results, including: 

  • A Minnesota facility reduced its workforce by 30%, resulting in $1M savings 
  • A Wisconsin facility selected the top 50% of its employees for a new biomass project
  • A Texas facility used Suite Spots to identify performers for lines of progression in a new organization and chose accordingly, resulting in a legal challenge. However, the Suite Spots data led to a decision in favor of the company
  • A Washington State facility reduced its workforce by 20%, resulting in $1M savings and an arbitration decided in favor of the company

What kind of performer is this employee?

Instead of “gut instinct” or random selection, Suite Spots’ personnel decisions are based on performance data. The process begins when primary and secondary evaluators use a 9-point scale to rate each employee on seven factors. Performance indicators can be customized to the job and the organization. 15dots has analyzed 30,000 jobs, primarily in the Wood Products Industry, and has a comprehensive list of behavioral and performance indicators.  

Suite Spots’ commonly used behaviorally-anchored and performance indicators include:

  • Observing/interpreting what is sensed 
  • Machine and equipment operating
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Coordinating tasks with others
  • Physically handling the demands of the job 
  • “Stick-to-it -ness” when doing repetitive activity

Several techniques are used during the rating process to ensure data reliability. These include the use of two independent raters, a statistically-based data sorting mechanism, and the use of behaviorally-anchored rating scales reviewed in-depth with each rater.

Employee Selection Breakthrough

Suite Spots was developed by Joe “Doc” Nowlin, an industrial psychologist and business professor. Suite Spots is an offshoot of the Nowlin™ Selection Process, known today as the 15dots® Selection Process. 15dots refers to five ability tests and 10 behavior-based interview dimensions critical to employee selection. Nowlin and his team determined that 15dots test scores and interview scores were predictive of success in job performance. As a result, job performance and Suite Spots were validated as an effective assessment to use when restructuring, organizing, and rightsizing.

Above-Average Performers Become the Norm

Is your company putting its best talent where it will make the most impact? Contact Joe Nowlin, or (812)-332-1102 to take a laser-like assessment of how employees are performing. Learn how to pinpoint top job performers without bias with Suite Spots. 

Kono Kogs: Experts in Metal Fab, Machine Assembly

Kono Kogs: Experts in Metal Fab, Machine Assembly

Wisconsin 5P industries now have another extremely capable, high-quality source for metal fabrication and machine assembly services. Kono Kogs Inc., thermal oxidizer specialists in Green Bay, has 25 years of experience in industrial ovens and thermal oxidizers. Now, Kono Kogs is rolling out their metal fabrication services and machine assembly services to companies in Northeast Wisconsin and statewide. With experience serving small to multi-national, Fortune 500 customers, they can meet your simple to very demanding fabrication and assembly needs. 

Kono Kogs specializes in machine assembly, including piping, pre-wring, instrumentation tubing, burners and gas trains, plus industrial painting. Clients look to Kono Kogs for expert work, coupled with fast turn-around time, and as part of this roll out, aggressive pricing. Whatever project KKI undertakes, the quality is consistent every time. 

Kono Kogs’ fabrication team is led by a trio of fabricators with experience meeting military contracting demands, as well as pressure vessel specs. They have a can-do attitude and a problem-solving mindset.  Paired with their engineers and mechanical design team, they can design projects from the ground up. The fabricators deliver innovative and creative solutions to clients’ challenges and stand behind their work.

Clients have access to quick and convenient drop-off and pick-up at Kono Kogs’ East Green Bay facility, 1367 Reber St. The 76,000 sq ft shop is equipped with overhead cranes (5-20 T) and drive-through loading bays.

To request a quote for custom equipment design, fabrication, and machine assembly, visit or call 920-432-2699.

GBIG News – Marty’s Introduction – China and Mike Gallagher

We want to thank a number of you for your responses regarding the articles on our current employment issues and our labor shortage.  We will continue to have a section on employment and the Green Bay Innovation Group understands the issues with labor and employment in Wisconsin especially with such a low unemployment rate.  Currently, Wisconsin has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States.  We will have some very interesting articles on robotics, automation, etc.  Simply, we will see a BIG move to create fully integrated production lines going from roll to finished products at ALL levels for paper and film products!

We will continue to highlight the sizable investments in Wisconsin with some very good news coming. Unfortunately, the Fine Printing Paper Markets are in horrible shape and the Wisconsin Printing Industry has a lot of issues just getting paper.  We will be covering this area in the upcoming issues of and welcome your thoughts and feedback. The Wisconsin printing industry estimated employment is over 30,000.  In addition, we have a large Converter Industry that is scrambling for ALL kinds of paper too.  We will be doing a series of updates focused on Converters in upcoming issues of  

Finally, Steve Van Dyke the President of the Board Directors of the Green Bay Innovation Group and I had a sit down discussion with David Brooker the District Director for Congressman Mike Gallagher on the current state of the Wisconsin Paper Industry!  David had read our articles on the issues with China and he was quite taken back.  David read the article’s in GBIG’s prior newsletters and was glad to hear of GBIG’s interest and concerns with China as this is an area the Congressman is passionate about. He believed it would be beneficial to share some of the work the Congressman has already done with CCP.

  1. UW Madison investing trust funds associated with the government of China
  2. Mike Gallagher – How To Defund The Chinese Communist Party
  3. Gallagher Introduces Bill that Bans Harmful Chinese Companies from Exploiting U.S. Capital Markets
  4. Gallagher Outlines Steps to Protect Itself from CCP Threats – UW Madison 5 Steps


Appleton, Wisconsin, January 18, 2021 – For nearly 115 years, Appvion has created value for customers by developing  and applying proprietary coating technologies. The Company has a long history of prioritizing the sustainability of both  the products made and how they make them. In 2021, Appvion released its first sustainability report, highlighting many  outstanding achievements, and now the Company is proud to launch its 2030 sustainability strategy and goals. 

“Going into 2022, we set sail for our new 2030 sustainability ambitions to Create a Better Tomorrow and our team  worked diligently last year to start implementing them across our businesses,” said Michelle Miller, Chief Sustainability  Officer, Appvion. “We play an important role in our customers’ sustainability efforts, and the choices we make directly  impact our role as a trusted partner. Sustainability is at the forefront of our operations, value chain, and products.” 

In alignment with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Create a Better Tomorrow requires a  strong focus on science and technology, a culture of innovation, and critical thinking in Appvion’s areas of expertise.  Appvion identified key areas where they can have the most significant impact, and the approach rests on three clear  objectives, supported by challenging yet credible and achievable targets: 

1. Work Smarter: We are responsible for using as few resources as possible, as efficiently as possible. That’s why  we are focused on using less energy, cutting carbon emissions, and diverting waste from landfills.

2. Act Responsibly: Acting responsibly is a cornerstone of our culture. We will drive continuous improvement in  working safely, focus on engagement, and become a more diverse company. 

3. Optimize Design: We will reduce waste and do more with less. We are committed to using more renewable  materials, closing the loop, and taking every opportunity to make our solutions recyclable. 

“As we reflect on our journey and our impact, there are many things to be proud of and even more ahead to challenge  and excite us. What began with a focus on resource efficiency quickly expanded to designing and manufacturing  products with differentiated sustainability attributes,” continues Miller. “Since then, we have collaborated with  customers and suppliers for an even more significant impact and broadened our scope to include safety, wellness,  community engagement, inclusion and diversity, and most recently, a circular economy with our packaging solutions.” 

By working smarter, acting responsibly, and optimizing the design of its products, Appvion believes they are doing their  part to make a positive impact long-term. Click to read Appvion’s 2030 commitments and watch a video highlighting  the kick-off of its new ambitions. 

About Appvion  

Appvion was founded in 1907 as a specialty and high-performance coatings business pioneer. Appvion, headquartered  in Appleton, Wisconsin, develops innovative, water-based, and environmentally responsible coating solutions for  consumers’ everyday life. A leading manufacturer in North America, Appvion applies functional coating solutions to  various flexible substrates, including products from an FDA-compliant facility. Appvion’s primary offerings include direct thermal paper and film products and renewable, fiber-based solutions for consumer and industrial packaging.  Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more. 

A Paper Merchant’s Perspective

It was over 40-years ago when these three guys started their careers in the paper industry.  Phil Milazzo as General Manager, Craig Pamperin as Sales Manager for Steen Macek Paper  and I started our careers at Butler Paper, Avery, and Consolidated Papers respectively.  Today we all continue to share the same passion and understanding of the business. 

Recently I sat down with Phil and Craig to get their perspective on the paper situation as a  paper merchant. With the hope of helping others, they shared the following insights: 

“The printing and paper industry is now feeling the full effects of the global supply chain  crisis. We have seen paper shortages in past years but never anything like this. Also, everyone knows many mills have been moving production from printing papers to liner  board while also closing their least productive mill operations.  

Then along comes the pandemic! Workers become in short supply. Major supply chain  issues erupt around the world. Orders for paper begin to come in at an unprecedented rate  and the domestic mills start to fall behind. Before long, the mills were oversold, and their  systems were not designed to deal with the oversold condition. Industry chaos follows as a  result. 

In the meantime, there is an actual uptick in the demand for print and the domestic mills  simply cannot keep up with the demand without the help from imports. Unfortunately, the  European and Asian mills are in the same boat and perhaps worse. They have the added  exorbitantly inflated costs for containers and overall shipping charges. All these factors  continue to play a key role in what has already become an enormous pricing nightmare. 

In summary, as we begin the New Year, we will experience all the ramifications of a perfect  storm, the likes of which we have never seen in the paper industry. Current manufacturing conditions at both coated and uncoated mills include reductions in allocations and limited access to what used be in-stock inventory. Price increases are not over. In addition, we are still experiencing the temporary suspension on entering new orders at many mills. All  this as the mills try to get caught up and replenish inventories of all types of paper including  envelopes. 

While we cannot speak for others, we can tell you that our current inventory is at exceptionally low levels, and we can only assume we are not alone. Replenishment dates are  all over the map and range from 30-days to 120-days and some even further. Our advice is  to plan for the worst and hope for the best. As salespeople in a service-driven business, it is not easy to paint this picture or tell this story. Nonetheless, we want our customers to be  informed and prepared for the challenging times ahead. Paper will continue to be in very  short supply in the months ahead!” 

Phil and Craig at Steen Macek are available for discussions with anyone. and 

From the desk of Marty Ochs. 


Pfefferle Airport Business Center For the Fox Cities

Rendering of a recently completed Scannell project, which subject property is expected to resemble. 

APPLETON, WI – (January 6, 2022) In the last five years, there has been an ongoing need for – and historically-low availability of – industrial space in Northeast Wisconsin. Companies  looking to grow, expand, or move their operation have struggled to find available real estate  options to make those investments work locally. This hard-to-find property includes  warehouse & distribution, assembly, and other types of “light manufacturing” space. NAI  Pfefferle, in partnership with Scannell Properties, is excited to announce a new development  project in the Fox Cities that looks to address this market need: 

“Airport Business Center” – available late 2022 

  • Up to 314,500 sq ft available for lease
  • New, Class A industrial construction
  • 32’ clear height
  • Up to 106 docks
  • ESFR sprinkler system 
  • Located in Greenville’s TIF District #1
  • More information available HERE

Please contact our team regarding this project or any other commercial real estate questions. Happy 2022!

Manny Vasquez / / 920.858.1075 

Tom Fisk / / 920.560.5090 

Greg Landwehr / / 920.560.5037

Ralph Sanchez joins Domino as Regional Service Manager

Ralph Sanchez joins Domino as Regional Service Manager

Domino continues to grow its digital printing business with the addition of Ralph Sanchez, as Regional Service Manager for Domino North America. He joins the company with over 25 years’ experience in management positions, with a focus on senior level operations leadership and customer engagement roles.
Ralph knows success.

Ralph has built a career optimizing processes and managing teams to better support customers. He spent 32 years with Xerox in positions that included Operations Manager – Technical Escalations, Program Manager – Strategy & Optimization, Field Manager – Technical Services, and Field Service Engineer. In addition, Ralph was also a Corporate Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – a subject matter expert in process optimization, leading multiple enterprise-wide projects to successful completion in shorter than expected cycle times.

After more than three decades with Xerox, Ralph joined AGFA Graphics in 2018 as Western Region Service Manager. In that role, he led a customer-facing organization that supported customers and service requests. His responsibilities also included cultivating the technical and career growth of field service engineers and developing and administering performance reviews of the team; translating customer requirements into supplier specifications with responsibility for implementation, inspection, and evaluation; providing direct support to the sales organization; delivering corporate training initiatives ensuring compliance, and P&L responsibility.

Joining Domino.

Why is now is the perfect time for Ralph to join Domino? With record sales in each of the past five years, the Domino North America Digital Printing business has continued to grow its install base significantly with digital presses and printers being added by converters from coast to coast. In parallel, the Service & Support team has grown by leaps and bounds. Less than four years ago, Service Manager Tom Grencik joined Domino to lead a team of field service engineers, and present day that team has multiplied fivefold. With the outstanding work that Tom and the field service team have done, ‘strength in numbers’ continue with the addition of Ralph. Tom will focus on the eastern region, and Ralph will oversee the western region.

On joining Domino, Ralph says, “I jumped at the opportunity to join a company that is growing and is committed to continuing to build a world-class service organization.”

Mark Meyer, Technical Manager of Domino Digital Printing North America says, “It’s easy to see why we are  very excited to have Ralph on our team. He brings tremendous perspective, experience, and success and he will  continue to thrive at Domino. Ralph will build on what has already been started, focusing on the provision of exceptional service to our customers and our field service engineers. With the outstanding foundation that Tom Grencik and our field service team have established, coupled with our tremendous growth, now is the perfect time for  Ralph to join Domino.”  

Ralph has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management and Operations from the University  of Southern California. He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Melinda Jo, son Luke, and daughter Sophia  Jo.  

Domino is a leading manufacturer and distributor of digital printing and product identification solutions.  Celebrating its 44th year in business, Domino is a global organization with world headquarters in the UK, and  North America headquarters in Gurnee, IL. Domino has 25 subsidiaries, representation in over 120  countries, and over 2,900 employees worldwide. For more information on Domino, please visit

First Business Bank Promotes Bryson Machonga to Assistant Vice President – Treasury Management

First Business Bank Promotes Bryson Machonga to Assistant Vice President – Treasury Management

APPLETON, WI – March 4, 2021 – First Business Bank is pleased to announce the promotion of Bryson Machonga from Treasury Management Officer to Assistant Vice President – Treasury Management.
“Bryson is an incredibly hard-working and knowledgeable banker who is especially adept at finding answers and connections for our clients to help them achieve success,” said Rick Hearden, President – Northeast Wisconsin Market of First Business Bank. “Whether he’s helping clients implement best practices to avoid fraud at their businesses or showing them how to maximize their operating cash, Bryson is a valuable team player who has also become an important contributor to our community in the Fox Cities.”

Bryson Machonga joined First Business Bank in 2017 as a Credit Analyst. In April 2019, Bryson was promoted to Treasury Management Officer and relocated from the Madison office to Appleton. Prior to working at First Business Bank, Bryson worked at Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce in business development with an emphasis on servicing manufacturing, food and beverage, specialty packaging, agricultural, and service sector companies.
Bryson serves on a variety of boards and committees across the Fox Cities and volunteers through Leadership Fox Cities, United Way Emerging Leaders, YMCA Fox Cities/Appleton, and other nonprofit organizations.

About First Business Bank

First Business Bank specializes in business banking, including Commercial Banking and Specialty Finance, Private Wealth, and Bank Consulting services, and through its refined focus delivers unmatched expertise, accessibility, and responsiveness. Specialty Finance solutions are delivered through First Business Bank’s wholly owned subsidiary First Business Specialty Finance, LLC. First Business Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Business Financial Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: FBIZ). For additional information, visit

Jones Architectural Creations and Jones Sign play a part in historic remodel of Warner Grand Theatre

Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is Home for the Holidays 

GREEN BAY, Wis. (December 23, 2021) – Jones Architectural Creations and Jones Sign Company celebrate its 2021 custom venue work that brings music this holiday season at the new home of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, the Bradley Symphony Center. The work was a collaborative effort with other Wisconsin-based companies, C.D. Smith Construction, and the architect of record, Kahler Slater,. 

“Thanks to the stunning designs created by Kahler Slater, we were able to be part of a truly special and historic remodel of the Warner Grand Theatre,” said Todd Patrickus, Executive Vice President of Jones Sign. “Our work included signage, donor walls, music profiles, posters, and exquisite historic exhibits,” shared Patrickus. 

Jones Architectural Creations and Jones Sign worked with the general contractor, C.D. Smith Construction and Kahler Slater, to preserve the historic elements of the Warner Grand Theatre and create new elements that enrich and engage the community in the musical experience. The Warner Grand Theatre was once an opulent movie palace. The Great Depression meant difficult times for 1930s’ Milwaukee, and this affordable but luxurious space was a place where people could escape from their daily lives. The Warner Grand Theatre was originally designed according to an architectural vision of providing what most ordinary Milwaukee citizens in the 1930’s would think of as fancy. 

The newly remodeled Bradley Symphony Center opened in October of this year and is located at 212 West Washington Street in downtown Milwaukee. 

About Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is among the finest orchestras in the nation. Since its inception in 1959, the MSO has found innovative ways to give music a home in the region, develop music appreciation and talent among area youth, and raise the national reputation of Milwaukee.

About Jones Architectural Creations 

Jones Architectural Creations, a division of Jones Sign Company Inc., provides architectural façades, custom metalwork and design features for all building types, including sports and entertainment venues. Recent jobs include Gateway at Wynwood in Miami, four massive projects at LAX airport, University of California at Riverside, and Circa Las Vegas. 

About Jones Sign 

From custom façades and canopies to complete structures and other non-signage related architectural elements, Jones Sign has been transforming buildings, complexes and more since 1910. Headquartered in De Pere, Wis. with 14 locations across North America, the Jones team of designers, engineers, fabricators, installers and project managers can assist with any or all parts of a project for a streamlined process. 

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