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Contact: Jen Fietz
Home 520 N Broadway Suite 310 Green Bay WI 54303 Work Phone: 920-360-9673 | 920-431-7872 Website:

IMS Technologies

Sales Manager Americas ‑ Paper & Nonwovens Contact: Scott Johnson​​​​
Work Phone: +1-973-287-7569 Cell Phone: +1-920-791-0115 Website: IMS Technologies Website: Goebel IMS

Independent Printing & Packaging

Contact: Jim Gingle
Home 1801 Lawrence Dr. De Pere WI 54315 Work Phone: (800) 443-6771 Website:


Contact: Bob Travis
Home 1446 Pilgrim Rd. Plymouth WI 54073 Work Phone: (800) 920-6983 Website:


Account Executive Contact: Nick Hyland
Home PO Box 1986 Cedar Rapids IA 52406 Cell Phone: (319) 330-2485 Work Phone: (319) 261-3013 Website:

IR Thermal Systems, LLC

Executive Vice President – Sales Contact: Jason Allington
Home 81 Ethel Ave. Hawthorne NJ 07506 Cell Phone: (920) 242-1974 Work Phone: 833-683-6379 Website:

ISG Inc.

Contact: Mark Chambers
Home 115 Pine Street + Suite 300 Green Bay WI 54301 Work Phone: (920) 434-2128 Website:
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