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Green Bay In Person Event Feb 23rd 2022

Green Bay In Person Event Feb 23rd 2022

Green Bay In Person Event Feb 23rd 2022

The Green Bay Innovation Group and the Greater Green Bay Chamber will be hosting an IN-PERSON event on Wednesday, February 23, from 2-4 p.m. at the Urban Hub 340 N. Broadway Ste. 200 downtown Green Bay.

A powerful new wave of transformational innovation is about to sweep across the pulp, paper, packaging, plastics, and printing (5P) Industry.  Given Wisconsin’s uniquely high concentration of 5P companies, we should expect disproportionately high positive impact from this disruptive wave of innovation. A dramatic shift away from conventional plastics in paper coatings and eventually in inks by the next generation of “bioplastics” will transform the paper converting, printing, and packaging industries, propelling product competitiveness into the next century and beyond.

PHAXTEC, a start-up in biopolymers with proprietary technology, is leading the way.  PHAXTEC plans to offer PHA materials and coatings as a solution to the growing global plastics waste crisis.  Trademarked PHAX®, these products would be competitive to plastics, compostable, and recyclable, and would biodegrade when left in landfills or leak to the environment. We will introduce Anindya Mukherjee, Founder and CEO of PHAXTEC, Inc. (  PHAXTEC is looking for collaborations with strategic partners interested in these new generation of coatings!  After the presentation, we will follow up with networking for all attendees!

Please confirm your reservations to:  Marty Ochs – or text to 608-698-3333 or email Kelly Armstrong Greater Green Bay Chamber at  You can also register online by going to: – EVENTS and sign up.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you,

Marty Ochs, Executive Director, Green Bay Innovation Group

Kelly Armstrong, Vice President Economic Development, Greater Green Bay Chamber

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