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Foreign conflict driving disruption in Cyber

Foreign conflict driving disruption in Cyber

Foreign conflict driving disruption in Cyber

As tensions escalate, cyberattacks, threats and uncertainty around the availability of everything from our banking systems, utility services and supply chains are being questioned.  Fears of further escalation is real.  For businesses that fail to plan and take protective measures, the financial fallout can be swift and destructive.   

There are a number of key steps an organization can take for additional protection: 
•    Double check all of your critical security updates
•    Implement Multi-factor Authentication 
•    Strengthen your email protection features
•    Re-fresh employee training on “phishing” and Social Engineering Scams
•    Purchase Cyber Insurance – to mitigate the impact to your business, should a cyber-attack cripple your business

Proactive steps to mitigate these cyber threats are key.  R&R Insurance can help your organization create a Cyber Continuity Plan and offer products and services that protect your business, your assets and your employees from these any many other cyber threats. 

To learn more about these cyber risks, employee training programs and leading insurance solutions, look to R&R Insurance as your cyber solutions provider.  We have included a link to a framework for a Cyber Continuity Plan to get you started.  .  Look for more resources in the coming days!  For more information email us at

Setting up a cyber-security consultation is easy. Please give me a call directly and we can plan our cyber discussion.

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