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Hurckman Mechanical Receives Agc Award For Island Casino Resort

Hurckman Mechanical Receives Agc Award For Island Casino Resort

Hurckman Mechanical was presented with the WI AGC Build Award for the Island Resort and
Casino project. The project presented multiple challenges, the least of which was building 12
stories above grade. Crews used a large skip hoist to move materials and teams up and down the
structure, but it was slow going. Imagine hauling 145 toilets, sinks, showers, and over 3 miles of
piping up and down 12 floors and things could slow down. Because the tower was constructed
with spancrete, Hurckman teams were challenged with placing mechanical systems around the
tension cables. The 124,000-square- foot project required planning, craftsmanship, and
experienced tradespeople to solve construction-related issues. This project and its award is a
testament to the hard work and dedication we put into our daily tasks.

About Hurckman Mechanical Industries

With over 65 years in business at HMI, many have given and received from the community of employees known through the years as Hurckman Mechanical. Frank Hurckman started the business from skills learned in a lifetime of professional development within the sheet metal industry. What grew from his honest work ethic was the thriving and growing Hurckman Mechanical Industries Inc. you see today. Founded on honesty, we embrace our operating
principle of “no empty promises.”

For more info on Hurkman:

Todd Fleming
HVAC Service Sales
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