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Commercial Printers in Wisconsin. We rank as the leader in Commercial Printing based upon population, economy and total annual sales.

Commercial Printers in Wisconsin. We rank as the leader in Commercial Printing based upon population, economy and total annual sales.


Marty Oaks

Why Wisconsin? As we rank states by sales with proper adjustments to account for certain disparities in a state economy size, population and total annual sales, Wisconsin is the leader in printing. Our estimate is 800 printers and Wisconsin printers service the nation with a wide variety of printing capabilities with our average sales per employee setting the standard to the US Printing Industry. We estimate the number of employees at 23,500 in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Paper Industry built the printing industry providing a wide variety and selection of paper products. Unfortunately, the Paper Industry in Wisconsin is on a decline forcing our printers to buy paper form suppliers from Foreign Countries which is having an impact on our strong printing economy! While Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota have outstanding printing capabilities, Wisconsin has a strong and broad base of diverse offset printers. The four Great Lake States combined are the largest supplier in the USA for offset printer services! The Germans came in and set up the printing industry. Wisconsin has a long history, tradition and a great work ethic supporting printing. Wisconsin has the manufacturing firepower of a state more than double its size and we belong in a class by ourselves. As a State built on generations of printing, we have 3 generations of families in the printing business! However, Wisconsin biggest asset is companies investing in new updated technologies and going into new markets for printed products.

Wisconsin has a fair number of the largest and most respected printing companies in ALL SEGMENTS.


  • American Litho
  • Anchor Printing
  • AM Solutions
  • American Printing
  • Baer Printing
  • Burton & Mayer
  • Color Ink, Inc.
  • Color Vision, LTD.
  • Crossmark Graphics
  • Delzer Commercial Print
  • Digi-Copy
  • DFI -Print Solutions
  • Econoprint
  • Exacta Graphics
  • Fifth Color
  • Suttle Straus
  • Envision Printing
  • GMSP
  • Graphic Composition
  • Graphic Center
  • Hahm Printing
  • Heritage Printing
  • Hoffman Printing
  • Inkworks Printing LLC.
  • Imperial Lithograph
  • Independent Printing
  • JP Graphics, Inc.
  • Johnson Litho
  • Kramer Madison
  • Kubin-Nicholson
  • Kuehn Printing
  • Kruepke Printing
  • LaCrosse Graphics
  • National Graphics Solutions
  • NEW Printing
  • Outlook Graphics
  • Paragon Printing
  • Park Printing
  • Phillips Lithographic
  • Phoenix Printing
  • Premier Printing
  • Print-Press Digital
  • Reindel Printing
  • Ries Graphics
  • Roto Graphics
  • Spectra Printing
  • Sun Printing
  • Suttle-Straus
  • The Marek Group
  • Thysee
  • The Fox Company
  • Viridiam
  • Weber Printing
  • Wells Printing
  • Wisconsin Printing
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