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6 Ways to Make Your Website a Powerful Recruiting Tool

6 Ways to Make Your Website a Powerful Recruiting Tool

A commercial contractor I spoke with recently said he didn’t need a website. What he needed were more employees! In today’s tight job market, he was missing out on a golden opportunity. Why not create a website that kicks butt as a recruitment tool? As employees are hired and the organization takes on more work, the website pays for itself.
The planning that goes into every website developed by Packerland Websites begins with the same important question: What are your business objectives? If you have jobs to fill, employee recruitment might be at the top of your list. How can a company use its website for recruitment? Here are 6 tips.

Give recruits a reason to choose you

Serious job seekers will research employers online before they apply for a job. An attractive, user-friendly company website will contribute to the strength of your brand. Visitors to a website should see images and text describing the company’s history, capabilities, products, and services. The employment page can tout the advantages of competitive wages, insurance benefits, 401(k), vacation, paid holidays, work schedule, etc.

Post job descriptions in real time

Companies often have more than one position open. To save time and labor, a business can post job openings in real time. A website makes it easy to announce each opening and post its job description. The job postings are readily available 24/7, convenient to anyone searching after hours.

Direct candidates to applications 

The most useful recruitment feature on a website is a simple pathway to the employment opportunities pages. The link can direct candidates to the online/printable application and application instructions. An Employment Quick Link in the footer of every page also brings candidates to the application link.

Streamline application processing

Human Resources employees have automatic access to applications immediately after the applications are submitted. The website forwards applications to the staff’s email inboxes. The staff can instantaneously prequalify the candidates and advance to the next phase of the hiring process.

Update WordPress content with ease 

Adaptable content for recruitment WordPress (our content management system), makes it easy for multiple users to change and update content. This flexibility is helpful at businesses because the staff is able to modify the text according to specific application requirements and processes.

Add Job Recruitment Features

Dress up your website with features that will resonate with potential employees:

  • Clickable “Now Hiring” button on the Home page
  • Employee testimonials, either written or video
  • “Meet our Staff” pages that include photos and professional bios
  • Employee profiles as Blogs and Vlogs
  • Job satisfaction surveys
  • Photos, videos, and articles that demonstrate the company culture
  • Compensation, training, and benefit package information prominently displayed

Contact Packerland Websites

If you have jobs to fill, are you giving recruits a good reason to choose you? Your brand is more important than ever in today’s competitive job market. Packerland Websites can help you build that brand and attract talented employees. Give us a call today, 920-826-5901.

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