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GBIG intends to impact the current landscape industries in the Green Bay area. The broad purposes of GBIG include showcasing innovation, updating current perceptions of our industries, facilitating education for businesses, and positively influencing the community.

Through collaboration, Green Bay companies can continue to be innovative in the paper, packaging, printing, converting and supporting industries. Executives can share ideas and create partnerships that propel ALL companies into becoming more creative and advanced versions of themselves.

Revising Perceptions

Companies outside of the paper industry and ordinary consumers frequently underestimate the sheer impact that the paper field exudes on both the local community and the entire country. The Green Bay area is home to a number of multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies. These businesses engage in world class innovation and employ a large number of educated individuals. GBIG intends to bring awareness to the magnitude and impact of these industries in Green Bay.

Community Outreach

Any revenue that is earned through GBIG events will be pumped directly back into the community. GBIG will support the community financially with jobs, internships, and training. Our goal of impacting the community is a vital component of the Green Bay Innovation Group.

  • Authentic Relationship-Building & Networking
  • Enhance Current Innovation
  • Advance Mutual Interests

Educational Opportunities for those in Paper-Related Industries

GBIG will provide education to participating companies through seminars and events. These learning opportunities will be a chance for executives to foster relationships and enhance their own businesses. Visit our upcoming events page to see a list of upcoming seminars, in addition to information about how to attend.

Would you Like to Get Your Company Involved in Green Bay Innovation Group?

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Green Bay Innovation Group

Bringing Green Bay Companies Together. Green Bay Innovation Group is committed to building an authentic networking experience where innovation can thrive.

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