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Break through the clutter. Take your printed materials beyond CMYK. Try the exceptional quality of our Digital Heidelberg Versafire and get noticed.

Explore these ideas for inspiration.

  • CMYK + Clear: Give photographs and logos a premium, polished look by adding a stunning, glossy shimmer.
  • CMYK + White: Go ahead, use colored media! With white toner you can print logos, photos and other graphics on a wide range of substrates and retain full color image accuracy.
  • CMYK + Neon Pink: Expand your creativity and design print materials with outrageous oranges and deep purples that are spot on. Blend neon pink with CMYK to achieve colors previously not attainable on a traditional digital press.
  • CMYK + Silver or Gold: Add a touch of elegance with the addition of Silver or Gold Metallic to your digital prints.
  • CMYK + Neon Yellow: Produce a wider gamut of oranges and greens by adding neon yellow to the CMYK mix. Simply use the formulas provided in our gamut chart to find the blend that’s right for you.
  • CMYK + Invisible Red: Prevent illegal duplications. Protect your tickets, event credentials and special offers with a level of security that can only be seen under a UV LED light.

Graphic Composition is a solution-oriented printer offering state of the art printing ideas to its clients. This new digital press offers advanced variable data technology, enabling Graphic Composition to print variable data, images and QR codes on a wide variety of substrates.  HP’s Mosaic and Collage features fit right into the unique solutions our customers have come to love and expect from us.

Based in Greenville, Wisconsin, Graphic Composition offers printing, mailing, fulfillment, digital marketing, and graphic design services for several markets, including entertainment and hospitality, banking, manufacturing, food industry and more.

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