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Discover the Heart of Packerland Websites: A Culture of Generosity

Discover the Heart of Packerland Websites: A Culture of Generosity

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt
Bill, Joan, Mike, Miranda, and Alexa

This quote really struck home with the Packerland Websites team. The Know, Like and Trust Factor is a marketing concept that rings true in our experience as website developers. People are more likely to buy from a company that they are familiar with and have an established relationship. Our Packerland Websites’ team knows a ton about website development, marketing, Search Engine Optimization, cybersecurity, and more. Like President Roosevelt said, all that knowledge doesn’t matter if you’re all brains and no heart. Before we build a website, we build a relationship.

Managing 81 Nonprofit Websites

Some of our most rewarding relationships are the partnerships we develop with nonprofit organizations. Altogether, Packerland Websites manages 81 nonprofit websites. These include the local community theater, churches, schools, business associations, and nonprofits related to youth, veterans, suicide prevention, cancer support, and other interests.

Donating $76K in In-Kind Services

The fact is, our team likes helping people. Simple as that! Nonprofit organizations typically don’t have the financial resources, staffing, or marketing background to develop, launch, and manage their own website. So, we sign on as their partners, walk them through the process, and produce an attractive, secure, and navigable website that meets their objectives. Best of all, we do this at a highly discounted rate.  In the past 12 months, we donated $76,438 in services to nonprofits. Generosity is a hallmark of our small business.

Helping Businesses & Nonprofits Succeed

When we have the opportunity to help others, it becomes an opportunity to feel good about ourselves and our work. Helping someone becomes a goal. Work becomes less of a task to be completed and more of a mission to be fulfilled. The motivation to help others makes the actual work more pleasant. As a result, the motivation makes us more productive. Work is more meaningful when you care about others, not just yourself.

Promoting a Service-Focused Corporate Culture

Packerland Websites bases its corporate culture on serving others, and we encourage other small businesses to do the same. When business leaders foster a supportive, service-focused corporate culture, everyone benefits – owners, employees and clients alike.

Ready to Help Your Business or Nonprofit

At Packerland Websites, we believe that “Your Success is Our Success.” Visit our portfolio to see samples of our work. Our portfolio page showcases the ways we help businesses and nonprofits succeed. Contact us today to get to know our team and learn how we can work together to advance the mission of your nonprofit or business. With offices in Green Bay, Marinette, and Abrams, we specialize in website development, digital marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.

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