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Capital Adhesives: Building Bonds that Last

Capital Adhesives: Building Bonds that Last

Capital Adhesives is dedicated to serving each customer with the purpose of meeting needs, solving problems, and adding value. Our intent is to build partnerships, not simply sell a product, which is why we adopted the slogan, “Building Bonds that Last.” A statement that speaks to our focus and continuous support as well as the products we design.

Capital Adhesives

Capital Adhesives was founded in 1987. Its early beginning was distributing adhesives, with emphasis on the Packaging and Converting industry. As business grew, the constant request from the customer included three primary questions: what can be done to improve efficiencies; what can be offered to increase productivity; and how can we gain an edge in the marketplace? Fielding these questions, the ownership believed the best option forward was to design and manufacture their own adhesive product line. So, the adhesive journey changed course. Within a few years, our founders, having a chemical background and a commitment to excellence, made the decision to develop and manufacture high quality adhesives, not simply sell off-the shelf products.

In 1991, Capital Adhesives began its process of manufacturing and designing adhesive products. The focus was to address customer needs for improved efficiencies and increased productivity. With the desire to exceed expectations, Capital’s initial product offerings were aimed at meeting market demands for applications in the Packaging and Converting industry. Today, after 35 years, Capital Adhesives has expanded the markets they serve but its core remains the Packaging and Converting market. Since stepping into the manufacture of its own product line, Capital has been noted for their high-quality adhesives, intentional and experienced technical support, distinctive customer service, and innovative and responsible solutions with the core objective to provide excellence. We have designed products to improve run speeds for applications using high-speed non-contact extrusion systems, as well as unique product offerings to enhance lamination and coating processes, and more.

Our mission is to provide best-in-class technical know-how, customer support, and sustainable adhesive technologies. We are registered to ISO 9001 Quality Standard. We invite you to partner with us. Your success is our goal!

Contact a Capital Adhesives representative:
Nick Angermeier Office: 317-834-5415. Mobile: 317-695-4508
Randy Levake Office: 317-834-5415. Mobile: 317-408-1138

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