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GBIG News – Marty’s Introduction – China and Mike Gallagher

GBIG News – Marty’s Introduction – China and Mike Gallagher

We want to thank a number of you for your responses regarding the articles on our current employment issues and our labor shortage.  We will continue to have a section on employment and the Green Bay Innovation Group understands the issues with labor and employment in Wisconsin especially with such a low unemployment rate.  Currently, Wisconsin has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States.  We will have some very interesting articles on robotics, automation, etc.  Simply, we will see a BIG move to create fully integrated production lines going from roll to finished products at ALL levels for paper and film products!

We will continue to highlight the sizable investments in Wisconsin with some very good news coming. Unfortunately, the Fine Printing Paper Markets are in horrible shape and the Wisconsin Printing Industry has a lot of issues just getting paper.  We will be covering this area in the upcoming issues of and welcome your thoughts and feedback. The Wisconsin printing industry estimated employment is over 30,000.  In addition, we have a large Converter Industry that is scrambling for ALL kinds of paper too.  We will be doing a series of updates focused on Converters in upcoming issues of  

Finally, Steve Van Dyke the President of the Board Directors of the Green Bay Innovation Group and I had a sit down discussion with David Brooker the District Director for Congressman Mike Gallagher on the current state of the Wisconsin Paper Industry!  David had read our articles on the issues with China and he was quite taken back.  David read the article’s in GBIG’s prior newsletters and was glad to hear of GBIG’s interest and concerns with China as this is an area the Congressman is passionate about. He believed it would be beneficial to share some of the work the Congressman has already done with CCP.

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