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Maximize Your 5P Industry Network with GBIG’s New Sponsor Webpage

Maximize Your 5P Industry Network with GBIG’s New Sponsor Webpage

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Networking with others in the 5P Industries just became easier. Green Bay Innovation Group updated its GBIG Sponsor Directory webpage to be more comprehensive, providing company overviews and clickable contact information. Plus, the sponsor database is searchable by category and keyword, so organizations can quickly identify the companies with the capabilities they seek or the people they want to contact. By typing a keyword or category into the search box, users gain access to a list of specific organizations to fit their needs.

Search GBIG Sponsor Database by Keyword & Category

With nearly 150 GBIG Sponsors in the directory, the search capability ensures that you can be found easily by other sponsors and the general public. Website visitors can find your company and your industry by category or keyword.

Search directory

The GBIG Sponsor entries include:

  • Company name
  • Contact Person
  • Business Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website

Confirm the Accuracy of Your GBIG Listing & Submit Notes

Thanks to the team at Packerland Websites for creating this useful database of sponsors. The team encourages sponsors to check their entries to confirm the accuracy of your listing. In addition, please provide a couple paragraphs about your company. Include industry keywords, like flexographic printing, coating, machining, etc. These paragraphs will further educate the audience and enhance searchability and facilitate more connections. The paragraphs will display in the “Show Notes” directory section. Send the information paragraphs to, and use the subject line GBIG Sponsor Page.

Connect with Sponsors to Conduct Business in the 5P Industry

GBIG members/sponsors find and conduct a good deal of business through their involvement with our organization. The updated GBIG Sponsor webpage is just one more way to provide value to sponsors. The sponsor directory makes it easier than ever for 5P Industry representatives find what they’re looking for to be successful. The updated Sponsor webpage uses innovative technology to improve the user experience, so sponsors and non-sponsors alike can connect and work together to achieve their business goals.

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