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A Note From Marty Ochs

A Note From Marty Ochs

The Green Bay Innovation Group has partnered with the University of Wisconsin Chemical Engineering Department, Michigan Technological University, and the Chemical Upcycling of Waste Plastics to install the First STRAP Commercial plant in Green Bay or Northeastern Wisconsin. The Green Bay Innovation Group will provide technical, industry and financial resources supporting the project. Michigan Technological University will be building a prototype. The Green Bay Innovation Group will be assisting the Universities to raise $9 million dollars to build the first site located in Wisconsin! We expect a substantial financial impact for Northeastern Wisconsin plus recognition as the leader in plastics recycling.

Wisconsin is a major hub for the flexible packaging and plastic manufacturing industries. The Wisconsin Plastics industry employs 43,000 people with an expected 9% CAGR growth over the next decade. The Flexible Packaging industry employs 25,000 plus the converting industry and supporting Manufactures servicing these industries with an expected 9-11% CAGR through 2030.

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