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GBIG NEWS | 75 Stories and Links on the Internet 6/1/2022


Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.

Read the latest 75 Stories and Links on the Internet below.



New Chairs Announced for Women in the 5P Industries

Green Bay, Wisconsin, May 25, 2022

Women in the 5P Industries (Wi5P), developed from the networking association of Green Bay Innovation Group (GBIG), is proud to announce new co-chairs, Cassie Diedrick and Emily Haines. Cassie and Emily bring different backgrounds and perspectives to Wi5P, and both are committed to the power investing in the future leaders of the industry. Wi5P also extends a warm welcome to Ashley Rothmann for marketing support and looks forward to her contributions to the committee.

Cassie Diedrick - Wi5P Co-Chair
Cassie Diedrick – Wi5P Co-Chair

Business Development Coordinator Robinson, Inc. |

Cassie is a Business Development Coordinator at Robinson Inc. and supports ideas and activities to grow the business in fabrication, machining, and contract manufacturing. Born and raised in Green Bay, Wis. and a co- founder and co-chair of Women in 5P, Cassie is always looking for opportunities within the network to connect.

Emily Haines - Wi5P Co-Chair
Emily Haines – Wi5P Co-Chair

Project Engineer – New Product Integration, Kohler Company |

Emily is a Project Engineer working in new product integration at Kohler Company and is a co-chair of Women in 5P. Emily is extremely passionate about supporting women in industry and has leadership experience in other women-focused groups in the converting industry. She is looking forward to expanding the reach of Wi5P through networking, collaborative connection, and professional growth opportunities.

Ashley Rothman - Wi5P Marketing Support
Ashley Rothman – Wi5P Marketing Support

Marketing Manager – Appvion LLC |

Ashley is a Marketing Manager at Appvion. With a career spanning eleven years, she was co-founder of Wi5P and currently supports the marketing efforts. Ashley is passionate about marketing, branding, and people-first leadership, creating opportunities for emerging professionals and advocating for equity within the industry.

Wi5P’s mission is to attract, grow, and retain women of all ages in paper and paper-related careers in the pulp, paper, printing, packaging, and plastics industries. Today’s career women aspire to be enriched through training and networking opportunities. Wi5P is committed to ensuring women receive what they need and want to succeed. To advance this, the group collaborates with Wisconsin business communities to inspire females by breaking through barriers. Connect with Wi5P on LinkedIn to learn more.

About Wi5P

Women in the 5P Industries (Wi5P) empowers women to excel at every stage of their paper and packaging related careers – from the classroom to the boardroom. As a branch of Green Bay Innovation Group, Wi5P’s  goal is to promote programs, connections, volunteer opportunities, and events that enable the development  of the 5P community. We are driven to support women as they write their success stories throughout their  careers and continue their evolution as 5P industry leaders in Wisconsin.

Winning the War for Talent Webinar

With today’s labor shortage and high turnover, it’s more critical than ever to get creative with employee recruitment, selection, and retention. 15dots will focus on these three employment issues in a one-hour webinar, “Winning the War for Talent,” from 12-1pm Wednesday, June 8. Participants will learn how to how to make smarter employee selection decisions to eliminate the pain associated with a bad hire.

Register today for this free webinar, led by Michael Quinn, consulting partner at 15 Dots, LLC.

Mike has over three decades of experience as a Human Resource manager and consultant/advisor to entrepreneurs and business leaders. He has been perfecting the tools and precise methods to take the guesswork out of employee selection. As a result, organizations can achieve a 90% success rate and eliminate the pain associated with bad hires.

About 15 Dots

15 Dots LLC, based in Neenah, Wisconsin, trains HR leaders and organizational personnel to adopt a rigorous employee selection process that is repeatable, scalable, and teachable. 15dots refers to five ability tests and 10 behavior-based interview dimensions critical to employee selection.
15dots removes the “gut instinct” associated with employee selection. Consequently, hiring decisions are based on data alone. “No more guessing” is the company’s tagline. When employers match people with jobs, good things happen. Not only does production increase, but employee engagement and job satisfaction increase as well.

For more information about beating the odds when choosing employees, visit the 15dots website.

Amplify “GETS AMPED!” for June 14 Launch

With Just Three Weeks to Go, Amplify “GETS AMPED!” for June 14 Launch

Print finishing and embellishments bring the “wow” factor to all things print and Amplify aims to do just that. On Tuesday, June 14, the grand opening of the 95% sold-out Exhibit Hall will follow a lively GET AMPED-themed welcome to Amplify, led by seminar emcee Deborah Corn.

Franklin, TN—The Association for PRINT Technologies (APTech) and the Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) are pleased to provide an update on their collaboration, Amplify, the Print Finishing and Embellishment Event, as it nears its launch on June 14, running through June 16, 2022, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

On Tuesday June 14, Educational Programming will kick off with a fun and fast-paced “GET AMPED!” welcome to Amplify, led by seminar emcee Deborah Corn. The seminar program will be hyper-focused on all aspects of the print finishing and embellishment product chain and attendees will hear from experienced print finishing professionals including, Daniel Dejan (Dejan Associates), Andrew Bailes-Collins (Ultimate Technographics), Sabine Lenz (PaperSpecs), Kevin Abergel (Taktiful), Christine Yardley (Print Panther), Trish Witkowski (Fold Factory), Eric Norman (Bolger), Kary Radestock (Hippo Premium Packaging), Darren Kenning (Sugar Print), Deborah Corn (Print Media Centr), and more.

With just three weeks before the event, the Amplify Exhibit Floor has seen a great deal of industry interest. New and recent exhibitors include Kodak, Peleman Industries, AMP, Rohn Industries, VITS International, Ultimate Technographics, MFT Automation, Spiral Binding, Marbach America Inc, and Neenah Paper. They will join other notable industry brands with booths in the now 95% sold out Exhibit Hall that will celebrate its grand opening Tuesday, June 14. To see the full exhibitor lineup and schedule, including the Live Technology Demonstrations, visit the Amplify website, where you will also find the Floor Plan.

To learn more about Amplify, visit or contact us at


APTech provides a forum to inspire the development of new and valuable print products. We educate, provide market research, and foster collaboration between those who create and those who make. We are the industry association that is focused entirely on the future of print. Our members are the creative minds that love to innovate, and the leaders who stand ready to build the future. We facilitate the evolution of physical experiences in our increasingly digital lives. For complete information about the association, its programs, and its member companies, visit: or phone: 703/264-7200.


The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) provides a wide range of resources to help companies remain profitable and gain market share through the use of print enhancement technologies such as foil stamping, embossing, specialty coatings, binding and more. From cost-saving programs and educational opportunities to green initiatives proving the sustainability of foil decorated paper/board, the FSEA strives to provide its members with ideas, resources and solutions to grow in today’s marketplace. For more information, visit or phone: 785/271-5816.

Industry Innovator: Rebel Converting

By Susan Stansbury

With the ability to convert 2.1 billion square yards annually into wipes, Rebel Converting has substantial capacity in Milwaukee and Saukville, WI. The company is a force in the coreless roll/canister wipes business. In addition, the “Rebel” in its name means more than expertise. Its founder and CEO Michael Kryshak established the company with both expertise and innovation in mind.

“When it comes to folded rolls, we pretty much invented them,” says Kryshak.  “Want a bigger towel without a bigger canister, bucket, or refill pouch—we fold the towel in half and perforate it.  All our rewinders are set up with our proprietary folding plows—no one has the capacity on folded rolls like we do, so if you happen to need a 10,000 sq.yds. or a billion sq. yds. of fabric converted into folded rolls, just give us a call.”

No one knows the wipes industry better than Mike. When I visited his office in Milwaukee several years ago, his floor-to-ceiling shelves were filled with every type of wet wipe in canisters, packs, and packages. Currently, the company has what they refer to as a “wipes museum.” 

In Wisconsin where more than a dozen companies are making wet and dry wipes, Rebel Converting is a leader.

As a contract manufacturer, Rebel partners with its customers across retail, healthcare, and business-to-business segments—to maximize the opportunities that exist in today’s market. “With the ‘hangover’ the wipes industry has experienced and post-Covid demand drastically dropping, Rebel is doing exactly the opposite of what many others in the industry are doing by adding additional capacity and innovating new packaging options,” says Scott Meiller, Rebel Converting COO. “The aspect of sustainability and overall carbon footprint are key to the future of our industry. With that said, Rebel Converting has invested heavily in into two complete injection mold cells—each with a 400-ton press, pick-and-place robotics to do in-mold full digital labels.” 

Rebel Converting Branding

Rebel’s X-Treme canisters were specifically designed for “Hard to Hold solutions” (such as solvent based), and they are also made for customers who wish to re-use their canisters. “In both cases, traditional blow-molded canisters cannot hold up to the pummeling that X-Treme can,” says Meiller. “These ‘Sherman tanks’ of HDPE canisters are extremely durable and can be used multiple times with Rebel refills.” Rebel refills are box gusset pouches holding perforated pre-moistened wipes with a micro-perf-and-tear notch to make it easy for consumers. Rebel says its refills take up to 99% less landfill space and utilize 96% less plastic.

The company notes another advantage of its X-Treme canisters by using digital high-resolution printing which allows Rebel to print any design, graphic, and wording with “four times resolution you would see in a People magazine print job .” Because each label is printed individually, labels can be sequentially numbered, have different sets of numbers on them, or be printed with unique images. Artwork changes are quick and cost effective with no lead times. Full digital technology allows Rebel to provide customers with sample canisters identical to those from a final production run. It becomes easy to prototype canisters for customers to test market new products, various label brands and designs. Since the labels are in-molded—melted right into the canister, they offer maximum durability—again important for reuse.

“At Rebel where our motto is ‘YOUR Wipe Business is OUR Business,’ the two facilities give customers the assurance of redundancy in production. Company offerings include wet and dry wipes, alcohol-based and other solutions, fill-it-yourself wipes, unique folded in-canister options and small to “huge” containers. “

On unfolded rolls, Rebel does high counts such as standard 1,200, 1,500, 2,000 and even higher. Rebel’s quality and customer satisfaction is a principal pursuit. For example, on high count rolls, the focus is on more than cost, but on value too. End users pull out single towels instead of annoying multiple clumps. Proprietary technology assures consistency from the first towel to the last.

The company prides itself on keeping the decision-making process uncomplicated, with no chain of command or private equity owner obstacles. Continuing to grow and offer new market-driven designs across the wipes industry, Rebel Converting is committed to maintaining its leadership role.

Ribbon Cutting – Kono Kogs Inc. Fabrication & Assembly Building

We are very excited about filling the needs of the N.E.W. and greater Wisconsin markets with our metal fabrication and machine assembly capabilities.

Kono Kogs now offers custom metal fabrication and machine assembly in addition to our main line of air pollution control equipment. The decades of expertise KKI has developed addressing their own in-house needs is now being rolled out to N.E.W. and the greater Wisconsin area. Click here to see our capabilities.

  • Structural steel and sheet metal design, fabrication and painting 
  • Machine assembly – design, wiring, piping, tubing 
  • PLC control design, programming and cabinet building

About Kono Kogs

Kono Kogs, Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of used thermal oxidizer systems for air pollution  control. We have been buying, refurbishing and selling used thermal oxidizers for over 26 years  and have over 500 equipment installations worldwide. 

Quad Plus: Extend the Useful Life of Equipment With Industrial Retrofits

Achieving Returns on Capital Investments

Significant investments into new equipment often come with a long payback period rendering them less cost-effective during their first several years in operation. Instead, manufacturers can consider an extended life for their existing machines. Strategic integration of upgrades and new technologies into older machines can be a cost-effective way to delay the need for new equipment without harming production rates. These updates will make the machines more energy-efficient, simpler and safer to run, and deliver better productivity.

In terms of manufacturing equipment that can cost upwards of several hundred thousand dollars, industrial  manufacturing retrofits are the way to gain new features and extend the operational life of an old machine. 

Industrial Manufacturing Retrofits

The purpose of a strategic retrofit is to integrate new features or technologies while retaining most of the original structure of the equipment. For example, a common retrofit opportunity involves implementing automation technology to streamline inefficient processes such as changeovers.
One way to accomplish this is using sensors that are IoT-enabled. These devices allow machines to transfer data back and forth while automating certain functions, but they were still in development just ten years ago. In a move to avoid heavy dependence on manual processes, industrial manufacturers are implementing IoT enabled sensors that will streamline entire production lines through efficient automated processes.
By implementing automation technologies, manufacturers can eliminate or reduce the reliance on workers who must access individual sections to make adjustments manually. Other common retrofit opportunities include legacy motor systems and manual profile monitoring.

Control Retrofits: What You Need to Know

One of the primary benefits of choosing industrial retrofits is the lower investment cost. This is possible because only those components that require updating are replaced while the rest of the machine remains intact.

Many industrial manufacturers seek specific outcomes for improvements such as increasing equipment uptime, boosting performance, reducing energy usage, incorporating digital technologies, and making equipment easier to use. Targeted retrofits are recommended in these situations to avoid replacing entire machines.

Still, manufacturers must accept that even highly targeted retrofits cannot avoid all instances of downtime as  the individual sections that require new components often need to be taken offline to perform the updates.  Depending on the project, most service providers can minimize the downtime necessary using modeling.  It is also critical for manufacturers to avoid reactionary plans to current or short-term fluctuations and  consider their future needs when contemplating retrofits.

Minimize Downtime With Phased Retrofits

Approaching a project in phases so only the individual sections being worked on must be stopped will  reduce shutdowns. One service provider recently worked with an industrial manufacturer to develop a retrofit  solution that would make their equipment safer and more reliable. The manufacturer’s current system was  utilizing outdated controls that could not be replaced and, facing the possibility of a catastrophic breakdown,  updates were necessary. 

The service provider began with an analysis of the system. Then, the motor system was upgraded, and  remote monitoring equipment incorporated. The last step was to perform an in-depth machine safety study  with the goal of identifying where the work environment for production and maintenance staff needed to be  improved. These improvements were then laid out in a carefully-planned timeline to keep downtime to a  minimum for the manufacturer.  

Choosing an integrator with extensive experience incorporating components and optimizing system  performance will be highly beneficial when implementing retrofits. Otherwise, an improvement in one section  could lead to unintentional slowdowns or bottlenecks in other areas resulting in missing the goal of  improving productivity rates. 

No Two Retrofits are the Same

Most people in the industrial manufacturing sector know that no two shops are the same. Every layout and configuration of equipment will be different, and the demands of production lines depend heavily on the industry, the application, and the specific manufacturer. In other words, the timelines and budgets that one manufacturer worked with will not work with another.
Whom you choose to evaluate your equipment and integrate new technology is critical, if an accurate assessment is to be performed, a practical plan developed, and a successful outcome achieved. Quad Plus has extensive experience with the various processes, hardware assortments, and legacy equipment programming specifics across many industries.
If you’d like additional information on strategic integration of upgrade options for your machine or if you’d like assistance developing a practical migration plan, please contact Jim Woulf at (920) 515-4155 or via email at

Worzella raises more than $20,000 for Words & Friends for Literacy

Worzalla Spells Out L-O-V-E for Reading by Supporting Adult Literacy

Stevens Point book printer raises takes first place in donations to Portage County Literacy Council’s and Annual Words & Friends for Literacy

Stevens Point, Wisconsin (May 12, 2022) – Worzalla, an employee-owned printing company specializing in high-quality children’s books and cookbooks, was a sponsor of this year’s Words & Friends for Literacy event hosted and organized by the Portage County Literacy Council. After taking a pause in 2020 and a remote event in 2021 due to the pandemic, this year’s event was a success in helping raise more than $20,000. The funds Worzalla raised and all donations from other participants will support the Portage County Literacy Council’s community-based literacy programs.

“Worzalla associates were excited to participate in the Portage County Literacy Council’s annual fundraising and support a cause we’re so closely connected to,” said Brianne Petruzalek, Vice President of Human Resources at Worzalla. “Reading is a wonderful way to find escape and learn about new ideas and PCLC understands that literacy is possible at any stage in life. As book printers, we’re proud to contribute to their programming to make literacy possible for adults in our community.”

The Words & Friends for Literacy fundraising event invited members of the community to form teams of four or more people and host a House Party for Literacy. Teams completed challenges and raised funds during Apr. 27, 28 and/or 29. Worzalla’s team, The Jefferson Street Girls, comprised of associates Sparky Musolf, Deb Clark, Brenda Betro, Sarah Zuehlke, Sheila Jasenovsky (Team Capitan), Kim Mains, Cathy Davis, Jennifer Heisler and Shasta Grosbier, took first place in collecting a total of $2,331.00 in pledges from friends, family and fellow Worzalla associates.

“Support from Worzalla, as well as other community members and sponsors, helps us continue to provide adult literacy services in Portage County,” said Kristy SeBlonka, Co-Director at Portage County Literacy Council. “We’re thrilled to see our community’s enthusiasm and rally behind our mission of helping adults achieve their literacy goals.”

Worzalla has an extended history of supporting literacy for all ages in Wisconsin. Most recently, Worzalla hosted its own fundraiser for PCLC with the “Reel It In For Reading” Ice Fishing Competition and plans year-round community involvement activities for local elementary schools. To learn more visit

About Worzalla

Worzalla is an employee-owned printing company headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Founded in 1892, Worzalla has 130 years of experience in creating high-quality custom products for its customers. Worzalla specializes in the production of cookbooks, children’s and lifestyle books, and is dedicated to exceeding expectations for quality, service, and delivery. From small to large publishers, Worzalla is the printer the industry turns to for manufacturing high profile projects and award-winning books. With numerous industry awards for safety and workplace culture, Worzalla is consistently ranked as one of the top places to work in central Wisconsin. For more information, visit

Supply Chain Issues with 6 Industry Speakers Presentation Overview

The Green Bay Innovation Group hosted an outstanding group of speakers to address the Paper, Pulp, etc. supply chain issues impacting their businesses and we want to thank them for their participation. We had a great turnout with a lot of interest in the subject. The speakers included:

  1. Timothy Nordin:  Brand Manager at Billerud
  2. Pixelle Specialty Paper:  Brad Shockey Vice President of Supply Chain Management
  3. Dennis Tegrootenhuis:  President of Small Quantity Boxes
  4. Outlook Graphics:  Blain Ott Director of Supply Change Management
  5. Brit Swisher – Vice President of the North Region at Midland
  6. Nick Mares – President of Viridiam

We will see a continuation of the printing paper shortages for the balance of the year with rising costs, allotments and disruptions in the supply chain.  However, we should see some improvement for the balance of 2022.  The key is to plan with your paper suppliers and customers. We will be announcing some new added capacity for the Paper Industry.  GBIG will be engaging further with Billerud and others to continue to support the printing paper and packaging markets. We ALL recognize the importance of the Paper Industry impact on the 5P, Converting and Supporting Manufacturing Industries.  

The Green Bay Innovation Group will be putting together a group of industry professionals to reignite the paper industry in Wisconsin.  We need to bring to the attention the importance of the Paper Industry and its impact on the Paper, Converting and supporting industries! Simply, the paper industry has been off the radar screen and simply neglected.  GBIG wants to thank WEDC and New North for their participation in the event.  GBIG is a business to business industry association supporting the 5P and Converting Industries.

I have some thoughts to share due to the global realignment of the Supply Chain.

1. Supply Chains will remain under constant treat and disruptions especially with Russia and China. Europe and Asia will not be the answer for the USA. China with a lockdown will be limited to supply printing papers at this time. However, China is investing in new modern printing paper machines and closing down old and inefficient mills. China will continue to invest and purchase USA companies for All paper production! Simply, this is a great opportunity to reinvest in the USA paper industry especially in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Government and Wisconsin industry has to develop a plan to reinvest in the paper industry.

2. Supply Chain technologies and paper manufacturing suppliers will become big winners due to investments in automation. Wisconsin has a tremendous manufacturing base supporting the paper industry. It is anticipated with upgrades of the paper machines at Billerud and others, it will be a big win for the Wisconsin Manufacturers supporting the paper industry!

3. Right now the USA is getting outcompeted by China and Europe.  We will need the Wisconsin Congressional leadership and the business community to address the issue putting aside All partisan differences to pass a bill and a plan to support the paper and pulp industries. Simply, Wisconsin has ALL of the ADVANTAGES for the production of paper and pulp!  

In a world faced with the prospect of tight supplies, higher energy costs and strained transportation networks, Wisconsin has a great opportunity to re-build that paper industry.  

The Green Bay Innovation Group is a business-to-business consortium of enterprises working in the paper, pulp, printing, plastics, packaging, converting and supporting industries.  GBIG members collaborate to drive the industry forward and advance the region as the world’s heart of innovation.

GBIG NEWS | 71 Stories and Links on the Internet 5/18/2022


Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.

Read the latest 71 Stories and Links on the Internet below.



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