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Manufacturer’s Exclusive: Get More from Your Websites

Manufacturer’s Exclusive: Get More from Your Websites

Manufacturers’ Exclusive: Get More from your Website

Who knew the variety of businesses that needed websites? In addition to landscapers, home builders, municipalities and nonprofit organizations, we’ve developed websites for authors, eyelash extension artists, and exterminators. Recently, our team has developed a number of manufacturer websites for fabricating, processing, and converting companies.

Manufacturer websites complement salesforce

A drill with metal Fillements comming off of it

Manufacturing and production companies often rely on their salesforce to find customers. Wouldn’t it be nice for customers to find you, instead? A powerful, effective manufacturer website generates leads that pan out.

  1. A manufacturer website is a recruiting tool to grow your workforce. 6 Tips: Recruit Workers Via your Website
  2. Additionally, it’s a branding strategy to showcase your products and services. 6 Signs Your Company Needs a New Website
  3. Lastly, a manufacturer website works 24/7/365 to reach multiple audiences. Target Audience: Websites that Hit the Bullseye

Manufacturer websites resonate with users

A manufacturer website needs to speak your industry’s language, but not just with technical jargon. Effective websites answer your customer’s questions, address their concerns, and offer solutions to their problems. Visitors to your website read the content and look at the graphics, saying to themselves, “Yes! This company gets it. This is exactly what we’re looking for!”

Manufacturer websites explain ‘Why?’

Instead of simply displaying equipment and explaining capabilities, a manufacturer website needs to show “Why?” Why do you do what you do? Why would people want to work with you? Demonstrate how your corporate culture and company philosophy defines who you are and what you do. Give visitors confidence in your brand with messaging that resonates with them

You and your fabricating, processing, or converting company:

  • Will be taken care of
  • Can trust us
  • Will find us easy to work with
  • Will be completely satisfied with our products and services

Time for a new manufacturer website?

Some manufacturers tell us, “We have a website already.” Well, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you’re using it to its highest capabilities. Is your website doing everything it can as a marketing, communications and promotional tool? You wouldn’t keep an old, outdated machine on the production floor, would you? Then why keep a tired-looking, ineffective website around?

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One of the best ways to get internet results is to speak to the struggles of clients and prospects. Then, explain why you do what you do and the solutions you provide. Sound easy? The team at Packerland Websites is ready to help. Contact us today for professional content writing and marketing services that get a response.

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