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Nine Dragons Paper and China

Nine Dragons Paper and China

Nine Dragons Paper and China

Editorial by Marty Ochs

Executive Director, Green Bay Innovation Group

Did you know that China has become the world’s largest producer of paper and paper products? The United States fell to second place. This shift in dominance is something to be concerned about.

China is having major issues with freshwater. Simply put, the availability of fresh water is becoming a crisis. A lack of freshwater negatively affects their manufacturing and their economy. China paper manufacturing will be very limited in growth due to the lack of water and natural resources. Their solution is to buy USA and Canada paper and pulp companies. In addition, they see ALL of the outstanding manufacturers in Wisconsin producing products for the Paper and Pulp industries. Next, China will be buying, investing and partnering with manufacturers in Wisconsin – which already has happened!

Isn’t it ironic that Nine Dragons Paper buys the Wisconsin Rapids Paper and Pulp Mill along with 3 other paper and pulp plants in the United States, gaining access to the American Great Lakes? The Great Lakes account for 21 percent of the Earth’s surface freshwater. In addition, the Great Lakes and Canada have vast natural resources for the paper industry. 

Currently, Vietnam is the largest woodchips supplier worldwide and to China. China shifted its purchase of additional softwood pulp from Europe, with fewer purchases from the United States. Currently, the USA will have no issues exporting our pulp to China, and China will continue shipping paper products back to the United States using our natural resources! 

In addition, China has stopped the USA and other nations from shipping our waste products, including paper, as a source for fiber leaving the USA with our garbage in the United States. It is much more cost-effective buying and building pulp and paper companies in the USA.  

The paper industry built Wisconsin! It is time that Wisconsin and the USA support Verso Paper Company and USA-based companies! If not, we will be dependent on Chinese who will control our Paper and Pulp Industries! China is investing in a long-term resource strategy, and the USA is looking at a short-term strategy based upon a return on investment!  


  1. Nine Dragons Paper will have direct access to abundant freshwater and use our vast natural resources in the USA and Canada, without using China’s dwindling water or forest product resources.
  2. ND Paper has exceptional access to supplying USA customers with pulp, paper, printing, packaging and our converting industries. 
  3. ND Paper will be able to manufacture and supply pulp from America and Canada using our natural resources and ship it back to China and worldwide markets, avoiding duties and tariffs imposed upon them.
  4. ND Paper can eliminate ALL the logistics of transportation of paper products to the United States with the high cost of containers and shipping by manufacturing the products in the United States. ND Paper will be supplying all kinds of paper that was in the past produced by American paper mills.
  5. ND Paper headquarters is in Hong Kong and under the watchful eye of the Chinese Government. CNBC: China is building up its ability to weaponize trade, new report says, published March 17, 2021. China relies heavily on imports to meet its domestic demands for commodities.
  6. China will continue to buy up America’s Paper and Pulp Companies.
  7. China has and will continue to buy up or partner up with American manufacturers supplying the Paper, Pulp and Packaging Industries.
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