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Wikoff Newer Product Called Encore a Coating Plate for Offset & Coating Applications

Wikoff Newer Product Called Encore a Coating Plate for Offset & Coating Applications

Wikoff Graphics Monthly News and Success Stories ENCORE

February/March 2023 success starts out with a win for Wikoff Graphics and a newer product called Encore. ENCORE is a coating plate from Wikoff Graphics produced using photopolymer specifically designed for offset printing and spot coating applications. The plate is processed without the use of harmful solvents and in a low temperature environment, giving it the most accurate plate to plate registration available on the market.

A mid-size printer with both Flexo and Offset Presses uses a lot of Wikoff Color products today but has also been looking for better technology to help improve their print and production needs.

Wikoff Graphics Encore coating packaging

The sales process started back in late 2020 with talking to the customer about Asahi plates and how Asahi plates can improve their print. Over the next year and Covid we did a lot of talking with little testing but come 2022 we received a green light to start testing again. So while working with customer also mentioned our new product called Encore which is not for their flexo press but a flexo plate for offset which they can use to apply coating. The customer was very excited to try our technology for some high-end spot coating with tight registration since they were looking to improve ink transfer.

Working together with the customer and the Wikoff Graphics team filling out the proper paperwork and sending it into the Graphics team along with a previously printed piece including, printed press sheet, electronic file, and plate they used to produce the original job. The new project for coating plates was on its way, Graphics credited a template including gripper, plate size, paper size, clamps info and distortion all figured out form the samples sent into the tech center. After the template was finished it was sent to the customer for review. After approval from the customer it then went onto imaging a live production job for the customer to test.

Wikoff Graphic Encore packaging

After the original run was completed the customer stated, things could not have run better, with great laydown and perfect fit. Not only is this a win for adding Encore business with this customer it may help improve the chances of gaining their Flexo plate business and hopefully grow their current ink business we enjoy today. Don’t forget bringing to the customer a better partnership with Team Wikoff and ongoing monthly business for new coating plates.

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