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Winning the War for Talent Webinar

Winning the War for Talent Webinar

With today’s labor shortage and high turnover, it’s more critical than ever to get creative with employee recruitment, selection, and retention. 15dots will focus on these three employment issues in a one-hour webinar, “Winning the War for Talent,” from 12-1pm Wednesday, June 8. Participants will learn how to how to make smarter employee selection decisions to eliminate the pain associated with a bad hire.

Register today for this free webinar, led by Michael Quinn, consulting partner at 15 Dots, LLC.

Mike has over three decades of experience as a Human Resource manager and consultant/advisor to entrepreneurs and business leaders. He has been perfecting the tools and precise methods to take the guesswork out of employee selection. As a result, organizations can achieve a 90% success rate and eliminate the pain associated with bad hires.

About 15 Dots

15 Dots LLC, based in Neenah, Wisconsin, trains HR leaders and organizational personnel to adopt a rigorous employee selection process that is repeatable, scalable, and teachable. 15dots refers to five ability tests and 10 behavior-based interview dimensions critical to employee selection.
15dots removes the “gut instinct” associated with employee selection. Consequently, hiring decisions are based on data alone. “No more guessing” is the company’s tagline. When employers match people with jobs, good things happen. Not only does production increase, but employee engagement and job satisfaction increase as well.

For more information about beating the odds when choosing employees, visit the 15dots website.

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