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GBIG: Paper Excellence

GBIG: Paper Excellence

We recognize that the Communist Party of China, The China State Owned Banks, and other Chinese Companies have been buying up CRITICAL KEY ASSETS across the globe dominating the Paper, Pulp, Converting and Forestry industries. Most recently, Paper Excellence significantly increased their global reach expanding to include nonwoven and containerboard. The acquisition positions them to be the 2nd largest nonwoven supplier in the United States! We have attached an overview from Greenpeace for you to review! We recognize that Paper Excellence has responded to the report, saying Paper Excellence is entirely independent of APP/Sinar Mas. We will let you draw your own conclusions.

Impact of China

We will highlight some KEY POINTS from the report.

PAPERING OVER CORPORATE CONTROL: PAPER EXCELLENCES RELATIONSHIP WITH ASIA PULP & PAPER AND THE SINAR MAS GROUP – Greenpeace Report. You can also Google: Greenpeace papering over corporate control paper excellence for the 70-page compressive report or see the attachment! Greenpeace report provides their readers with a very good understanding of China and Indonesia manufacturers business deals that is a must to read. We will highlight some of the key points below with a focus on Paper Excellence estimated at $12 billons plus acquisitions and the big question is where the money is coming from and the impact on the USA Paper, Pulp, Converting, Forestry, Nonwovens and supporting industries!

Key Points in the report!

  • Paper Excellence has become one of the largest of North America’s pulp, paper, forestry, and lumber companies. Paper Excellence represents itself as a Canadian company that was established in 2006.
  • Paper Excellence corporate structure has an extensive network of corporate entities registered in offshore jurisdictions characterized by high level of corporate secrecy.
  • Paper Excellence is borrowing billions of dollars from U.S. and Canada banks, including a half a billion-dollar loan from the U.S. Farm Credit System.
  • Asian Pulp and Paper and its wood suppliers have converted over 2 million hectares of tropical rainforests to establish pulpwood plantations having a big environmental impact draining carbon rich peatlands, linked to catastrophic fires and globally significant level of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Asian Pulp and Paper set an emerging market record in 2001 for the largest corporate debt default of nearly $14 Billion Dollars
  • Asian Pulp and Paper have been dissociated from the FSC since 2007 because of “destructive forestry practices.”
  • Paper Excellence purchased the Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Mill. In 2010, Paper Excellence made four acquisitions. By the end of 2020 Paper Excellence had acquired nine mills in Canada and two in France.
  • Paper Excellent acquired American Domtar Paper Company in 2021 to more than double the mill capacity of the next largest competitor for $3 Billion Dollars. Domtar has 11 pulp, paper and packaging manufacturing/converting sites and is the USA leading producer of uncoated free sheet paper.
  • Paper Excellence acquired Canada’s Resolute Forest Product in 2022 for $2.7 Billion Dollars. Resolute has 40 facilities including 4 pulp mills, 4 tissue facilities, 7 paper mills and 22 wood facilities including 17 sawmills and 7 hydroelectric facilities.
  • Paper Excellence completed the purchased in 2021 of Eldorado Brasil Cellulose S.A. for $2.9 Billion Dollars.
  • Paper Excellence purchased Nonwoven company for $90 Million Dollars to become the 2nd largest owner of Nonwovens in the United States.
  • Other than the financing information on Domtar and Resolute acquisitions contained in SEC filing, little information on Paper Excellence’s financing arrangements is publicly available. According to China Development Bank’s website, founded in 1994, China Development Bank (CDB) is a state-owned development finance institution under the direct administration of the State Council of China.
  • Paper Excellence has a corporate structure with layers of offshore holding companies and the ultimate parent company since 2012 has been Elite Shine Investments Limited incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and they do not disclose the identity of shareholders to the public on the corporate registry.
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