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Green Bay Packaging Tour – 10/12/2023

Green Bay Packaging Tour – 10/12/2023

Important information on navigating Green Bay Packaging’s new office location:

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Please be advised that the Green Bay Mill is an active construction site due to Project WolfPack. Changes to mill access include a rerouting of traffic entering and leaving the property and a 15-mph speed limit enforced site-wide.

Traffic: Two-way traffic enters on Quincy Street near the Procter & Gamble driveway (south end of our property) marked by a “Green Bay Packaging Entrance” sign.

Parking: Upon entering the driveway, to the right you will see the employee and visitor parking lots in front of the admin office building. You can park there, follow the walking path, and enter through the doors labeled “Visitor Entrance.” Use the iPads to sign in and the phone to contact your host. Your host will come down to greet you.

We ask that tour attendees wear closed toe shoes, no high heels. We will provide all necessary PPE.

Leaving: When leaving the admin office building, sign out using the iPads. You will exit the parking lot and continue to the two-way traffic path to the left, all the way out to Quincy Street. Please observe the 15-mph speed limit while driving on the property.

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