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Introducing Coex 3D: A Green Bay Manufacturer of 3D Printing Filaments

Introducing Coex 3D: A Green Bay Manufacturer of 3D Printing Filaments

The applications for 3D printing/additive manufacturing are endless, just ask an innovative Green Bay company that manufactures 3D printing filaments. Coex 3D is one of a small group of U.S. manufacturers that produce filaments here in the U.S. Most of the materials consumed in the 3D market come from overseas.


Todd Louthain, owner of Coex 3D, said consumers have many options to consider when purchasing 3D printer materials. However, Coex 3D offers something better than the average 3D filament manufacturer.

“We take great pride in knowing that we hold ourselves to a much higher standard than most of the imported products. Our customers appreciate supporting a U.S. company that produces great products backed by world-class customer service. Local customers love being able to stop in to ask questions or pick our brains about 3D printing,” Todd said.

Coex 3D joined Green Bay Innovation Group in December 2023. The Coex 3D team looks forward to networking with other GBIG sponsors to see how they can bring value to sponsors’ manufacturing and converting operations.

CoEx-3D products

Coex 3D is a unique business on many levels. The 3D printing segment is growing and becoming more popular every day. If you’re having trouble keeping up with so many changes, reach out to Coex and let them help you. If your business is currently utilizing 3D printing, you will want to reach out to Coex 3D to learn about the filaments that they produce. If you are in the process of evaluating additive manufacturing and want to learn how it could help streamline your product development process, the Coex team will be happy to help guide you. Even if you’re just curious what 3D printing is all about, you should get in touch with Coex 3D.

Coex 3D began making 3D filaments on a small scale back in 2016. Back then, they were located in Appleton. In March 2023, Coex 3D moved to 1228 Elizabeth Street in Green Bay. The facility houses their manufacturing operations, finished goods, 3D printing center and an awesome showroom. Customers are welcome to stop in to make a filament purchase, ask questions, see printers in action, and take a look at hundreds of 3D printed pieces and parts.

Coex-3D Products on shelf

Coex entered the market by making only a handful of material types and colors. Today, Coex 3D is 100 percent focused on 3D printing, and they offer an extensive variety of 3D filaments. The materials produced are being used by customers ranging from home hobbyists, educators, small to mid-size manufacturers, and even large-scale additive manufacturing operations.

The primary focus for Coex 3D is manufacturing their 3D filaments; however, they also offer 3D printing and design services. Everyone at Coex takes great pride in using the highest quality raw materials to produce the best 3D printing materials available.

Coex 3D has customers all over North America, with sales primarily coming through their e-commerce platform. They have evolved their website to allow both individual and commercial customers the ability to order online and receive fast and free shipping.

A visit to Coex 3D is a special treat for anyone who has an interest in 3D printing. They are quick to offer a tour, which often includes a behind-the-scenes look at how 3D filament is produced. The showroom is loaded with 3D prints of every shape, size, and color. With about 50 printers in their building, there is always something fun to see and learn. To learn more about how 3D printing and additive manufacturing can help your organization, visit

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