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Rapids name change announcement NEXXA Letter

Rapids name change announcement NEXXA Letter

Dear Valued Customer,

We are very excited to announce that we are changing our divisional name from Little Rapids Print Division to Nexxa.

As we continue to invest and grow, we felt it was time to update both our branding as well as our digital presence.  We have not been sold and we have not changed our ownership, or our business operating as a Division of Little Rapids Corporation.  As Little Rapids Print Division, we have created a solid service driven business, built around key partnerships with customers and suppliers like you.  This will not change!  We want to build on this brand promise and deliver without compromise, services that exceed your expectations.  In this turbulent time, knowing you have a dependable and resilient partner for you printing needs is critical.

We will be rolling the new brand out in phases over the next few months

Our Phase 1 website launched in September ( ).  Phase 2 will be complete by the end of Q4 this year. We plan to have all current branded items, including pricing quotes, labelling, quality assurance documents etc. transition by the end of December 2021.

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