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Boxing Match – A Merger that Makes Sense

Boxing Match – A Merger that Makes Sense

Small Quantity Boxes | June 25th, 2021

Great customer service, loyal customers, awesome products and services, sustainability, automation are hallmarks of Packaging Systems (Indiana based) and Small Quantity Boxes (Wisconsin based). These powerhouse packaging, corrugated box, supplies and associated machine & service companies have merged to serve their customers with the same business ethics and happy/quality service minded employees for which they have been famous. Packaging and A winning combination.
“A recent merger means the two businesses are working to offer stronger, more efficient services to combined clients.”

Packaging Systems provides packaging solutions with efficient and sustainable shipping costs, while Small Quantity Boxes manufactures custom and stock packaging using high-quality raw materials. Both companies excel at building strong customer and employee relationships. The recent acquisition of Small Quantity Boxes which is now a brand of Packaging Systems, is part of the “House of Brands” approach where Packaging Systems is cognizant of the power and value of maintaining goodwill and identity established over a period of years. The two businesses are working to offer stronger, more efficient service, a move both Pat Tharp, Kasey Clevenger owners of Packaging Systems and Dennis TeGrootenhuis President of Small Quantity Boxes (SQB) applauded.

Striving for good. Solid partnerships with customers and vendors is at the forefront of the companies and has been for years and is something both companies pride themselves on achieving. They represent over 300 different manufactures in the packaging world.
While the merger is an accomplishment, growth is the milestone that matters. The future looks good, and growth has been steady for 30 years for both Packaging Systems and Small Quantity Boxes.

Packaging Systems of Indiana, with locations in Sheboygan, WI – Kentucky – Nevada.
SQB Packaging Systems LLC DBA Small Quantity Boxes is located in Neenah, WI

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