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Sustainable Business Awards 2022 Finalist

Sustainable Business Awards 2022 Finalist

Sustainable Product Finalists (Alphabetical Order) 

  • ContainerBoard Paper by Green Bay Packaging 
  • Flex Farm by Form Farms 
  • The Abstra ™ Collection by Kohler WasteLAB®

Innovative Service Finalists

  • Cooperative Solar Investment Service by SolarShare WI Coop 
  • Printing using UV LED Curing Technology by Empire Screen Printing 
  • Tax Sponsorship by Legacy Solar Coop

Sustainable Leadership – Executive Finalists

  • Chris Drees, President at Mercury Marine 
  • Michelle Miller, Chief Sustainability Office, Appvion 
  • Scott Anderson, Co-Owner, Director of Stakeholder Stewardship, Artisan Dental

Sustainable Leadership – Champion Finalists 

  • Jessica Quinlan, ESG and Sustainability Coordinator, Kohls 
  • Melita Nasca, Community Gardens 
  • Scott Loucks, Sustainability Manager, Mercury Marine

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