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Custom metal milling provides parts for OEM operations

Titletown Manufacturing offers custom metal milling and grinding services.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often require a variety of specialized parts for their productions and operations. Custom metal milling and metal surface grinding services delivered by the expert team at Titletown Manufacturing play a significant role in the success of these companies.

We use vertical and horizontal machining centers to complete our custom metal milling operations. These precision machines efficiently take metal stock down to the dimensions and finishes needed for the specific part.

The difference between custom metal milling and metal surface grinding comes down to the degree of accuracy we can reasonably expect from those operations. Not every part requires the same level of precision, and we use both techniques when appropriate for ultimate accuracy.

Custom metal milling can be a preliminary step in finishing a part

Depending on the ultimate accuracy requirements for a specific part, our team may employ either or both machining techniques to arrive at the final product. Custom metal milling allows us to come within .0005 inches of spec, while metal surface grinding reduces that variance to within .0001 inches of spec.

We perform metal surface grinding operations to enhance the final output of a part that has gone through the custom metal milling stage. We can make it even flatter, more parallel, or achieve a better surface finish depending on our customer’s requirements.

Our Wisconsin-based team works in comfort inside our climate-controlled facility, using the best in equipment technology and quality control to complete a full range of services for machine assembly and parts production. Our OEM customers rely on us to provide high-quality services at every level of production, whether that is custom metal milling or through the metal surface grinding stage.

About Titletown Manufacturing, LLC

Titletown Manufacturing, LLC, is a trusted metal machining and fabrication shop with over 60 years of experience in CNC machining, welding, grinding, assembly and reverse engineering for a wide range of industrial customers throughout the region. The company employs more than 30 people at its facility at 817 Marquis Way in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For more information on Titletown Manufacturing or to request a quote, please go to call 920-435-9074.

MECA produces anti-wrinkle rolls designed for converting excellence

Precision rolls for wrinkle removal help optimize web performance

If there is one issue that consistently confounds converters, it is keeping wrinkles out of the web. MECA has answered this challenge with the development of a pair of precision rolls for wrinkle removal that can counteract many of the issues most commonly identified as the root cause of wrinkles.

Our reverse taper rolls and grooved rubber spreader rolls have demonstrated their ability to act as precision rolls for wrinkle removal across a wide range of web configurations. These anti-wrinkle rolls can fully eliminate wrinkles, or at least narrow down the list of potential causes of wrinkles developing on the web.

Reverse taper rolls – These reverse crown rolls encourage the web to climb up to the high side of the roll. This type of precision roll for wrinkle removal uses a concave surface design that is narrower in the middle and features a larger diameter toward the ends.

Grooved rubber spreader rolls – This concept of precision rolls for wrinkle removal uses a series of spiraling grooves set in very soft rubber to gently, but effectively, spread the web and pull it taut. This design works best with very thin substrates since it enables the web to run at lower tension levels with higher line speeds.

MECA’s precision rolls for wrinkle removal complement related items such as our vacuum rolls to form an effective inventory of web-handling assets. We are able to groove any kind of metal roll to your specifications, with lightweight carbon fiber rolls our specialty.

Precision rolls for wrinkle removal counteract web issues

The most effective way to keep wrinkles out of the web is to set up machines and rolls correctly to begin with. However, even the best converting specialists benefit from using precision rolls for wrinkle removal. They save time and deliver anti-wrinkle technology that complements proper setup.

Here is a look at the most common root causes of web wrinkles:

Machines out of alignment – Precision rolls for wrinkle removal will do little good in cases where machine stands are not in alignment.

Insufficient web support – Wrinkles tend to appear more often when the span between rollers is long. Your web may benefit from the addition of idler rolls if the unsupported portion is three times the width of the substrate or more.

Inconsistent roller geometry – This can occur as a result of excessive surface wear or something as basic as a poorly manufactured roll.

Web quality that is less than ideal – Poorly wound parent rolls and excessive run-out create variables that can result in web wrinkles.

Expansion of the web – Web material can expand or contract due to changes in temperature or moisture content. Inserting precision rolls for wrinkle removal, such as our grooved rubber spreader rolls, may eliminate the web’s tendency to wrinkle.

Roll deflection – The load of the web can cause rolls to bend. Fixing this issue may require an assessment of your entire system to identify the specific variables involved. You will need to have answers ready for several critical questions in fixing this issue, and our team can guide you through that process. These questions may pertain to maximum line speed, web tension (PLI), web width, amount of web wrap and any nip load (PLI).

For more information about MECA’s precision rolls for wrinkle removal, please call (920) 336-7382, or visit

About MECA

MECA is a premier manufacturer of precision rolls for the printing and web handling industries. MECA specializes in flexographic print sleeves, heat transfer rolls, carry rolls, mandrels, coating rolls and vacuum rolls. As part of the Precision Roll Solutions family, MECA helps the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace.

GBIG News Chart Next Generation University Tour

The Green Bay Innovation Group set up the University tour at Charter Next Generation in Milton, WI. We invited Universities and a select group of companies in the flexible packaging industries to better understand breaking innovations for today and tomorrow for flexible packaging film focused on sustainability and recycling. We saw the materials being produced on state of the art manufacturing technologies. We welcomed George Huber from the University of Wisconsin’s Director of the Center for Chemical Upcycling of Waste Plastics and Brandon Fetterly Professor in Organic Chemistry at UW Platteville and focusing on building prototypes for industry. After the tour, George did a presentation on the Chemical Center for Chemical Upcycling of Waste Plastics – The Green Bay Innovation Group goal is to being our Universities and Business together to develop new innovative products and technologies.

stratasys: FDM Tooling Enables SML Group to Economically Make Molded Pulp Packages in Low Quantities

“FDM tooling has opened up exciting new business opportunities by making it
practical to produce molded pulp packaging in low quantities.”
– Jeremy Wolf, Structural Packaging Designer for SML


SML Group is a leading supplier of garment trim and various types of packaging. Based in China, the company operates over 30 facilities around the world, including the largest label factory in China. SML supplies major brands such as Adidas, American Eagle, Armani Exchange, Benetton, Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Eddie Bauer, Gap, Liz Claiborne, Macys, Marks & Spencer, Nautica, Next, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Target and Tommy Hilfiger.

In the past, SML was not able to compete in the molded pulp packaging market in the United States because the time and cost involved in making conventional metal tools made it impossible to provide a prototype to customers. Molded pulp packaging tools are normally made by machining a metal tool in the shape of a mirror image of the finished package. Holes are drilled through the tool and then a screen is attached to its

surface. The tool is then immersed in a pulp slurry and a vacuum is drawn through the holes, pressing the slurry against the tool to form the package. The screen prevents the pulp from being drawn through the holes. It costs about $30,000 and takes two weeks to make a metal tool for a typical 10 inch by 12 inch (250 mm by 300 mm) package.


“We decided to work with Stratasys to see if it was possible to make a FDM tool,” said Jeremy
Wolf, structural packaging designer for SML. The Stratasys RedEye service bureau worked with
Wolf to provide a series of FDM tools in order to optimize the sparse pattern that allows a vacuum to be drawn through it.“The entire FDM tool is porous, which spreads the vacuum and produces a cleaner package with a better surface finish,” Wolf added.


“We can now produce an FDM tool for only $600 in about a week,” Wolf said. “At this price and
lead time, we can easily make prototypes for companies that are interested in a molded pulp
package. Prototypes are critical because OEMs often show them to retailers that they want to carry the product. FDM tooling can also be used for production in quantities up to 100,000 or so.” “We have used FDM tooling to produce mold pulp packages for two customers, an electronics OEM and a retailer,” Wolf said. “FDM tooling has opened up exciting new business opportunities by making it practical to produce molded pulp packaging in low quantities that did not make sense in the past,” Wolf concluded.

GBIG Commercial Sheetfed Offset Printing in WI

Wisconsin has one of the largest numbers of sheet-fed offset printers in the United States that offer a broad range of capabilities serving a number of markets printing from 1 to 8 colors! The term offset refers to the fact that images are transferred from a lithographic printing plate directly to the printing medium. Sheet-fed printing is a method in which individual sheets are fed into the printing press. Sheet-fed presses are easy to set up with minimum of change over to run a number of projects using a wide number of paper products.

Advantages of Offset Printing

  • Low cost
  • Short run and Long run capabilities 
  • Very consistent reproduction 
  • Very high quality resolution
  • Quick, easy with very fast turnaround
  • Tremendous flexibility of printing substrates.
  • The ability to  use a variety of  sizes of material
  • Inexpensive printing plates
  • 1 – 8 color printing which can include varnishes, aqueous coating, UV with a variety PMS colors printing up to 300 line screen.


AGFA: Come Visit us and see Solutions Delivering $$$ to your Bottom Line

Come and visit AGFA at the Printing Showcase on September 27, 2022. Drop by to see solutions that will be delivery money to your bottom line. We look speaking with you on a variety of topics including the following:


  • The Pressroom verifies your Color & Spot
  • Prepress gets Iterative Curve Adjustments
  • Standards (G7&GMI) and Stabilizes Gray Balance
  • Management gets a Dashboard
    Additional Info


  • Easier to control than AM Screening
  • Decrease Make Ready by a Color Pull and Ink
    usage by an additional 12%
  • Consistent Dot Shape through the Tonal Range
  • Greater adhesion of DOTs than
    stochastic or auraia


  • Easier to Print, Less Complexity
  • Netting 14% ink savings
  • Decrease Make Ready by a Color Pull
  • Empowering Operators to Push CMYK to Match
    Brand Colors while not impacting Gray Balance


  • Simplifies Packaging Layouts
  • Imports & Exports Die lines
  • Auto imports one-ups by lane or row
  • Easy setup of Glue Flaps Crease Lines…

AGFA Local Contacts:
Joe Hernandez
AM (515) 322-2095

Troy Miller
Software AM (561) 714 8062

James Struble
Software (816) 520 2900

Boxing Match – A Merger that Makes Sense

Small Quantity Boxes | June 25th, 2021

Great customer service, loyal customers, awesome products and services, sustainability, automation are hallmarks of Packaging Systems (Indiana based) and Small Quantity Boxes (Wisconsin based). These powerhouse packaging, corrugated box, supplies and associated machine & service companies have merged to serve their customers with the same business ethics and happy/quality service minded employees for which they have been famous. Packaging and A winning combination.
“A recent merger means the two businesses are working to offer stronger, more efficient services to combined clients.”

Packaging Systems provides packaging solutions with efficient and sustainable shipping costs, while Small Quantity Boxes manufactures custom and stock packaging using high-quality raw materials. Both companies excel at building strong customer and employee relationships. The recent acquisition of Small Quantity Boxes which is now a brand of Packaging Systems, is part of the “House of Brands” approach where Packaging Systems is cognizant of the power and value of maintaining goodwill and identity established over a period of years. The two businesses are working to offer stronger, more efficient service, a move both Pat Tharp, Kasey Clevenger owners of Packaging Systems and Dennis TeGrootenhuis President of Small Quantity Boxes (SQB) applauded.

Striving for good. Solid partnerships with customers and vendors is at the forefront of the companies and has been for years and is something both companies pride themselves on achieving. They represent over 300 different manufactures in the packaging world.
While the merger is an accomplishment, growth is the milestone that matters. The future looks good, and growth has been steady for 30 years for both Packaging Systems and Small Quantity Boxes.

Packaging Systems of Indiana, with locations in Sheboygan, WI – Kentucky – Nevada.
SQB Packaging Systems LLC DBA Small Quantity Boxes is located in Neenah, WI

Italian FDI Luncheon

Italian Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is the second largest source of international investment in Greater Green Bay. The Italian FDI Luncheon will celebrate and help strengthen business ties while showcasing the industry cluster concentrations that exist in Green Bay and Lucca, Italy, two regions considered to be “Tissue Capitals of the World.”

The Wisconsin Paper Council and the Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce will host the 2022 Italian FDI Luncheon on Monday, Sept. 19, at Badger State Brewing. Doors open at 11:30am, lunch at 12pm, program at 12:30pm and reception and networking at 2pm.

Speakers include the representatives from the Italian Consulate General, Wisconsin Paper Council, Georgia-Pacific and Sofidel. A panel discussion will feature an Italian CEO panel from Korber Tissue, Maflex, PCMC, and Pulsar Engineering. To register visit

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