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GBIG News Publication And Catalog Printers In Wisconsin

GBIG News Publication And Catalog Printers In Wisconsin

Marty Oaks

Wisconsin has a major concentration of Publication, Catalog and Book printers. The U.S. print publishing industry generated a total revenue of $75.61 billion. US Book Publishing revenues in 2022 were $28 billion. About twelve billion catalogs are mailed annually in the United States with robust growth potential. The Direct Mail Advertising market annual revenue will reach $77 billion dollars with a projected increase of 3.1% CAGR annually. The Paper production for these type of paper products is no longer being manufactured in Wisconsin and our Printing Industry will purchase paper from other states and foreign suppliers! Paper Manufacturing was built in Wisconsin! Unfortunately, we have a Paper Mill sitting idle in Wisconsin Rapids, other Paper Mills in Michigan that are converting paper machines away from Printing Paper hurting the Wisconsin Printing Industry. The other paper mills have Paper Machines that are from 50 to 100 years old.

We have seen the prices for paper up 30 percent and the paper mills will shut down their paper machines unless they get the asking price for their paper products. The result will be more imported paper at the expense of the USA printing industry and our consumers! While we do see a decline at an estimated – 1.9% CAGR in the printing industry, we still have a large base of customers dependent on Paper! We are seeing substantial growth in the packaging and label sectors!


  • Seaway Printing
  • Quad Graphics – second largest printer in North America
  • Schumann Printers
  • Royle Printing
  • Reis Graphics Ltd.
  • St. Croix Press
  • Arandell Corporation


  • Action Printers
  • CPC Printing Services
  • Kuehn Printing
  • Worzella Publishing
  • Lakeside Book Company
  • Sheridan Printing – multiple Wisconsin locations
  • Fey Publishing
  • Walsworth Publishing
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