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BillerudKorsnäs becomes Billerud

BillerudKorsnäs becomes Billerud

As of today, BillerudKorsnäs is simplifying its name to Billerud to cater to its international customers. As a leading supplier of virgin fiber-based paper and packaging materials, the name change is fully in line with the company’s strategy to expand into North America and continue driving sustainable growth in global markets.  It is simply easier to say Billerud.

” We are now ready to meet the challenges of the future as one company: Billerud. One year ago, a clear strategic plan was drawn up with the aim of achieving profitable and sustainable sales growth until the year 2030 and to grow in North America. Today we change name to Billerud. The name change is a natural step on our strategic journey”, says Christoph Michalski, President and CEO at Billerud. 

The name simplification to Billerud will be implemented throughout the group starting today.  Billerud’s roots and heritage in the forest and paper industry go back more than 150 years and the company has had several different names.

”It is with pride that Billerud will carry its history into the present. What won’t change is the fact that we help our customers reduce their climate footprint of both their primary and secondary packaging. For us, product superiority is important and the impressive strength of our papers allow customers to use less packaging, save costs and reduce their carbon footprint. We will continue doing that as Billerud”, says Christoph Michalski.

As of today, Billerud’s website is called, and all employees will have the email address

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