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Unrecognized Success

Over a number of years, successful business executive and owner Marty Ochs recognized the impressive magnitude of the paper and paper-related industries in Green Bay. Even more than that, Ochs noted, Green Bay’s paper, packaging, printing, converting and support industries are advanced and thriving.  On the local, state and national level, the impact and innovation of Green Bay’s paper and related industries often seems to go unrecognized. Ochs grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin and began his career in the paper industry, so he felt determined to bring more recognition to the thriving paper field in Green Bay.

Bringing Wisconsin Companies Together

With 40 years of experience in the paper and printing industries, Marty Ochs set out to create a collaboration of Green Bay companies that would highlight and celebrate current innovation and new exciting innovations with additional goals to address challenges and boost even more revenue for these companies. Ochs brings previous experience from a similar Milwaukee-based group that he founded which demonstrated significant benefits to the Wisconsin business community.

Making a Big Impact in Our Community

GBIG brings together Green Bay paper, packaging, printing, converting and support companies in a BIG way. Through collaboration and networking, GBIG spurs even greater innovation for companies already demonstrating ample success. In addition, participating companies benefit from professional development which will contribute to the growing talent in the Green Bay workforce. Finally, we aim to extend influence to the community by contributing monetary donations to local charities and causes.

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