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GBIG Launches New Website, Built by Packerland Websites

GBIG Launches New Website, Built by Packerland Websites

Revamped and Ready to Go

Our new website is live! The revamped Green Bay Innovation Group website makes it easier for members to network with others in the 5P Industries. The website has a brand-new look and easier navigation. GBIG members and the public can visit the website to read GBIG’s bi-monthly newsletter, register for events, and learn about innovative 5P Industries in Wisconsin.

Built by Packerland Websites

Packerland Websites built the website as a dynamic online tool for the organization. Packerland Websites, 2140 Velp Avenue, Green Bay, develops effective websites and SEO strategies that lead to results, so businesses gain and nonprofits prosper. Owner Bill Koehne is a GBIG board member who built his first website in 1999, putting him on the cutting edge of technology. He opened Packerland Websites in 2007 after managing a multi-million-dollar home construction company for 20 years. Bill leads a team of four college-educated developers who design websites to be eye-catching, secure, fast, and user friendly. The team manages over 500 websites, each specifically customized to achieve a client’s goals. They also co-publish the GBIG News, to share the latest industry news and sponsor updates. To view a portfolio of commercial, municipal, and nonprofit websites built by Packerland Websites, visit

Designed as a Dynamic Internet Tool

GBIG’s new website is designed to be:

  • Secure – averts hacking and cyberattacks
  • Mobile friendly – resizes for phones, tablets, and other devices
  • Google friendly – pops up higher in internet searches 
  • Manageable – easy for GBIG editors to maintain and update
  • Functional – free of broken links, so as to professionally represent GBIG 24/7/365 
  • Navigable – visitors move around the website quickly and easily
  • Attractive – images, graphics, and text invite the audience to browse

Includes Interactive Links, Phone, Email

Images and text on the GBIG website invite the audience into a closer relationship with the organization. Visitors learn about GBIG’s founder, Marty Ochs, and the organization’s history and purpose. Visitors can easily search the sponsor list for networking and partnership opportunities. Then, with a couple of clicks or taps, they can contact these sponsors by phone or email or visit the sponsor’s website to learn more about them.

Provides Value to Members

GBIG’s new website allows visitors to:

  • Build relationships with others in the 5P and related industries
  • Search the list of sponsors for partnership opportunities
  • Join GBIG as a Gold, Silver, or Bronze sponsor
  • Learn about webinars, seminars, and networking events
  • Read the latest industry news in the GBIG News

Wisconsin is a manufacturing hub for paper, pulp, printing, plastic, packaging, and related industries. The GBIG website drives these industries forward and advances their mutual interests.

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