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Building Your Brand Through the Interview Process

Building Your Brand Through the Interview Process

By Diane Mitchell, Managing Partner, Global Recruiters of Green Bay

While we’re hearing news of layoffs in some sectors, the demand for technical skills in manufacturing remains high in Wisconsin. To attract, hire, and retain top talent, it’s worth considering the critical role the candidate experience plays during their interviewing process. A positive experience not only reflects well on your organization’s brand but also increases the likelihood of securing the best candidates. By implementing effective strategies to manage your candidate’s experience, you can build strong relationships, promote transparency, and leave a lasting impression.

Diane Mitchell
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere – from the first phone screen to the moment the candidate steps foot into your organization, keep in mind that they are interviewing you as a potential boss and employer. Greet candidates warmly, provide introductions, and share information on the role and company to ease nerves while setting a positive tone for the interview.
  • Provide timely updates – transparent and consistent communication is essential throughout the interviewing process. Clearly communicate the steps and timeline. Provide updates to candidates 24-48 hours after an interview even if it’s to inform them of a rejection. Every candidate has thanked me for letting them know where they stand in the process regardless of whether or not the news is disappointing. Ghosting candidates isn’t just bad behavior, it also impacts your brand. The candidate won’t apply for other roles and will tell their peers to stay away.
  • Streamline the process – candidates will lose patience and become frustrated if the process takes too long or has too many steps. The best companies can work through their process in two weeks. Carefully consider if you need an extra assessment or interview step. The delay may give another company time to start and finish their interview process, ‘stealing’ your top candidate.

Even if you’ve selected your top candidate, it doesn’t mean the applicant has selected you as an employer. The candidate will most likely consider the recruiting process as a crucial part of their decision. By focusing on creating a compelling candidate experience, companies can be sure to leave a positive impression and enhance their brand image.

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