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GBIG Sponsorship Benefits Update 2022

GBIG Sponsorship Benefits Update 2022

Wisconsin is the global epicenter of the paper, printing, plastic, pulp, packaging and converting industries. We have tremendous businesses, competitive advantages, and partnership opportunities that are concentrated in a compact geography.  The Green Bay Innovation Group (GBIG) is bringing together ALL of these industries. When you sponsor with GBIG, you’re facilitating critical business partnerships and with tremendous networking opportunities while ensuring the Converting Corridor has a voice equal to its economic impact.  Attached are our sponsorship programs!  With our newsletter:  we are the key resource for information in the State of Wisconsin.  Go to: and click on GBIG Sponsors and 5P News Sponsors.  On the GBIG website, we have 50 plus sponsors and on the we have over 70 sponsors.   The Sponsorship are annually so don’t forget to renew for 2022!  

GBIG Benefits

  • Quarterly educational webinars, expert speakers, events and industry updates.
  • Industry meetings and plant tours throughout the year. 
  • Positioning Wisconsin as the world’s largest supplier of paper and packaging.
  • Educating and influencing elected officials, legislators and business professionals.
    • Through the 5Ps (paper, printing, plastic, pulp, packaging and converting industries) our digital newsletter www.GBIGNEWS.COM and social media, we reach 2,000 companies on a weekly basis. By Dec. 2022 we are projecting that will grow to 4,000 worldwide!
  • Bringing companies together to build relationships and benefit ALL of our sponsors. 
    • Financial:  There are surprisingly more opportunities as partners than as competitors. Lucrative financial opportunities have emerged for our sponsors though networking.
    • Job Opportunities: Networking through GBIG has put together individuals and companies making big news together. 
    • Database Targeting: GBIG has developed a selected targeted database providing the opportunity to reach key individuals and companies in our industries through various communication venues.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

  • There are no pricy membership dues. GBIG is supported by affordable sponsorships, meeting fees, and donations by our supporters. 
  • We currently have over 120 sponsors listed our web pages: and
  • Cost for GBIG website sponsorship: $250.00 for 2 years or annually $150.00
  • Cost for the (sent 24 weeks a year) is $250.00 for a Bronze Sponsor, $500.00 for a Silver Sponsor and $1,000 for a Gold Sponsor.  
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A portion of the proceeds go to supporting community charities and causes, not salaries or administration. GBIG is run exclusively with committed industry volunteers that understand they win when the industry wins.

Already, as companies learn about one another (sometimes literally down the road from one another) there have been millions of dollars in transactions through GBIG facilitated partnerships. 

To learn more or become a sponsor, call Marty Ochs at 608-698-3333 or email at 

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