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December 21st, 2022 Newsletter

Read the December 21st, 2022 Green Bay Innovation Group Newsletter here.

2023 Business Trends: Inflation & The
Economy Ahead – Northeast Wisconsin

You’re invited to an interactive, engaging presentation revealing economic trends nationally and in Northeast Wisconsin from First Business Bank experts.

How will national and international economic trends affect Northeast Wisconsin’s economy in the coming quarters? Join us at Butte des Morts Country Club where Nancy Johnshoy, CFA, Senior Vice President – Portfolio Manager & Market Strategist, will present national and regional economic data. A panel of local business leaders will discuss inflation, interest rates, employment, and more.

This event is designed for local business and organization leaders who rely on proven, timely data to make critical budgeting and operations decisions. Seating is limited, so please register now to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you there.

Susan Finco (Moderator)

Owner & President –
Leonard & Finco Public Relations

Susan Finco

Nancy Johnshoy (Presenter), CFA

Senior Vice President –
Portfolio Manager & Market Strategist
First Business Bank

Nancy Johnshoy

Rick Hearden (Panelist),

President –
Northeast Wisconsin Market
First Business Bank

Rick Hearden

Cory VandeWettering (Panelist)

President/CEO –
Keller, Inc.

Cory VandeWettering

Bret Salscheider (Panelist)

President/CEO –
YMCA of the Fox Cities

Bret Salscheider

Komal Mehta (Panelist)

Co-Owner –
Triangle Manufacturing Company

Komal Mehta

Stop Outsourcing! Own Your Hiring Process for Great HR Results

When outsiders started commenting on a dramatic uptick in the organization’s talent, management took notice. That’s what happened for Bill MacPherson, of the Mercer Celgar pulp mill and 30-year veteran of the pulp and paper industry. While working for a previous employer, Bill received positive feedback from customers, vendors, and suppliers who noticed a remarkable shift in talent at the organization. What brought about the transformation? Game-changing employee selection. Instead of outsourcing the recruitment and hiring process to a consultant, the organization took ownership of the process.

‘You Can’t Outsource Thinking’

“You can’t outsource thinking,” is one of Bill’s principles. Consultants play a role in certain scenarios, but not in every circumstance. Definitely not in hiring. Instead, organizations gain the most by using the talent, leadership, and teams inside their walls to own their problems and solve them together. Organizations should be as engaged as possible in attracting and hiring talent. In Bill’s experience, employee performance was noticeably better a couple years after implementing the 15dots® hiring techniques. New hires were naturally acclimated to work in an environment that was collaborative, team-based, and problem solving. Very quickly, people inside and outside the organization began to see a shift.

Employees as Interviewing Experts

The 15dots® Selection Process trains employees to be interview experts. Employees gain the knowledge and tools to repeatedly and reliably choose the right match(s). There’s nothing more important than selecting the people who are going to be your teammates and colleagues. 15dots® helps organizations eliminate bad hires and performance nightmares.

Developing Leaders Ready for Promotions

By engaging in the hiring process, organizations create a development opportunity for their people. Interviewers learn the skills necessary to become future leaders and managers. Learning how to hire in a complex 21st Century manufacturing environment is an important skill to acquire. Leadership skills are even more critical due to the massive retirements occurring in the pulp and paper industry. Whereas it previously took 20-25 years to go from entry-level to top-level position, now it happens in 4-5 years. Employees’ rapid rise requires an enormous amount of learning. To advance in the organization, employees must be active learners and problem solvers. The previous generations didn’t have the pressure to advance as quickly. So, that’s another huge reason to use an effective and reliable selection process. Organizations don’t want to mismatch people and set them up for failure in the workplace.

Cost-Effective Alternative to Recruiters

In addition to maximizing human potential, the 15dots® Selection Process is cost effective. Bill estimated that hiring cost about one-quarter of the expense of outsourcing. Recruiters and consulting agencies typically charge high-priced retainers. Plus, by outsourcing the hiring process, organizations let somebody else do all their thinking. Finding the right talent lays the foundation for an organization’s long-term success.

2023 INDA Calendar of Events

Box Latch Products shopping cart more than doubled over 25 days utilizing TikTok…a Wisconsin Success Story!

Like us, you may never have considered TikTok as a marketing option. Our introduction to this platform occurred as a result of one person stopping at our table at the PackExpo Emerging Brands Summit on October 23, 2022 in Chicago’s McCormick Place.

A picture containing text, indoor, wall, office

A guy named Corry Connors asked to shoot a short video and post it to his 80,000 TikTok followers. We said, “Sure, why not?” Within days of its November 3 posting it went viral. It has now been seen by nearly 2 million viewers with 39.4k likes, 1,773 comments and 574 shares. Though not all sales could be linked to the TikTok video, purchases on our BoxLatch™ Products shopping cart more than doubled over the next 25 days.

As it turned out Cory also hosts a sustainable packaging website and does podcasts. The amazing success of the TikTok video prompted Cory to invite BoxLatch™ CEO, Jim Wilson, to do a podcast. It was posted on December 7. Wouldn’t you know it, the success of that has led to an invitation for Jim to apply for a position as a speaker at the AICC (Independent Packaging Association) Xperience Conference in 2023.

Everyone knows that marketing is kind of like fishing; you never know what the next super lure will be or where the big lunker is lurking. As a company who knew nothing about the effectiveness of TikTok as a B2C and B2B marketing platform, is it time companies like yours and ours learned more about it?

If you have had success, please let us know.

Jack & Jim Wilson and the BoxLatch™ Team

Pewaukee, WI 

Quad Plus: New Line Cannot Run at Capacity.

The purpose of acceptance testing is to evaluate new equipment following installation to ensure
it was built correctly and is operating according to specifications. When something goes wrong,
this process allows the new equipment owner to ensure that all problems are corrected before
the project is considered complete.

In many cases, a third party can help locate problems during acceptance testing, diagnosing
issues, and proposing or executing solutions.

Brand New Line Underperforming

man with tech equipment

A non-woven manufacturing facility recently upgraded its system to include new equipment for the entire line. The machines were still in the acceptance testing phase, and the facility was experiencing problems, primarily with system faults when attempting to operate the line at full capacity.

The facility utilized VFDs (variable frequency drives) in a three-roll calendar system configured to run in a speed-matching operation up to a thousand feet per minute. System faults presented consistently whenever the system reached about eight hundred feet per minute or faster. At lower operating speeds, intermittent faults were present on the calendar.

Troubleshooting the Problem

A third-party troubleshooting team was called out to the facility to diagnose the problem. They began with a systematic evaluation of the entire system, including the installation and the programming. Because the system was new, the team needed to verify that the equipment was installed correctly.

The team also ensured that the cabinet was designed well, that the Fieldbus was operating correctly, and that the motor leads were terminated properly using the correct motor cables. Next was evaluating the encoder feedback with instrumentation where switching noise in the encoder signal was detected.

Another issue discovered by the troubleshooting team was that the encoder was configured for unipolar operation. This wiring configuration is not the best method for heavy industrial applications. The team rewired the encoders to the optimal configuration, along with the rest of the system.

Once these problems were corrected, the non-woven manufacturing facility could operate its new line at a thousand feet per minute without additional complications.

Acceptance Testing & Troubleshooting

Brand-new equipment should deliver better, smoother operations. However, this is only possible when they’re working correctly. Acceptance testing is designed to reveal any problems with your new assemblies so they can be corrected immediately.

Should any issues be detected, it pays to enlist the help of qualified experts who can provide a systematic evaluation of your system to verify the installation and programming and correct any issues so you can enjoy the full benefits of your investment.

If you’d like additional information on how Quad Plus can help you with expert diagnoses and corrections, please reach out to Jim Woulf at (920) 515-4155 or via email at


Over a number of years, successful business executive and owner Marty Ochs recognized the impressive magnitude of the paper and paper-related industries in Green Bay. Even more than that, Ochs noted, Green Bay’s paper, packaging, printing, converting and support industries are advanced and thriving.  On the local, state and national level, the impact and innovation of Green Bay’s paper and related industries often seems to go unrecognized. Ochs grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin and began his career in the paper industry, so he felt determined to bring more recognition to the thriving paper field in Green Bay.



The Green Bay Innovation Group has had an exceptional 2022 and we are looking forward to a successful 2023. We want to thank ALL of our SPONSORS for their support with sponsors coming from ALL over the USA. Wisconsin is recognized as one of the largest region for the 5P, Converting and Supporting Industries. We are the place to do business!

Our success includes:

  • Donating $30,000 back into our communities supporting those in need.
  • The GBIG NEWS publication continues to grow supporting our business communities with updated information on the 5P and Converting Industries. We highlight success stories from Wisconsin companies along with our Sponsors across the USA!
  • GBIG has over 120 plus sponsors and we anticipate reaching 150 by the end of 2023. We offer very affordable annual Sponsorships with 50% going back into the community.
  • The GBIG website has become a tremendous resource and we will continue to improve it by adding new features to be the best website in the industry! We will be building a library of information for ALL of you to use!
  • GBIG has connected with a number of industry groups on LinkedIn positioning Wisconsin as the place to do business in the 5P, Converting and Supporting industries.
  • GBIG is successfully linking business opportunities to our sponsors and businesses!
  • GBIG networking opportunities has brought together a number of companies building better and stronger business relationships.
  • GBIG had a SELL OUT of sponsors and golfers at our annual golf outing.
  • GBIG kicked off our first Printing Showcase and we will be expanding it to the 5P, Converting and Supporting Industries with affordable opportunities for Exhibitors and Attendees.
  • GBIG has put together a number of webinars, seminars and tours over 2022-2023. We will continue with some very exciting events for 2023-2024.
  • GBIG is in process of building a resource database of companies and their capabilities for business opportunities supporting our sponsorship companies!

The Green Bay Innovation Group would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

GBIG Webinar: Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent

Do you know the 30% Rule, the Crab & Beer Rule, or the difference between abilities and skills? Learn about these topics and much more by attending the GBIG webinar, “Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent.” Leading the webinar will be Joe Nowlin and Mike Quinn, HR professionals who revolutionized employee selection with the 15dots® Selection Process.

Who Will Benefit from this Webinar?

This hour-long webinar is geared to anyone involved in employee recruitment, hiring, management, and safety, specifically HR leaders, operations managers, project managers, and hiring professionals. Attendees will gain new insight into talent acquisition, employee selection, and job interview strategies to win the war for talent.

What is 15dots?

15dots, based in Neenah, Wisconsin, trains HR leaders and organizational personnel to adopt a rigorous employee selection process that is repeatable, scalable, and teachable. 15dots refers to five ability tests and 10 behavior-based interview dimensions critical to employee selection.

Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent

  • Who: Presenters Joe Nowlin and Mike Quinn, 15dots
  • What: “Stop Scaring Away Amazing Talent” Webinar
  • When: 10am-11am CT, Thursday, Jan. 26
  • Where: Packerland Websites’ Conference Room 1 (located in the footer of
    • Why: Fix the broken model of attracting, selecting and retaining talent.
    • Cost: Free
    • Register: GBIG Website Events
    • Sponsor: Green Bay Innovation Group, a business-to-business consortium of manufacturers in Northeast Wisconsin.

Meet the Presenters

Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn has worked tirelessly internally as a Human Resources Manager and externally as a
consultant for over three decades. As a 15dots partner, Mike helped to perfect the tools and precise methods to take the guesswork out of employee selection.

Joe Nowlin

Joe “Doc” Nowlin

Joe Nowlin earned his doctorate from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. A former business professor, Joe designed, tested, and installed proprietary employee selection procedures for manufacturing organizations, revolutionizing the way they do business. As a 15dots partner, Joe adapted
these systems for medium-sized and smaller organizations of all types.

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