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Viridiam: A story of change and success in the Commercial Printing Industry over 136 years in business

Viridiam: A story of change and success in the Commercial Printing Industry over 136 years in business

There is the tired and worn-out print industry narrative and then there is what is happening at Viridiam! Viridiam, LLC is a woman owned business located in the I-43 business district on the east side of Green Bay. A merger between HC Miller and Van Lanen took place in 2015 and the business has not slowed down since. With HC Miller dating back to 1887, you will be hard pressed to find a company with a longer history of successful print offerings from coast-to-coast. Viridiam describes itself as serving four major markets: commercial print, organizational products, packaging/folding cartons, and wide format/displays. The broad range of offerings keeps Viridiam as a leader in the industry to allow customers to keep their print budget organized all under one roof. With a solution-based business model, as well as speed-to-market scheduling and staffing philosophy, Viridiam looks forward to continued growth.

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Viridiam is proud to announce a recent aggressive cap-ex campaign that will only further add to its already impressive fleet of equipment and capabilities. The most exciting addition is a 4-color web press. Viridiam is diving headfirst into the 4-color web environment and could not be more thrilled. Pairing this web press with the three sheetfed and two digital presses they currently operate will provide an amazing customer experience in terms of cost-saving engineering plans. Along with the web press, Viridiam is also bringing in another offline UV coater, a 4-color envelope printer, and additional collating equipment. “It is never dull working for a company that continues to upgrade their equipment and is always thinking about the best interests of their customers. It is going to be a fun challenge everyone here is looking forward to” says Scheduling Director Tim Kinjerski. Viridiam has also tripled their racking and warehouse capacity in the last 12 months. Not only have they invested in equipment for increased output, but they can safely store it in a temperature and camera-controlled space. They do not plan to stop there as additional cap-ex is planned for increased capabilities in their digital and high-speed printer areas. The future looks bright.

Viridiam has also made a large-time and resource investment into drastically reducing its overall pollution and contamination output. By upgrading to the latest plate making technology, their corrosive chemical output has been reduced by over 90%. “Using water-soluble chemistries and recyclable aluminum has really shined a bright light on a happier and healthier workspace. No more barrels and trucks to dispose of primitive chemicals,’’ says Quality Director George Harlley. Viridiam also created a robust recycling program for the various paper and corrugated waste they collect on their busy manufacturing floor. One hundred percent of the waste is organized, collected in the appropriate bins, and recycled.

With multiple full-time structural designers and graphic artists on staff. Viridiam is very well positioned to assist all new or existing customers with any concept-to-creation goals. Implementing a creative department weaponized with the latest Artios CAD and Adobe Suites softwares, there is no such thing as a bad idea at Viridiam. 3-D renderings, white samples, printed mock-up for that important meeting? No problem at Viridiam. In fact, they welcome the opportunity to provide the materials to you for that critical conversation. “Customers quite often feel comfortable sharing ideas that may not be fully formed, and we can either cross the T’s or begin building from the ground up and everything in between” says Creative Director Kelly Raber. “Bring us your great ideas or count on ours” she adds.

Simply put, Viridiam has been meeting high expectation customer requirements for over 136 years and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon. “There is just too much forward progress and excitement within these four walls to not enjoy the ride. Product development, professional customer service and sales personnel, efficient manufacturing and on-time delivery is very rewarding” says Tom Mussel, Estimating and Planning Manager. Viridiam welcomes all readers of GBIG’s fine publications to find out for themselves.

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