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Quad Plus Announces New Building with New Capabilities

Quad Plus Announces New Building with New Capabilities

Quad Plus Announces New Building with New Capabilities

Quad Plus has built a 50,000 sq ft building in the Midwest to expand our capabilities with industrial control systems, system integration solutions, and system services.

New Lenox, IL – August 1, 2020 – Automation system integrator and industrial services company Quad Plus has announced that the new Quad Plus headquarters has been completed and our medium voltage capabilities have been expanded, along with the capabilities of the Quad Plus shop. 

Medium Voltage Testing – Currently, there are no other systems integrators in our class that offer medium-voltage testing. Quad Plus now can test up to 1000 KVA at 2400V, 4160V, 12,470V, 13,200V, 13,800V, and 14,400V. The more we can anticipate complications during in-field commissioning, the better our end users will be served. Of course, not all tests can be completed in our shop. However, reductions in complications and variables are always beneficial.

Training – There are not many opportunities for technicians and engineers to train, test, or qualify on this type of equipment. We have “upstream” isolation switches, which allow us to test cables, circuit breakers, transformers, and more. We can also provide in-house training for clients on SEL relays, MV gear, etc. Because we can now do MV testing and training within our own facility, we can operate under very controlled, low-pressure circumstances.

Medium Voltage VFD Testing – We’re able to test MV VFDs that we build in-house. Like our traditional LV coordinated drive systems, these 6000 HP MV VFDs require extensive in-house testing prior to being deployed to the field.

MCC Testing – Replacing or adding an MCC lineup may require installation into a client facility with difficult mechanical access. Once installed, the commissioning and verification process begins. Off-site MCC testing prior to installation reduces the chance that a major problem will require removal of the entire line for remediation. Completing communications and coordination settings within our facility allows for defect detection and correction before installation. Not only will this save our clients time and money, but we can also reduce the number of in-field commissioning hours while significantly reducing client risk after installation.

Research & Development – We recently provided proving grounds for Siemens to test a small system, and we learned a great deal from their R&D process. Now that we can offer similar opportunities for other MV systems, we’re looking forward to even more ways to contribute to developing and implementing new technologies.

New Equipment – Along with our new facility we have several new pieces of equipment that will not only make our jobs easier and safer, but also provide us with the capabilities to expand the types of services we provide. Here are some of our newest additions and why we’re so excited about them.

26-Ton Overhead Crane – When it comes to moving heavy items in the shop, a high-capacity overhead crane is one of the safest, most reliable options. Before obtaining this crane, we relied on less capable lifting solutions that no longer suit job requirements. Today we can put long enclosure lineups together and then lift them as a single unit overhead for direct placement on the truck. Because we can now load by crane indoors, our client’s products will be kept dry and safe during preparations for transport. Our customers will also enjoy a decrease in installation costs as they receive enclosure lineups in one piece. Less installation time means that they can begin production sooner to help boost their bottom line.

Steinhauer CNC Machine – This machine eliminates many of the time-consuming and costly manual methods of performing enclosure modifications. For example, we have not only saved employees from having to drill 400 holes per panel, but we have also decreased our assembly time by days on some jobs. In most cases, it takes a bit more work to set up the Steinhauer, but the machine can drill and tap 400 holes precisely in 45 minutes–a job that would take the shop three days to layout, drill, and tap the holes using conventional methods. Our customers will value the decreased project lead times and we may be able to offer the use of the Steinhauer for select customer projects on a per-job basis.

Shop Features – 

  • Expanded Inside workspace. We can now assemble equipment of up to 50,000 lbs. completed weight in temperature-controlled work areas without extreme heat or cold affecting the job. Plus, the crane allows installation of heavy components quicker, easier and safer.
  • Heavy Equipment Pad. Our new reinforced concrete pad area allows work with heavy equipment in excess of 50,000 lbs. and provides 100A electric service power.
  • Pneumatic Tests and Tools. We also have air service throughout the shop so we can now do pneumatic testing when required.
  • Upgrades to Work Areas. Six work areas now support 60A test equipment while two retain support for 30A equipment.
  • UL508A Industrial Certification. We are looking to add UL698A Hazardous Location certification to our file in the near future.

Looking to the Future – At Quad Plus, the foundation of our operations is keeping industry prepared for what the future will bring. With our new shop, new equipment, and new capabilities, we can do even more to make sure our customers enjoy faster, more reliable service so they can stay focused on advancing into the future.

Learn more about Quad Plus’s services at or contact Jim Woulf at (920) 515-4155 or

Since 1990, Quad Plus has grown to include several offices throughout the United States and internationally. Today, the company provides automation system integration, control retrofits, and engineering services to a variety of industries. With a skilled design, implementation, safety, and after-care support team made up of mechanical, civil, structural, chemical, controls, and electrical engineers, Quad Plus has extensive process knowledge spanning from the utility pole to the motor shaft. Learn more about this recognized leader in automation system integration by visiting

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