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Customer Risk and Safety Success Stories | Quad Plus

Customer Risk and Safety Success Stories | Quad Plus


While many areas of business demand compromise to achieve success, the safety of your crew  and equipment is not one of them. Recovering from the consequences of an incident can be  costly to your company and disastrous for the people involved. Risk assessments should be a  fundamental part of your operations to avoid the serious ramifications of an event. 

These examples demonstrate how our Machine Safety and Risk Assessment team helped our  customers avoid the worst consequences. 

OSHA Visit Leads to Speedy Solutions 

After an employee was injured while operating machinery and OSHA followed up with an audit,  this customer reached out for help eliminating the dangerous conditions that contributed to the  incident. 

The machine has two turreting mandrels that operators access once a cycle to unload a finished  roll while the other continues to wind. The rolls are relatively close to each other, and all  machines stay energized during this process. The customer’s lockout-tagout procedure was  also particularly cumbersome and drastically slowed production.  

We created a muting zone using an area scanner and light curtain to protect workers from  hazardous situations and applied similar solutions to potential hazards across the production  line. The muting zone eliminated the need for a lengthy lockout/tagout procedure while still  keeping to OSHA guidelines. Plus, LOTO is a solution that relies on people to perform the  procedure properly, so engineered solutions are vastly preferable.

Validation Services Prevent Serious Trouble

This customer recently upgraded their line to improve its speed and include new safety  functionality across the line. The commissioning process was nearly complete, but during the  validation process, we found several emergency stop buttons that did not initiate an emergency  stop at all. 

The failure of an emergency stop button could lead to unimaginable consequences. From  damage to equipment to injuries to workers—or worse— this situation received an immediate  remedy from our engineers, who were still on site completing the commissioning process. 

Had the customer discovered the malfunctioning buttons later, even if there were no damages  or injuries, they would likely have had to endure at least some downtime for repairs. Fortunately,  we encountered them during the commissioning process and immediately restored functionality  to the buttons. 

Risk Assessment Reveals Serious Hazards 

A severe hazard was identified when this customer called our team to perform a machine risk  assessment. Our machine safety consultant found that the in-floor conveyor equipment posed a  serious risk to bystanders and operators. As the area already had several audible alarms, an  alternate idea was needed.  

Our solution included using warning lights to provide clear directional visual warnings that won’t  be confused with other audible alarms and sounds. Blue warning lights were mounted on the  machine frame that would activate five seconds before the conveyor activated and remain  illuminated during use. We then implemented this solution in three other conveyor areas.  

The customer reported a considerable reduction in near-miss incidents. Their staff said that the  conveyor area is now a more comfortable work area, and the conveyor can be used more  efficiently, too.

Risk Assessment is a Smart Investment

The risk assessment process should be an integral part of every operation. Worker injury and equipment damage are far more costly to your crew and the company’s bottom line than addressing safety issues before an event occurs.

If you’d like additional information on reducing your risk while providing a safer, more productive work environment for your crew with a machine risk assessment from Quad Plus, please get in touch with Jim Woulf at (920) 515-4155 or via email at

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