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Green Bay Innovation Group had an outstanding year in 2023

Group of attendees from Restoring Hope Gala

The Green Bay Innovation Group had an outstanding year in 2023 and we want to thank ALL of you!

  • GBIG has 163 sponsors from across the USA with a growing worldwide new sponsor support!
  • GBIG has added additional benefits for our GOLD and SILVER sponsors to help promote and support your company (See attachment).
  • GBIG has added a FREE DIRECTORY to our webpage so our sponsors can maximize your industry network. Go to: www.greenbayinnovationgroup Go to GBIG Sponsors Directory for ALL of your listings with word search capabilities.
  • GBIG donated $35,000 to other non-profits in Northeastern Wisconsin. The majority of our proceeds from our sponsorships goes back to the community, education and work support programs. 
  • GBIG had six well attended events and tours.
  • GBIG had a successful 5P Showcase in our second year and we expect to grow it in 2024.
  • GBIG has been able to connect businesses to business opportunities and provide the necessary resources for them. Our GOAL is to support our sponsors! 
  • GBIG NEWS reaches over 2,500 bi-weekly with a lot of outstanding information for the 5P and Converting Industries. 
  • The Green Bay Innovation Group has just completed becoming a non-profit organization called the Green Bay Innovation Group Foundation supporting our Business Communities and other non-profits! 

The Green Bay Innovation Group would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

November 15th, 2023 Newsletter

Read the November 15th, 2023 Green Bay Innovation Group Newsletter here.

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GBIG NEWS | Non-Profits 2023



Maximize Your 5P Industry Networking with GBIG’s New Sponsor Directory

GBIG Sponsors Directory page

Networking with others in the 5P Industries just became easier. Green Bay Innovation Group updated its GBIG Sponsor Directory webpage to be more comprehensive, providing company overviews and clickable contact information. Plus, the sponsor database is searchable by category and keyword, so organizations can quickly identify the companies with the capabilities they seek or the people they want to contact. By typing a keyword or category into the search box, users gain access to a list of specific organizations to fit their needs.

Search GBIG Sponsor Database by Keyword & Category

With nearly 150 GBIG Sponsors on the webpage, the search capability ensures that you can be found easily by other sponsors and the general public. Website visitors can find your company and your industry by category or keyword.

The GBIG Sponsor entries include:

  • Company name
  • Contact Person
  • Business Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website

Confirm the Accuracy of Your GBIG Listing & Submit Notes

Thanks to the team at Packerland Websites for creating this useful database of sponsors. The team encourages sponsors to check their entries to confirm the accuracy of your listing. In addition, please provide a couple paragraphs about your company. Include industry keywords, like flexographic printing, coating, machining, etc. These paragraphs will further educate the audience and enhance searchability and facilitate more connections. The paragraphs will display in the “Show Notes” directory section. Send the information paragraphs to, and use the subject line GBIG Sponsor Page.

Connect with Sponsors to Conduct Business in the 5P Industry

GBIG members/sponsors find and conduct a good deal of business through their involvement with our organization. The updated GBIG Sponsor webpage is just one more way to provide value to sponsors. The sponsor directory makes it easier than ever for 5P Industry representatives find what they’re looking for to be successful. The updated Sponsor webpage uses innovative technology to improve the user experience, so sponsors and non-sponsors alike can connect and work together to achieve their business goals.

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The Green Bay Innovation Group and supporters will donate over $35,000 to Non-Profits and other Business Organizations in 2023. In addition, the Green Bay Innovation group are Members and supporting other Organizations in Wisconsin.

GBIG logo

The Green Bay Innovation Group wants to thank All of our 163 Sponsors for 2023 and we welcome your support in 2024. A large percentage of your sponsorship revenue will go back to our Business Community, Non-Profits and Education supporting the 5P and Converting Industries. Go to: and sign up to become a sponsor (See attachment for benefits).

We support the following Non-Profit Organizations in 2023:

  • Apricity
  • Children’s Museum of Green Bay
  • Green Bay Action Sports
  • Hope Center
  • Mana For Life
  • St. Johns Ministries
  • Trees for Tomorrow
  • UW Madison Engineering
  • VPI, Inc.
  • Whatsoever You Do, Inc.

Membership Organizations:

  • Florence County
  • Great Lakes Timber Association
  • New North, Inc.
  • New Manufacturing Alliance
  • UW Madison Engineering
  • Wisconsin Sustainability Business Council
  • Women in the 5P Industries

GBIG NEWS Restoring Hope Gala

“We want to thank the Green Bay Innovation Group for your donation and supporting St. John’s Ministries annual Restoring Hope Gala. The event was again successful, raising over $190,000 to help provide shelter services and daytime resources to those experiencing homelessness in our community. The mission of the non-profit organization is to respond to those experiencing homelessness or housing instability in a way that honors their dignity, restores hope and creates lasting change.”

“The event kicked off with a few raffles that saw winners receive a 5-night Mexico trip and Solo fire pit and truck load of wood. Following the prayer and meal, six different live auction packages brought excitement to the room. The high bidders won a week’s stay in a private cabin in Minocqua, Canadian fishing trip, 7-night stay in Mexico, to go along with a handcrafted bench made by guests at St. John’s Ministries.”

“The highlight of the evening was the Restoring Hope Gala video featuring John, who had stayed in shelter during past seasons. He is now employed, housed, and has his construction business back. John was in attendance and received a standing ovation for his success.”

“The Restoring Hope Gala also included a message from Executive Director Jesse Brunette and the vision going forward to shelter people during the cold winter months. The night ended with a speech by former long-time St. John’s Ministries leader Lexie Wood, who talked about the humble beginnings of St. John’s Ministries and its commitment and growth to helping each person who is on the streets cold and lonely.”

Steve Schauer
Director of Community Engagement
St. John’s Ministries

GBIG Attendees included:

  • Bill Koehne
  • Caryn Kuehl
  • Dave Bell
  • Dave Jolly
  • Debra Jolly
  • Joan Koehne
  • Kim Weiss
  • Marty Ochs
  • Nate Tegrootenhuis
  • Peter Weiss

November 8th, 2023 Newsletter

Read the November 8th, 2023 Green Bay Innovation Group Newsletter here.

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GBIG NEWS | 85 Stories and Links on the Internet 11/08/2023


Get links to the latest news, events, stories, and interviews from our 5P news sponsors. Our goal is to remind the decision-makers in Wisconsin of the importance of our industry both historically, and more importantly, into the future.

Read the latest 85 Stories and Links on the Internet below.

Featured Stories







GBIG Sponsors Lunch at TAPPI forum

GBIG was the lunch sponsor at the Lake States TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry) Energy Forum on Nov. 2 in Neenah. The keynote speaker for the event was Marc Keyser, Director of Seams Coordination, Member Services, and Customer Coordination at MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator).

Other presenters represented Frontier Energy; Kinergetics LLC, Focus on Energy, the Wisconsin Paper Council, Valmet, Toscotec S.P.A., Enerquin, and Vyron.

TAPPI energy forum group
TAPPI energy forum highlights

GBIG News: Green Bay Packaging Tour Overview 2023

Unrecognized Success

The Green Bay Innovation Group would like to thank Olivia Durocher Project Development Specialist and Andrew Stoub Environmental Manager for an outstanding presentation and virtual tour at the Green Bay Packaging Green Bay Mill on October 12, 2023. It was an outstanding education for all the attendees, with questions and interaction. Green Bay Packaging’s new recycled paper mill is the first new paper machine built in Wisconsin over the past 30 years. Construction began in August 2018. The Green Bay Packaging Mill uses recycled corrugated containers (OCC) and mixed office paper to make paper packaging and boxes. The 100% recycled paper mill supplies roll stock internal to GBP divisions and other companies across the country. The Green Bay Mill Division no longer directly discharges, nor pulls water from, the Fox River. Instead, GBMD utilizes alternative water (water captured from NEW Water’s discharge) to offset freshwater consumption. Wastewater from the facility’s effluent treatment plant is discharged back to NEW Water for final treatment. The project will have an expected economic impact of over $257 million in the Green Bay area with an investment of over $500 million dollars, representing more than four years of planning. The new mill is a fully integrated paper mill using 100% recycled raw material to manufacture linerboard and medium packaging products. With advanced automation, few physical hands touch the paper to control the papermaking operations – supporting safety as a priority!

Green Bay Packaging speakers
Green Bay Packaging speakers

Other Project features include:

  • The machine uses 100% recycled furnish with speed of 1,200m/min.
  • Using biogas generated from the mill’s effluent treatment plant.
  • Shutdown of the coal fired boilers and a switch to super-efficient natural gas boilers.
  • Installing high efficiency screen, agitators, and lighting.
  • High efficiency economizer to preheat the chilly water being pumped to the boiler drums.

The project is the single biggest project in the history of Brown County.

Green Bay Packaging is headquartered in Green Bay, WI. and employs over 4,500 team members, operating thirty-eight facilities in sixteen states. Green Bay Packaging is a third-generation family-owned business with major investment and commitment to the Green Bay community.

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