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Wisconsin Paper Group Marks 90 Years of Shipping Excellence

Wisconsin Paper Group Marks 90 Years of Shipping Excellence

A Fox Valley-based shipper’s association has been helping its members realize a competitive advantage for 90 years and counting. In 1934, a group of 13 enterprising paper mill executives started the Wisconsin Paper Group to provide their paper companies with the best possible shipping services. Wisconsin Paper Group was the first not-for-profit shipping cooperative in the nation and remains the only shipper’s association of its kind nine decades later.

Wisconsin Paper Group original building

Lower Freight Rates

“By starting the Wisconsin Paper Group, the individual members of the association could guarantee faster and more frequent deliveries of their products at a lower cost,” said Tim Metten, President of Wisconsin Paper Group, 634 Muttart Road, Neenah. “Today, this cost-saving mindset benefits all members by keeping freight rates lower than individual companies could achieve on their own.”

Nationwide Coverage for Billerud

The logistics team at Billerud utilizes WPG for less-than-truckload shipments originating from Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. Mike Dailey, Supply Chain and Distribution Director of Billerud, said WPG has done an outstanding job providing nationwide coverage.
“In the 22 years I have worked with them, I can think of countless times the WPG team went out of their way to provide unique service solutions to allow Billerud to meet our delivery needs,” Dailey said. “I want to wish WPG a happy 90th anniversary and thank them for their partnership over the many years we have had the pleasure of doing business with them.”

Wisconsin Paper Group board with Governor Nelson

Simplified Shipping Options for Milltown Paper

Niki O’Brien, manager of logistics at Milltown Paper, said working with WPG saves the company time and money and avoids many of the headaches of a common LTL carrier. O’Brien described the Top 6 benefits of working with WPG.

  • We get competitive rates and tender shipments online in minutes with basic information.
  • Blind shipments are a simple click of a button and company name away, without any additional charges or extra paperwork on our end.
  • We are able to use our standard Bill of Landing instead of a carrier specific BOL for the drivers.
  • Paper rolls can be floor loaded; palletizing isn’t an automatic requirement.
  • Invoices are accurate, no surprise accessorial charges to fight.
  • Quick responses to emails and no long hold times when we call.

“Many thanks to everyone at WPG for all of the behind-the-scenes work you do so our efforts are minimal,” O’Brien said. “Whether the freight is consolidated at your facility or you give our freight to the common LTL carrier, our process is the same.”

Quick Response Time for Hi-Tech Plastics

Bernard “Gus” Dahlin, Vice President and General Manager of Hi-Tech Plastics Inc., said the WPG team is easy to work with, has quick response time, and is willing to help with any shipping need.
“We have been very appreciative of their competitive rates and assisting with any shipping issues we may encounter. They have a wide base of carriers which accommodates our customers shipping locations across the U.S. and Canada,” Dahlin said.

An Extension of Members’ Logistics Teams

WPG represents over 100 Wisconsin and Upper Michigan companies and welcomes new members to its association. WPG, also known as The WPG Shippers Association, acts as an extension of members’ logistics teams. Members tender orders for less-than-truckload and shared truckload shipments to WPG for consolidation into multi-stop or single-stop truckload deliveries.
“Every shipment is important to us, and we treat it as our own. Our passion is transportation,” Metten said.

Ground Transport, Air Freight, Warehousing

WPG utilizes linehaul carriers and regional distributors to deliver freight throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In addition to ground transportation, WPG also provides Air Freight services and warehousing services.

Expansive Commodity Base

Originally, WPG handled paper. Through the years, WPG expanded its commodity base to include packaging, plastics, and other paper-related cargo. In 2000, WPG expanded further, handling fabricated metal, primary metal, lumber and wood, furniture and fixtures, nonperishable food and kindred products, machinery, and transportation equipment.

Efficient Loads with Less Handling To Save Members Money

“While much has changed in manufacturing, transportation and logistics, the primary goal of our organization remains the same, even after 90 years. By using a cooperative approach, Members send as much volume as possible through our consolidation network to build more efficient loads, driving down costs, and reduce touch points,” Metten said. To celebrate its 90th anniversary, WPG will host an event in summer 2024, with the details to follow.

Become a WPG Member Today

For more information or to join WPG, contact Tim Metten at or 920-389-8018.

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