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The Green Bay Innovation Group would like to thank ALL of our Exhibitors for the 5P Showcase on September 26, 2023. We had an outstanding group of Exhibitors showcasing their new equipment and supporting technologies. The Expo focused on Flexible Packaging, Paper, Printers, Plastics, and the Converting Industries. At times, we forget the outstanding manufacturers supplying state-of-the-art equipment to these industries and they had a great presence at the event. The event was very casual and a perfect setting for one-on-one conversations and introductions.

Featured speaker Sam Schlaich
Featured Speaker Sam Schlaich

We want to thank our outstanding Speakers and the room was standing room only!

  • Sam Schlaich is a government affairs professional with a law degree with over 10 years in the government sector. He is with the Flexible Packaging Association representing Converters of Film, Flexible Packaging, Foil, Paper, and other substrates for food, medical devices, and other industrial products. He was outstanding in presenting an update and the challenges of the industry. Go to: for more information.

Our Panel on Innovation included.

Panel of 5p Showcase speakers
  • AJ Buran – GOpak Flexibles Co-Founder
  • Al Grumann – Amcor, R&D Engineer of Printing and Process Development
  • Michael Branstrom – PCMC, Global Products Applications Lead
  • Dean Benjamin – Pixelle Specialty Solutions, Director of New Products

A.J. Buran Co-Founder of GOpak Flexibles was the moderator, and they covered the Flexible Packaging Industry addressing innovation and the challenges of the industry.


Trends – brands are moving toward smaller runs and the need for shorter lead times which are spawning innovation for machines, presses, converting equipment and fillers that print, convert and handle lower volumes.

Sustainability – “More sustainable” is the echo in the packaging industry. Flexible packaging has a strong play of improved sustainability using a lower % of plastics and compared to rigid and lowering the carbon footprint. There is a shift toward paper-based products in the industry which is creating innovation around new paper products and coatings for longer self-life.

Single Use – Consumer and business demands to reduce single use plastics are pushing the development of paper structures. Brand owners need to use packaging that protects their product to the end consumer. Conventional materials have set the bar high.

Innovation is a process that drives new products for consumers and for business. Innovations take time, money and testing to meet the requirements from supply chain to package printing, converting, filling to the end consumer.

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