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Support Needed for New Engineering Building

Support Needed for New Engineering Building

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UW-Madison is conducting exceptional research, and GBIG is involved in two high-impact UW-Madison initiatives. GBIG is collaborating with professors involved with the Center for Chemical Upcycling of Waste Plastics (CUWP) and an experimental fusion machine which produces sustainable, locally generated process heat.

What breakthroughs are on the horizon? UW-Madison needs a new Engineering Building to continue its outstanding work. However, Wisconsin legislators aren’t supporting a proposal to construct a much- needed Engineering building to support the citizens and businesses of Wisconsin. This will have a major negative impact on the State of Wisconsin with UW graduates and businesses moving out of Wisconsin!

As a State, we are facing numerous challenges. Industry and our Universities will have to work together to come up with solutions.

  1. PFAS has become a major issue with more and more cities finding PFAS in our wells, rivers, and lakes. The UW-Madison Chemical Engineering Department, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and several Non-Profit Associations are doing extensive research on it. UW-Madison has partnered with Iowa State University plus several other Universities researching PFAS and Plastics!
  2. Wisconsin can anticipate a growing number of large lawsuits against our State, Municipalities, and Industries! We need to approve funding for research on PFAS or pay the price for it!
  3. Wisconsin has over 43,000 people involved in the Plastics Manufacturing Industry and 25,000 in the Flexible Packaging Industry with a large converting Industry and supporting Industries! UW-Madison Chemical Engineering Department has been working with the Flexible Packaging and Plastics Industries with a large coalition of Industry Partners. We want to protect our industries and employees by coming up with new products and solutions.
  4. UW-Madison Chemical Engineering Department under George Huber has done extensive research on converting biomass into gasoline, diesel jet fuel on a clean technology format from renewable cellulosic biomass. With our vast forests and logging, Wisconsin has the potential to become a large energy producer utilizing our resources.
  5. We have witnessed large fires burning out of control in Canada and Western United States. UW-Madison Forestry Department is a national leader in forest science, wildlife, research, teaching, and training our students to support and protect our valuable resources. Wisconsin’s forests cover over 40% of the total land area, encompassing nearly 17 million acres plus our 15,000 lakes and rivers!

As citizens, we must decide our fate by supporting the new UW-Madison Engineering Building to keep engineering students, graduates and companies in Wisconsin!

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