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Quad Plus: New Line Cannot Run at Capacity.

Quad Plus: New Line Cannot Run at Capacity.

The purpose of acceptance testing is to evaluate new equipment following installation to ensure
it was built correctly and is operating according to specifications. When something goes wrong,
this process allows the new equipment owner to ensure that all problems are corrected before
the project is considered complete.

In many cases, a third party can help locate problems during acceptance testing, diagnosing
issues, and proposing or executing solutions.

Brand New Line Underperforming

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A non-woven manufacturing facility recently upgraded its system to include new equipment for the entire line. The machines were still in the acceptance testing phase, and the facility was experiencing problems, primarily with system faults when attempting to operate the line at full capacity.

The facility utilized VFDs (variable frequency drives) in a three-roll calendar system configured to run in a speed-matching operation up to a thousand feet per minute. System faults presented consistently whenever the system reached about eight hundred feet per minute or faster. At lower operating speeds, intermittent faults were present on the calendar.

Troubleshooting the Problem

A third-party troubleshooting team was called out to the facility to diagnose the problem. They began with a systematic evaluation of the entire system, including the installation and the programming. Because the system was new, the team needed to verify that the equipment was installed correctly.

The team also ensured that the cabinet was designed well, that the Fieldbus was operating correctly, and that the motor leads were terminated properly using the correct motor cables. Next was evaluating the encoder feedback with instrumentation where switching noise in the encoder signal was detected.

Another issue discovered by the troubleshooting team was that the encoder was configured for unipolar operation. This wiring configuration is not the best method for heavy industrial applications. The team rewired the encoders to the optimal configuration, along with the rest of the system.

Once these problems were corrected, the non-woven manufacturing facility could operate its new line at a thousand feet per minute without additional complications.

Acceptance Testing & Troubleshooting

Brand-new equipment should deliver better, smoother operations. However, this is only possible when they’re working correctly. Acceptance testing is designed to reveal any problems with your new assemblies so they can be corrected immediately.

Should any issues be detected, it pays to enlist the help of qualified experts who can provide a systematic evaluation of your system to verify the installation and programming and correct any issues so you can enjoy the full benefits of your investment.

If you’d like additional information on how Quad Plus can help you with expert diagnoses and corrections, please reach out to Jim Woulf at (920) 515-4155 or via email at

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