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Encouraging Collaboration to build back the Paper Industry in Wisconsin

Encouraging Collaboration to build back the Paper Industry in Wisconsin

I want to thank Jerimiah Jannsen Vice President of First Business Bank for putting together an excellent PODCAST on the Paper Industry and an overview of the Green Bay Innovation Group. We both grew up
with many family members and friends working in the Paper Industry. We understand the impact it has on our communities and the State of Wisconsin! We witnessed the demise of the majority of Paper
Mills on the Fox River and across the State. We discussed the Green Bay Innovation Group overview, our mission statement and our impact on the 5P, Converting and Supporting Industries. Wisconsin
needs to REBUILD our paper manufacturing instead of buying paper from Europe, China and countries across the globe! A question to ponder, China lacks pulp, water, logistics and other resources for paper manufacturing! However, they can ship paper to the USA cheaper than Wisconsin can produce paper will ALL of the resources in Wisconsin. It is time to DE-COUPE FROM CHINA and Build Back the paper industry in Wisconsin! Wisconsin has a $6 Billion Dollar Surplus this past year and we need to invest in What Built Wisconsin – Paper.

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