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The Paper Industry Sellout to Foreign Companies and a Solution for It!

The Paper Industry Sellout to Foreign Companies and a Solution for It!

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We just witnessed US Steel sale to Nippon Steel a Japanese Company. It will warrant serious scrutiny from both Policial Parties and the American Public drawing alarm purchasing an iconic USA Company! The price tag of the purchase is approximately $14.1 billion. The deal would be reviewed by the secretive Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to include national security risks from foreign investments in American firms. Japan has been a strong ally and trading partner for many years with the USA. Japan is looking at the military and economic risk of China to secure resources to protect their country and USA interests! China has become the world’s largest producer of steel replacing the USA.

The USA Paper and Pulp industry In the United States has been acquired by a number of allies in Europe and adversaries including China and Indonesia without any fanfare at a price tag far surpassing the US Steel buyout. Where was the US Government allowing these purchases of critical assets supporting the USA Industries! The USA has sold out our Paper and Pulp Industry to Asia!

The CCP and State-Owned Paper Companies and Indonesia control vast resources in the USA, Canada, and South America. Today, Wisconsin has two of the largest Chinese and Indonesian companies owning large Paper, Pulp and Packaging Companies on the Wisconsin River. We have a European company owning a large Pulp and Paper Mill on the Wisconsin River that is shut down with no plans of reopening or selling the facility! Wisconsin and the Great Lakes States are desperate for paper resources and our logging industry is in serious trouble due to the shutdown!

Wisconsin still has an opportunity to support the Paper Industry. The Paper Industry like the steel industry is critical to our economy and once Wisconsin was the premier manufacturer of Paper and Paper Products.

Based upon our research, Wisconsin has 22 Companies with Paper and some with Pulp Mills. However, twenty of the companies have paper machines from 30 to 100 years old. We see a number of small paper machines that would need to be updated or replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new paper machine. Wisconsin has the right vendors that can update and upgrade the paper machines. The owners of the paper machines are long-established companies with a strong base of customers and excellent track records. In addition, we would anticipate that all the companies are approved by the DNR for Environmental Permits, etc. If the State of Wisconsin wants to support the Paper Industry, the time is right with a large surplus of financial support and a strong economy. Investment in the Paper and Pulp industry would have a BIG MONETARY impact across the State of Wisconsin. It is ironic that the European and Asia companies have their hand out for financial support from our States. It is time to invest in American companies!

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