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Converted Products Inc. Acquires Equipment and HACCP Management Program

Converted Products Inc. Acquires Equipment and HACCP Management Program

Converted Products Inc. Acquires Equipment and HACCP Management Program

Milwaukee, WI:  Converted Products Inc., a custom converter since 1993, is excited to announce the expansion of their offerings in the food packaging/film slitting arena. CPI has acquired an additional duplex center slitter rewinder and 17-position spool winder.

Quality-Assured HACCP Food Packaging 

Along with these assets, CPI has teamed with Muse Food Safety Solutions to develop and implement a HAACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) food packaging plan. Combining the additional line time with an HACCP food packaging plan allows for increased productivity. Additionally, the HACCP plan provides the assurance of meeting or exceeding the quality standards required for this market.    

“Today’s customers desire rapid turnaround and on-demand response time,” said CPI’s Vice President Jay Olszewski. “Investing in new equipment, maintaining a quality work force, and providing personal customer service prove to our partners that we are committed to meeting their needs. The additional equipment and our HACCP food packaging plan are great additions to our already robust list of service.”

Duplex Center Slitter

The capabilities of the duplex center slitter rewinder include:  

*  72” Max Width

*  32” Max Rewind OD

*   54” Max Unwind OD

*  Differential Rewinding

 17-Position Spool Winder

 The specifications for the 17-position spool winder include:  

*  18” spool width and 20” max OD

*  40” max unwind OD

*  Shear, Razor, and Score Cutting

*  Level and/or Taper Winding

* Side by Side or Overlap Winding 

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Converted Products Inc. is a toll converter based in Milwaukee, WI. Founded in 1993, CPI is a fixture in the contract converting market and serves a wide array of industries both domestically and globally. CPI is ISO 9001:2015 certified and offers slitting/rewinding, hot melt laminating, and spool winding. To partner with a leader in innovative, custom-contract converting, visit or call 414-354-4433.

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