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Walden Paper Services Announces New Impressions Design Service

Walden Paper Services Announces New Impressions Design Service

Waldan Paper Services, LLC
167 W. 28th Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54902

February 2, 2024


Let us help you make an impression on your next commercial wallcovering project!

Impressions is a NEW product and design service for customizable commercial wallcoverings, brought to you by a leading local manufacturer of wallcovering solutions. Waldan Paper Services, LLC has 40 years of providing wallcovering to the manufactured housing market and is expanding to commercial products with customizable, durable, and environmentally sustainable commercial wallcovering.

We’re calling on design and architectural firms to help with creative murals, accents, and branded walls for new project builds and/or renovations. We’re targeting the hospitality market, i.e., restaurants, hospitals, hotels, public venues, office spaces, etc., as not only do these structures need durable wallcovering, but we believe customized wallcovering will create lasting experiences & Impressions for the clientele.

We offer Type I, II, & III commercial wallcovering materials in sustainable “PVC-free” non-woven substrates, which are sourced domestically in the USA. These come in a variety of options for installation, including glue/adhesive applied, and water-activated backing.

Waldan Impressions provides value in design, while utilizing sustainable materials and benefiting from manufacturer direct pricing. We believe an introduction to our sales and in-house design team would be appropriate to help collaborate on future projects. We would love to send you some samples and additional information.

Michelle Vandenboom
Commercial Wallcovering Sales
Waldan Paper Services, LLC

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