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Paper, Print Experts to Discuss Supply Chain

Paper, Print Experts to Discuss Supply Chain

An Update from Marty Ochs

Paper shortages and rising distribution costs are challenging today’s papermaking and print industries. The industry is experiencing major disruptions in the packaging industries for food, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, etc., and print industries for periodicals, catalogs and direct mail. To address these challenges and offer potential solutions, Green Bay Innovation Group will host a roundtable discussion featuring six leaders in Wisconsin’s paper, pulp, and print industries.

Presenters include Aaron Haas, vice president at BillerudKorsnas; Brad Shockey, vice president of supply chain at Pixelle Specialty Paper; Dennis Tegrootenhuis, president of Small Quantity Boxes; Blaine Ott, director of Supply Chain at Outlook Group; Brit Swisher, vice president of the North Region at Midland, and Nick Mares, president of Viridian.

The in-person event takes place from 2-4:30pm Tuesday, May 24, at Urban Hub, 340 N. Broadway St. Ste. 200, Green Bay. The cost is $25.

Papermaking in Wisconsin is an $18 billion industry that employs more than 30,000 people. A fluid supply chain keeps people working and products moving. Anyone interested in learning about the paper supply chain shortage is invited to attend the roundtable event, sponsored by Green Bay Innovation Group.

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