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GBIG News: China Buying up our Paper and Pulp Industries

GBIG News: China Buying up our Paper and Pulp Industries

The United States Has Been Under Attack By China And A Perfect Example Is The Wisconsin And USA Paper And Pulp Industries.

We have two perspectives with one from Congressman Mike Gallagher in Wisconsin who outlines a Vision for the Select Committee on China (See attachment). President Biden reverses decades of China trade policy (See attachment). We have finally recognized China as the greatest threat to our Industries and Democracy!

We have seen China and Asia completely dominate the Paper and Pulp Industry. China recognizes the importance of FREE fresh water and the natural abundant resources around their facilities in the United States. We will see this trend continue as China will push to dominate the corrugated, tissue, towel and specialty paper markets at the expense of USA companies! We will see more purchases and acquisitions of USA companies in the Manufacturing, Converting and Packaging Industries by China along with using our technologies especially in Wisconsin!

A great example of China’s acquisitions in Wisconsin, the USA and Canada

  • ND Paper, Inc. purchased the Biron Paper Mill in Biron, WI, the Rumford, Maine paper mill and the Old Town Pulp Mill in Maine located on fresh water with vast timber resources!
  • ND Paper’s Sister Company, ND Packaging Opens for business in Sturtevant, WI with its 350,000 Square Foot corrugated packaging plant competing with USA corrugated and packaging plants.
  • Paper Excellence Group/Domtar acquires Resolute Forest Products in Canada including the recycling facility in Menominee, MI. on the Menominee River!
  • Paper Excellence based in Asia bought Domtar, Inc. a North America pulp and paper giant with a Paper Mill in Nekoosa, WI.
  • Paper Excellence is on a buying spree across Canada of pulp and paper companies becoming one of the largest paper and pulp manufacturers in the world. They have a poor record on environment degradation and threats to Canada’s Forests!
  • Phoenix Paper Wickliffe LLC, located in Kentucky, owned by Shanying International an industrial papermaking manufacturer in China purchased the mill from Verso Paper Company for $16 million dollars. They are in direct completion with the former coated paper mill in Wisconsin Rapids sitting idle.
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