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China’s Impact on the U.S. Paper Industry

China’s Impact on the U.S. Paper Industry

The Wisconsin Paper industry needs to take a page from the Nine Dragons playbook! Otherwise, the Paper Industry of Wisconsin will definitely lose its prominence in paper production in the USA.

It will have a major impact on the 5P, Converting, and our Forestry Industries! Understand, it is much more than just paper. The Wisconsin paper industry no longer has control of its future, because of the majority of ownership by national and international companies. There were two new acquisitions in Wisconsin by out-of-state companies this past month!  

Wisconsin was built on paper, and we will have to decide its future together. The Green Bay Innovation Group will advocate and support paper. GBIG will continue to educate our industries, government officials, organizations and the people of Wisconsin on its impact on them! 

We need to support ALL paper companies to expand their presence in Wisconsin. We need to build new paper and pulping facilities! WEDC and WPC have done a great job supporting the 5P and Converting Industries, which are the backbone of the Wisconsin economy. Let’s rebuild the Wisconsin Paper Industry. 

GBIG will continue to supply more data on the impact of the 5P and converting industries through our bi-weekly newsletter – You can sign up for FREE. We welcome your feedback. 

For more information on the Green Bay Innovation Group, go to: In addition, if you have updated articles on the 5P industries, please forward them to us. 

We have a number of articles on Nine Dragons Paper Company based out of Hong Kong with a special section below called ND Paper. ND Paper started in 1995, built on waste paper from the United States. It is a story of success built by a true entrepreneur overcoming many challenges to become one of the largest paper companies in the world.

I have included a financial overview and financial graph of ND along with some other major USA based companies which tell the true story of the USA industry. The USA has moved to the No. 2 position in paper production. Unless we reinvest and reverse the trends, we will continue to decline across the USA and the world. Wisconsin can make the difference for USA production with vast resources to support the Paper Industry.


FINANCIALS2006                         2020                 2021 ESTIMATES
NINE DRAGONS PAPER$980M$9.5B$10B – $11B-Fiscal year beginning July 
Verso Corporation$1.6B$1.4B$1.3B* FORMED IN 2006
Domtar Corporation$3.4B$3.7B$4.1B* STARTED IN 1848
Weyerhaeuser Company$21.9B$7.5B$10.1B* STARTED IN 1900
International Paper Co. $22.0B$20.6B$21.7B* STARTED IN 1898
Source: FactSet financial data and analytics

We need to learn from Mrs. Zhang Yin, CEO of Nine Dragons, who started the company with nothing and became one of the richest persons in greater China. She started by buying scrap paper from the USA and imported it into China. She turns it into cardboard for use in boxes to export Chinese goods. She became known as the Queen of Trash. China determined it would stop waste from the USA and others, which included paper products. Mrs. Zhang Yin was dependent on recycled, cheap pulp!  Therefore, she purchased paper and pulp companies in the United States without the trash! Her net worth is $1.8 billion dollars in 2021, owning one of the largest publicly traded paper companies in the world!

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